Let the Stones Speak

Two tiny clay seal impressions bear overwhelming
proof of the biblical record. These precious artifacts represent perhaps
the strongest king-prophet relationship in all of history. Watch as this powerful partnership is brought
to life–next, on The Key of David, with Gerald Flurry. Greetings, everyone. There are many Bible examples of prophecy,
Bible prophecy, about how YOU as an individual or how even NATIONS, or MANY nations, can
save themselves from danger and destruction physically AND spiritually. And you’ll see that it’s even proven in secular
sources like archaeology and history. But still, with ALL of the proof that’s available,
did you know that there’s almost NOBODY that really has FAITH in God and His Word. I’m not talking about just having a faith
IN God, but really a faith that BELIEVES God, that believes His Word and ACTS on it; THAT
kind of faith. The other faith won’t really please God because
it IS a dead faith. I’d like to focus on one example today that
you can prove from the Bible and secular sources. And that is, in the Bible I’d like to focus
mainly on the book of Kings, which happens to be one of the former prophets, a segment
of the Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament, as the Christians would call it. So if you look and understand the former prophets,
you know that they are primarily for this end time, and we’ll have a free booklet that
we’ll send you and will PROVE that to you. But the amazing example that I have today
is really DIFFERENT in many ways because it’s about one of the great TEAMS in the Bible,
and you don’t see too many of those, and certainly not like THIS example. And I’ll also send you a booklet that will
prove all this to you, and all of our literature is free. But let me read to you about Isaiah, because
Isaiah ALSO is a part of this team-‘-Hezekiah and Isaiah–and they’re working together. And so here’s what it says about Isaiah’s
book that he wrote at the time much of this happened. Verse 8 [Isaiah 30] says, “Now go, write it
before them in a table, and note it in a book, that it may be for the time to come for ever
and ever:” And that expression, “time to come,” in the Hebrew means “the latter day.” The latter day. That’s for the time we’re living in right
NOW, and this whole book of Isaiah is for the latter day. How do you explain that? Well, most of the prophecy, 90 percent of
it, is FULFILLED in this latter day, and it’s being fulfilled by the WEEK if you look around
and understand what’s happening in the world. The latter days, or that’s the time we’re
living in now, and we need to have some examples that will show us that there’s tremendous
HOPE in this hopeless world. You look around at what’s happening and it
is in many ways, frightening, IF you just look at it humanly. But Dr. Eilat Mazar has discovered a great
deal in her archaeology dig, and she discovered the Isaiah bulla and the Hezekiah bulla, or
they’re called seals, also. They sealed their documents with them. And we had those two seals for about a year
recently, and were able to be the first exhibit in the entire WORLD right here in this auditorium,
and we had MANY people come to see the tour, and I have a booklet about that that I’ll
offer you today, as well. But each artifact, by itself, is EXTRAORDINARY,
but if you put them both TOGETHER it is one of the major POWER IMPACTS of ANY example
in the Bible. Because here was a king of Judah working with
a prophet of God; now that’s rare. Oftentimes those kings would KILL the prophets,
but in THIS case, the prophet and the king were working together and there was a tremendous
miracle like few you read about in the Bible. So let’s take a look at this, well, about
this king and this prophet, and we were just honored to be a part of this. And Dr. Mazar believes that, well, you don’t
need to go around parroting what you’re doing. She just says, Well, let the stones speak! Let the stones speak and tell you what’s happening! And she has found I believe the most amazing
artifacts and, well, of any time really in the history of this latter day, and maybe
the history of the whole world. It is PHENOMENAL what she has discovered. But if you put, let’s say, biblical history,
just juxtapose secular history with biblical history, let me tell you, it can make a POWERFUL
IMPACT on your mind! Because we can see even by what MAN has written
that you can prove what I’m talking to you about today. You need to PROVE it! You need to KNOW so you can have FAITH in
God’s Word, in God’s Bible, and I’ll guarantee you you’ll have MIRACLES occur in your life! It will be something that you will find remarkable! So here we have this great alliance in the
Bible, which is unusual to have one like THIS. But here’s what we wrote about it, “The Hezekiah
bulla is the only seal impression belong to an Israelite or Judean king ever to have been
found in controlled scientific excavation.” And on the Hezekiah bulla it says this, “Belonging
to Hezekiah, son of Ahaz, king of Judah.” Now, that’s the only one found in a controlled
scientific discovery. Now, that is something you can reach out and
touch, and it actually belonged to a great king, the second greatest king in Judea or
Judah. Then we have the seal of Isaiah, which has
the name of Isaiah on it, and we have quite a few other details we do discuss in this
booklet, and you can study it, and it will give you all the details. And it’s again, a very AMAZING discovery! And it shows that in the late 8th century
Isaiah was, that’s the time this all happened, and that’s when Isaiah was on the scene. I guess one of the shocking discoveries here
in a way is that these two seals were found just ten feet apart, and these men worked
together in that same area, and here you can find them together in the same assemblage
and in the same strata of soil. Now, THAT is amazing since these men worked
so closely together, it’s interesting that those two seals have been found so close together. You can find in 16 verses of the Bible where
Israel and Hezekiah worked together. They were a terrific team. Here’s what II Chronicles 29 and verse 2 says,
King Hezekiah’s accomplishment, it says, “And he [Hezekiah] did that which was right in
the sight of the LORD, according to all that David his father had done.” So he was a great king. But he made mistakes, like other kings and
other people. Notice Isaiah 36 and verse 1, “Now it came
to pass in the fourteenth year of king Hezekiah, that Sennacherib king of Assyria came up against
all the defenced cities of Judah, and took them.” And his army was not moving slowly through
Judah. This happened probably in about a year, and
he conquered 46 well-defenced cities and only Jerusalem remained as a great city yet to
be conquered. It was kind of like blitzkrieg warfare. And here is where Hezekiah made his first
mistake. Hearing all about this, he had had somewhat
of an alliance with Egypt and so he looked to Egypt for help, and even though Isaiah
warned him NOT to do that, that that would be a mistake, he went ahead and did it anyhow. And it was a serious mistake. That Sennacherib from Assyria was coming to
Jerusalem, and it was getting more dangerous all the time, and Hezekiah could surely wonder
if God was not happy with him. But I imagine you could ask this question,
Well, why would God even allow them to come into Judah in the first place? And perhaps it was because God saw that Hezekiah
to be such a great king he had to build more faith, and so did the people in Judah. And so, having Assyria come into their nation
and conquer 46 cities was sobering, like probably nothing else would have been. And God was practically FORCING them to begin
to look to Him and not to Egypt! That’s the biggest mistake you could make! God says He wants us to look to Him FIRST
and FOREMOST, all the time. Now, if you do that He says, I will perform
miracles. I will save you from all kinds of catastrophes. Now, this is actually true and I know because
I know a little group of people that do TRUST God and BELIEVE in God’s Word, and I see miracles
fulfilled in their lives all the time! All the time! So you can prove this to yourself, and yet
it’s AMAZING to me that so few people do. Well, anyhow, this history, secular history
was actually recorded by Sennacherib, and it says in II Chronicles 32 and verse 9, “…himself
laid siege against Lachish,” that is, Sennacherib, “and all his power with him,)” he brought
all his power with him. It was a MASSIVE amount of power, and Sennacherib
carved ALL of this in his palace in Nineveh, and the history is recorded there. And we have these carved portrayals in museums
today, mostly in the museum in Britain. And you can find all this history written
by Sennacherib, himself. Now, that’s interesting because it agrees
totally with the Bible as long as you just read the history that he wrote, and it’s exactly
what the Bible says. And so he started then coming to Jerusalem,
that is Sennacherib did, and Hezekiah was desperate and he made his second mistake. He decided that he would pay tribute to Sennacherib
and he got together all kinds of spoils and even took a LOT of wealth from the temple,
gold and silver, just amazing wealth. That’s all recorded in II Kings 18, verses
14 through 16. So here now he was trusting in trying to BUY
protection from this man and his DOING that, just CAUSED Sennacherib to come on even STRONGER
and more quickly to Jerusalem to conquer Jerusalem. Then he would have ALL of Judah conquered. Now, he records this on what is called a Winged
Bull Inscription, so that we have this secular history that is paralleled to Bible history,
and that really you see again, you see that weakness in Hezekiah EMBOLDENED Sennacherib
to come on down to Jerusalem. And only Jerusalem was the last city he had
to conquer to take over all of Judah. But he then surrounded Jerusalem with 185,000
soldiers, 185,000 of them, and they were preparing and waiting for orders to attack. And the Jews in Jerusalem were trapped and
they couldn’t get in or out of Jerusalem. And here’s what Sennacherib’s general said,
“Let not Hezekiah deceive you for he shall not be able to deliver you out of his hand. Neither let Hezekiah make you trust in the
Lord.” Don’t you trust in your God! That won’t save you! That hasn’t saved other nations, he said. And he said it in their language so people
could hear it, and the people in Judah were very much sobered by that, and just kept silent,
as Hezekiah advised them to do. And here this vain general is representing
Sennacherib and telling the Jews, Don’t you trust your God or you’ll be destroyed and
you’ll all be killed! Now, God actually took this personal because
Hezekiah was praying to Him. But anyhow it says, (I’ll just read you a
little of this), “The inscription reads in part,” this is about the history that Sennacherib
recorded, “As for Hezekiah, the Judahite who did not submit to my yoke, 46 of his strong-walled
cities, as well as the small towns in their area which were without number, I besieged
and took them by leveling with battering rams,” and did some of the most cruel things you’ve
ever read about in history. And shoved sharp objects through the Jews
and pinned them to stakes and ripped limbs off, some of the most horrifying, cruel things
you could ever imagine. And then he said in his history, “As for Hezekiah,
I shut him up like a caged bird in his royal city of Jerusalem.” Now, there’s something very interesting about
this. Here he was, right there surrounding Jerusalem,
nobody could get in or out, and he says, Now I have Hezekiah like a caged bird locked up
in Jerusalem. But now, it’s something that we’ll tell you
in our literature, but who IS the modern-day Assyrian? Well, I’ll tell you, it may shock you to find
out who they are if you don’t know. And we’ll send you material that will certainly
show you that, and you need to prove all these things to yourselves. That’s how we build our faith. Faith comes by really reading and studying
and knowing this Bible and applying what it says. We need to prove it! We must prove it to ourselves. So here’s what Hezekiah did this time. He finally learned that what he was doing
before was not right. In verse 14 of II Kings 19 it says this, “… Hezekiah
went up into the house of the LORD, and spread it before the LORD.” Everything that was happening and that he
needed to talk to God about, and then verse 14 continues. Here’s what the prophet Isaiah told him. [32] “… He shall not come into this city,
nor shoot an arrow there, nor come before it with shield, nor cast a bank against it.” He’s going to return the same way that he
came in. (34) “For I will defend this city, to save
it, for mine own sake, and for my servant David’s sake.” He said, Now, look, there’s not one soldier
or one arrow going to come into Jerusalem. And II Kings 19, verse 35 says this, “And
it came to pass that night, that the angel of the LORD went out, and smote in the camp
of the Assyrians an hundred fourscore and five thousand: and when they arose early in
the morning, behold, they were all dead corpses.” Now, how about that? 185,000 soldiers were killed by an angel of
God OVERNIGHT! And all of a sudden, everybody knew that God
had saved Jerusalem! Not only that, but Judah, as well. He saved them. Now, it says today often that our historians
are PERPLEXED by all this! Why didn’t Sennacherib go ahead and go into
Jerusalem? He didn’t record that in HIS history; no,
he didn’t want to record THAT, and it actually I’m convinced, was the reason he got killed
very shortly after that by his own two sons, and one of them took over his job. But what happened to the Jerusalem history? Well, you see, Hezekiah learned a lesson the
hard way, and he learned to put his trust in God, and it says in Deuteronomy 8 that
we have to live by every word of God. Live by every word of God. Who does that today? Do you see why we don’t have faith? God says live by every word of God! Now, you know we don’t do that. That scripture in Deuteronomy reads in verse
3, “…man doth not live by bread only, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth
of the LORD.” How many people do you know that do that,
that live by every word of God? Well, as I said before, I know a little group
that does that and they are blessed MIGHTILY by God! And God blesses ANYBODY that will live by
every word of God and strive to OBEY Him, and when they see they make mistakes, like
Hezekiah, they repent and turn to God, or the book of Isaiah or other prophecies like
the former prophets. That’s how we build faith, and then God, He
answers questions and helps us IN SPITE of our own weaknesses and the problems of other
people. I have a quote here and it’s in our booklet;
I’ll just read a little bit of it. This is from the historian Barassis, well,
of Babylon. He wrote this in the 3rd century B.C., and
it was titled Babyloniac, I guess it is, and that’s what his history was about, and he
tells all about this siege of Sennacherib and how all these people died, and then Sennacherib
after that, he and a few of his soldiers that were left outside of that area where all of
the main body was, they took off back to Nineveh and that’s where he was slain by his own sons. Now, one of the greatest poets in the world
wrote about this destruction of Sennacherib. Now, he BELIEVES in what the Bible says, and
you can prove that. He talks about this angel of death, and I’ll
just read you a paragraph or two. “And there lay the rider, distorted and pale,
with the dew on the brow and the rust on the mail, and the tents were all silent. The banners alone, the lances unlifted, the
trumpet unblown.” Well, what do you know? The trumpet to go in and destroy Jerusalem
was never blown. How about that? Well, what happened? Well, he says, “And the widows of Asshur are
loud in their wails.” Now, he knows that Nineveh and their widows
are really suffering…. And, “The idols are broken, the temple of
Baal, and the might of the Gentile unsmote by the sword, has melted like snow in the
glance of the Lord.” Isn’t that an amazing statement from a great
poet like Lord Byron? Such a wonderful example of believing God,
and some historians did write about it, though not as many as SHOULD have. Most of the historians have pushed that aside
today. They don’t believe God! It’s as if they think God can’t perform miracles. And He created YOU and He created your mind,
He created all of us! And God wants us to trust Him, to put our
faith in His word and live by every single word of His Bible! That majestic, royal Word of God. And I’m telling you, and I can guarantee to
you, if you walk by your faith and really do have deeds and ACT on that faith, God will
bless you mightily and He will fill your life with MIRACLES and BLESSINGS GALORE! That is a promise from God. Until next week, this is Gerald Flurry, goodbye,
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