LG V30 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 CAMERA Test Comparison! (4K)

This is a smartphone camera shootout that I personally was very excited to test and compare And I’m intrigued with the results and I think you guys might be as well This is the official authentic camera comparison of the brand new LG V 30 Versus the Samsung Galaxy s8 let’s jump right in starting with some daylight outdoor photo Side-by-side shots make sure to watch this video in the full 4k Glory if you can this first one will be a blind taste test on the left You can see it’s a bit tighter feel the view on the right a bit wider angle all Camera settings are left in default auto the colors in the sky, and the red stop sign look pretty similar But there’s great clarity retained in the clouds and shadow areas when we zoom in 200% a few more differences jump out look at all the clarity and sharpness In the white border of the sign and even in the wall of brick behind it Which one is which well the LG v30 is on the left and the Galaxy s8 is on the right Did you guys guess it correctly now on each one of these tests? I’m also gonna show you what the crazy awesome wide-angle lens looks like on that new V 30 versus the standard Angle on the s8 I’ve been really digging this ultra wide angle on the V 30 now onto the next shot I moved in closer to some tree leaves and pretty cool comparison here again colors and saturation white balance all look pretty close and really Pleasant on both in my opinion I find the background bokeh to be a tad more blurred out on the V 30 in this shot, but man It’s super close now. Let’s zoom 200%, and I’ve got to give the sharpness to V 30 just look at all the cool vein details on the leaf back to the ultra wide on the V 30 And this lens unfortunately does not feature autofocus and it’s slightly lower megapixel so often these close-up objects will look a bit out of focus and I’m pretty sure that’s because it’s set to Infinity focus here so that trade-off here is the super cool. Wide-angle is gonna. Have a lack of image clarity Understandably, so now this next one’s pretty interesting I think the V 30 missed the focus point and went a little bit far while the SI Auto focus right where I want it to on that grass closer to the lens Also note the blacks look a bit darker on the v30 in those shadow areas Zoomed in you can compare the bokeh and daylight noise differences punching back out Honestly that infinity focus on the v30 looks pretty good next to that Autofocus s8 shot moving on to the classic close-up flower shot this one.i Autofocus both cameras right onto that yellow flower and that v30 looks way Sharper over the s8 colors and saturation look nice on both zooming in we can kind of see the s8 looks to be blurring And/or blowing out some of those yellow details while the v30 keeps those nice outlines and again wide-angle v30 verse zoomed out sa good differences here switching to a landscape shot you should notice the consistent trend colors white balance and dynamic range look pretty great on both cameras the v30 field of view is 71 degrees a bit more narrow than the s8 77 degree field of view zoomed in I gotta give it to the V 30 again though the Quality and sharpness in the grass and the willow tree just simply look better overall and here again the ultra wide-angle Just looks gorgeous on that V 30 It’s an incredible 120 degree field of view, but of course quality and resolution Just don’t look quite as good as the s8 as a final rear-facing Photo test one more close-up macro shot the details in the tree bark look way better in the V 30 in my opinion Zoomed in the sharpness differences become even more apparent plus interesting to see the blurred out background grain Similarities switch to wide-angle shot the V 30 has 13 megapixel versus the s 8’s 12 megapixel very interesting now Let’s switch gears to 4k video comparisons some really interesting Differences here same as before both shooting default Auto settings 4k 30fps I’m seeing a bit more details in the shadow areas on the s8 though as a continued trend I’ve touched on in the past the Galaxy s8 has this terrible pixel blocking issue you can clearly see it up in the sky for Example it honestly ruins my shot sometimes It’s almost like the V 30 has it too But just not as terrible or a parent switching to wide-angle lens colors and white balance still look nice on both Sharpness for the Infinity focus actually looks pretty good some might have the personal preference that there’s too much sharpness Processing going on here. I personally find it ok. Here’s a quick autofocus test I’d say that the good ol s eights laser autofocus is well laser fast and while the V 30 is still fast and nails the focus the 98% of the time it’s always just a couple milliseconds or frames behind the s8 for one of my favorite tests Here’s a side by side walking stabilization test the V 30 features OIS And E is while I believe that s8 has the same as well while I’m shooting these at 4k res Cameras can’t turn on the EIS while capturing full-frame 4k video, honestly. They’re both pretty mediocre Stabilization in my opinion with the s8 possibly doing a slightly better job. What do you guys think now just for fun? Here’s a side by side versus the new GoPro Hero 6 with LG on the left and man look at that amazing Image stabilization on the GoPro it’s looking buttery smooth all on handheld while the V 30 is just so shaky I can’t wait for smartphones to improve their stabilization technology GoPro has officially raised the bar now switching back I’m using the wide-angle lens on the V 30 and you can clearly see that there’s no Oh is on this lens very very unfortunate in my opinion and one of my biggest gripes with the camera But hey that wide-angle sure looks cooler on these panoramic shots versus the s8 both cameras can shoot ultra slow motion 240 FPS at 720p Though they both look smooth playback the resolution quality Clearly goes to s8 on this one and this is a video front-facing camera test on the LG V 30 And this is the Galaxy s8 house walking stabilization House field of view which one looks wider how about color clarity quality? dynamic range contrast about the colors and saturation And here’s a quick photo comparison on the front selfie cam And Last up a couple quick low-light comparison shots the V 30 primary lens is an incredible F 1.6. Versus s8f 1.7. Though the sensor size is larger on the s 8 I’d say the grain looks much less and better on the V 30 Though zooming in that si looks in return on sharper image, wide-angle Interesting to see that the color differences the V 30 is Leaning a bit more red while the s 8 leans more green and in this one We can spot those same differences s 8 having much more clear image though that dynamic range is pretty Similar in both these shots with 4k video interesting stuff here the noise levels look pretty grainy in both I’m not sure if I’d like one over the other I Would say the dynamic range looks better on the si at least with its HDR processing or whatever? It’s using it has this nice balanced exposure of the bright outdoors And the dark indoors versus look at the V 30 it looks too Underexposed for those shadow areas and it’s trying harder to expose for those bright windows The s8 is doing some really wonky Glitchy e is or o is in my pans while the V 30 looks more smooth and motion Punching out we get that lower quality higher noise Wide-angle on the V 30, but man just look at how much more of the sealian floor We can capture in frame and lastly a low-light selfie photo yuck. They both look pretty terrible the V 30 looks horrendous and that s 8 Just slightly less wore fine as I’ve said before it thankfully I personally don’t use selfie cameras as especially in low-light very often So I’ll look past this one and there you guys have it my side-by-side comparison test of the LG V 30 Versus the Samsung Galaxy s8 now I want to hear from you guys down in the comments which one Do you think is the better camera overall if you want to stay tuned for more camera comparison tests like this one in the future? Consider hitting that subscribe and bail icon to stay up to date Thank you guys so much for watching and until next time. Let’s live authentic

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  1. Could anyone give me some tips and tricks for taking good pictures on the V30? I’ve junked up my setting and all my photos look pretty bad :/ or even a video would help 200% more. Thanks!

  2. Hate to burst iPhone fans but Samsung makes the OLED screens for Apple. If you would a compared the Samsung note 8 it would have won the comparison contest.

  3. I'm switching in my V20 for the V30…it has been pretty solid but I think the V30 should be a BIG step up… Biggest thing for me will be wireless charging and the OLED display.. Great vid…keep it up!

  4. The v30 has best camera all yo need to do is focus it on the item you want. That's what you weren't doing in most upclose photos

  5. Current S8 user seriously thinking of switching to the LG V30. Can't handle the S8's slowness and battery depleats faster than expected for me. Thanks for a detailed review of camera quality.

  6. as always LG always go for true color while Samsung go for higher contrast thus deeper color and brighter pics. It spoils you eyes but LG is true color. That wide angle camera Im eager to try out tho coming in tomorrow hehe. MY S7 edge battery is dying

  7. Fantastic camera comparisons. It's not specs but actual, true SIDE BY SIDE differences which you explain with arrows etc. NICE WORK. I'd go with the LG but only because I can get it much cheaper than the Samsung and I do really like the wider angle of the LG. Thanks for putting this up.

  8. V30 more natural and more easy for editing
    S8 push up the color, contrast and light that makes hard to edit

  9. Lg is struggling with low light and front facing camera for so many years,how is it hard for them to make a good one with less noise like other flagship?

  10. Wow, I'm amazed by the V30. Although when it came to selfies and the indoor videos I preferred the colors on the S8.

  11. Even the V30 pictures looks sharper , IMO the pics on S8 look better . In video mode definitely winner is S8 , much better image stabilization , video is much smoother

  12. I don't like that the videos on flagship smartphones have the "baked in" oversharpening and that there is no option to switch it off. The cloud blocks are there due to oversharpening. If there was an option to shoot without sharpening the videos would look much more natural and professional on both phones or any flagship phone… also it looks to much flat (2d instead of 3d) because of that.

  13. LG V30 has dual cameras so if you zoom it wins hands down, V30 has hifi dac and longer battery life. Choice for me is easy one.

  14. V30 did very well but S8 won it for me. It even depends on how you use the camera. Im sure you biased over the S8. Probably trying to uplift the LG brand.

  15. I came from s7 edge and now owns a v30. If i were you guys. I would stay with sammy. The lg rear camera do take better pictures in daylight but in low light you can forget it. Everything just black and dark. The laser focus on samsung makes it almost instant while v30 it takes a few tap to get it focus. The front facing camera is just garbage, dont even hope to take anything decent unless you got light behind you. Another thing worth mentioning is lack of aftermarket support for LG. Good luck finding decent case.

  16. Im debating between the LG-V30, G6, G7-ThinkQ and the Galaxy-S9 at T-Mobile. – they also have the G6 but im not sure and know much about that phone.
    im coming from a ZTE-Zmax Pro phone.
    Its sad that T-Mobile dont have much choices when it comes to phones. Its either old clunky phones from 4~6 years ago, or Samsung & LG.
    everything else it just Meh….. Though I seen the G7-ThinkQ – But I dont like tall designs on smart-phones and I really hate that new notch thingy apple smacked everyone with.
    My current ZTE Zmax Pro has only 32-gb rom and 2-gb ram and its slow as hell, when the phone is packed with apps and used for 3 or more months.
    you tend to feel the sluggishness on the ZTE Zmax Pro to the point that would make you want to throw the phone across the street on to oncoming traffic and in hopes that a truck runs over it..
    Since T-Mobile dont have much to pick from, im afraid im only left with choosing the LG-V30 – Also T-Mobile does not have any other colors for the LG-V30 except that horrid gray color.
    And I also dont know if they will be getting the new LG-V35 ThinkQ as I keep asking and no one seems to answer me in the stores or on their twitter.

  17. That Wide angle tho!. In my opinion its a draw. S8' front cam just looks way better.

  18. Lg front facing camera is trash in low light,too much noise and it’s been like that with their phones for so long

  19. HI! Iam asking my self if u would use the V30 with an DJI Osmo Mobile 2 in the wide Lens setup do u have parts of the Gimbak frame in the screen?

  20. LG has been TERRIBLE with image stabilization at high res. Even the G7 ThinQ suffers from this same problem. Ultra sharp picture, but no stabilization whatsoever. For LG cameras overall:

    -poor stabilization during video
    -poor selfie
    -poor low light performance

    +excellent details at macro level
    +excellent wide angle lens
    +excellent color balance and sharpness

    Just have to decide which features are more important to you. 🙂

  21. They had to use that shitty G6 selfie camera. Should have made a new one considering even the G4 takes better selfies than these two.

  22. Hey have you had any new updates to the LG V30 that improves the overall quality/sharpness/brightness/dynamic range/contrast/exposure of both of it's cameras especially the selfie camera as I'm worried that 5MP will not be sufficient enough for those all important selfie shots.

  23. I think in most situations the V30 edges out the S8. In low -light, I would have to push back slightly…the S8 while not great was considerably better than the V30. LG has come a long way baby since it's previous GOLDSTAR days…GOLDSTAR…junk from Korea…now LG is not only competitive we can see noticeable quality improvements over its competitors. For some, it may just boil down to brand loyalty and personal preference. We tend to overlook the wart on our wife's nose because we love her…however the blonde next door is hideous with her smaller, less noticeable wart.

  24. I don't know why people are complaining about the front camera of lg v30 , I don't have problems with that it is good

  25. V30 front camera is terrible, the S8s front camera is much better so for that reason alone the S8 is better. But also I own both and the display on the S8 is better, so unless you really need that quad hifi dac or want a flat screen the S8 is the better choice.

  26. 5:30 "…S8 possibly doing a slightly better job…", … you need your eyes tested. It's very, very obvious the S8 is not doing slightly better, its doing A LOT better in video stabilization

  27. I don't take a whole lot of selfies so the main camera is what I need to be better and V30 has it in this case

  28. It's funny my Note 3 had a 13-megapixel get my s8 plus only has a 12 megapixel after rooting my Note 3 and putting updated camera software on it it takes better pictures than I s8 Plus. It's kind of funny.

  29. I wonder if your video stabilization shots were made with a cine video or only with an automode? I think V30 make better shots with the cine. Thanks for the test! 🙂

  30. No Comparison when you're talking Manual Controls.. A Picture is as Beautiful as those who the ability to take it..

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