Lidl trail camera 2019

Hello and welcome to Vinniesdayoff
I’ve bought the Lidl trail cam or wildlife surveillance camera as they call it
Lidl is a German supermarket chain very similar to Aldi It’s my first trail cam I’ve been looking at many different cameras the expensive models
have many features I don’t need being expensive I’d be loath to leave
them where they might be stolen so when these came on offer I decided to buy. It
cost me 89 99 euros on a 25th of April 2019 I’m not going to go through the
settings it comes with a very good instruction manual which gives
step-by-step instructions on all settings you can set it to take video or
photos or a mixture In photo and video mode it takes one to nine photos
depending on the setting then starts filming videos I just use the video
function You can decide the length of video clip it takes and the time interval between video or photo recordings It has side motion sensors here which can
be turned off if you need and the front motion sensor here can be set to high
medium or low sensitivity Branches or ferns waving in the wind will turn the
camera on and will fill your memory card with footage of branches and ferns
very annoying It came with batteries included 8 AA
batteries and a 16 gigabyte microSD card It can accept up to a 32 gigabyte card
class 10 It comes with a strap to tie it I just used some light twine and I’m
going to get some light bungee I think it would be more useful to me anyway it also came with this wall bracket for
permanent fixture to a wall A mini USB to USB cable and a TV cable It has a tripod thread here, which I probably will never use it’s in a matte gray color and
I intended to spray-paint it in cammo colours but in use it blends in well and
it’s not at all obvious even when you know exactly where it is so, what’s it like? I’m going to show you some video clips and photos taken under relatively
good conditions this is stock footage and be advised YouTube lowers the video
quality so it will look a bit better on your monitor or laptop Here are the clips now and here are some video clips from low
light and fully dark conditions one thing that I’ve found is that the
infrared LEDs there are two located in here are visible as red glowing orbs in
the dark I’ll show you a clip of this now if you intend to use this camera for
home security perhaps The LEDs will be visible to the human eye at night The fox in the following clips is clearly aware of the camera he probably sees the LEDs as a pair of red eyes staring at him I don’t have enough experience with
trail cams to recommend or not recommend this there may be better deals I don’t
know you can look at the footage and decide for yourself I am satisfied with
it it does everything I want well enough and I’ve had hours of fun with this I was wondering what these were like for a long time so I decided to make this
video for others like myself I hope the video is useful to you. Thanks very much for watching Vinniesdayoff and hopefully you’ll join me in the next
video. Bye bye

28 Replies to “Lidl trail camera 2019

  1. Another great video Vinnie, I borrowed my neighbours one a while back, same model form lidl and had hours of fun. I thought it was a good simple camera to use.

  2. I am off looking for one of those. I have found a hidden field near me left totally wild so great for foraging and watching game. Thanks for posting and great timing

  3. I think that Dyson knows that he is on camera!
    Edit:- I dislike motion sensors for the reasons that you state. I have motion sensitive security lights at my home…always coming on due to leaves blowing in the wind, etc. Much better would be heat sensors…infra-red. But not if they look like two eyes!!
    Badgers !!! We don need no stinkin' Badgers!!

  4. Very nice wildlife pictures, Vinny!

    Seems to be a usable wild camera.

    At first glance, the camera looks like the mask of a futuristic warrior. 👍

  5. Vinnie great show nicely documented, Was going to get one of those for CCTV but as you say the infrared can be seen now i know it will be no good for spy CCTV thank for showing me that now i will not be buying one i will buy a small bullet cam instead. so thank you Vinnie you saved me some money

  6. Aw wow very cool! I didn’t realize you had such diverse wildlife. In my area, in the south east US, we’re very lucky to see the odd red fox or mountain lion as it’s mostly whitetail and black bears. What kind of hunting and or trapping background do you have?

  7. Enjoyed the footage Vin. I now live in the mountains of Pennsylvania. I can only imagine what goes through the back of my house at night.
    Best Ed

  8. Hi Vinnie,
    Well you've done it again; you're costing me money again. I've been looking at these for a while now wondering if they're any good.
    Thanks for the upload.
    Very informative.

  9. Nice one Vinnie! Vinnie goes black ops naturalist – first rate! Very special the variety of wildlife you have about. Nice to know who your neighbours are.

  10. Vinnie, I like this camera. The clarity is outstanding. Thanks for the video, very informative. I see little Dyson is having a good time. Take care!

  11. Another nice video vinnie .I haven't seen these for sale yet in our local lidl but when they have them in I will be beating there door down. Look after yourself speak to you soon Chris

  12. Love your videos, Vinnie. Please keep them coming.

    Have you thought about bushcrafting a coracle for a video? The method where the ribs are driven into the ground, the boat completed upside down, then ribs pulled out of the ground or cut away always fascinated me. I've always wondered whether live saplings were used for ribs then cut away after the coracle was completed.

    Your dog needs more screen time.

  13. Very interesting video thanks Vinny, I have never seen those in the Lidl here, will have to have a look on line.
    About 500 metres East of my place is a 2.500 year old castle ruin, it has a lot of Holm Oak where wild pigs go to eat the acorns, I would love to try to film them with something like this camera. Nobody ever sees the pigs just their tracks and where they dig so it would be very interesting.

    For some reason I am not getting any notifications from You Tube although all my subs have the bell active so I'm late to the party.

  14. Great video Vinnie. It has some nice features. It kind of looks like a C-PAP machine. Who knows, you might record some secret rondevu in the woods.

  15. I want that now too👍. What sensitivity level seems to work best Vinnie. Great video as always I love when I see a new one uploaded

  16. 20 degrees watching the bird feeder send us down some of that heat tis a grand camera I wouldn't complain anyway bit pricey for lidl I'd say about 50 I'd have it but I'd never use it unfortunately unless I'm stalking the neighbours.

  17. I'm having trouble with a horrible neighbour who is constantly climbing over my fence. I have complained to the council and they are close to evicting. Despite this the neighbours behaviour has continued. I'm going to use this for security? I'm going to set this up pointed towards my fence in the hope that my neighbour climbing over will active it? Do you think that would work? There's no noise is there?

  18. Hi Vinnie, I don't want to put any pressure on you but we miss your content. Everything ok ?
    Kind regards

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