LOHA PAHALWAN | Pawan Singh, Sushil Singh, Payas Pandit | BHOJPURI SUPERHIT MOVIE 2019 | Subtitles

Loha Pahelwaan. Greetings!
-Greetings! Greetings!
-Greetings! Greetings!
-Greetings! Greetings!
-Brother! The teacher was saying if you want to
know village then see the village. Then look at.
-What to see? Everyone is only greeting to us. And it’s dusty. On this pretext
we are getting to roam in the village. Enjoy roaming the villages. What can you enjoy
among these uneducated people? Greetings!
-Greetings sir! Greetings sir! Greetings sir.
-Greetings sir! What have you done? Your school uniform will get ruined. Then I will have
to stich a new uniform for you. When my name has been removed from the school.
Then of what use is this uniform? You get angry easily. Don’t forget you are a farmer’s son. You should know that a farmer’s life
depends on Lord Indra. If it rains less, it’s a problem.
If it rains more, then also it’s a problem. Should I pay off my debts?
Or send you to school? I don’t understand anything. Listen, go and do your work. I will get you admitted
In the school again tomorrow. Take this. Next year right?
Then what about this year? Go! Go and do your work first. Whenever I ask him to work.
He gets angry. I don’t know what he studies. Is that your hand or an iron rod? Your mother was right
in keeping your name Loha Singh. Yes! My son’s hands are made of iron. Do you have any doubt about it?
-Explain that to him. Greetings! Greetings sir.
-Greetings sir! Greetings! Greetings sir! Greetings! -Jageshwar Sir!
-Greetings sir! Greetings sir!
-Greetings! Greetings sir! Brother, that boy didn’t greet you.
-From Which field? That one with the iron.
-Uncle, stop the vehicle. What happened?
-Take a U-turn. Greetings sir! Come here son. Jageshwar Sir, greetings!
-Greetings! Greetings! How come you visited my field today? Actually the boss said
to take the children around the village. Alright. Just a minute.
I will bring the cot. Alright. Arrange the cot. I will take a round.
-Okay. Hey! Why didn’t you greet me? I won’t greet the person whom
I don’t know. Is it? You are so stubborn? Hell with you! Mother! Hey! Hey! What are you doing? Leave. Leave.
– Loha Son! What are you doing?
-Hey! Hey! What is happening here?
-Leave him. He is our boss’s son. Move aside. Move aside. Sir! Ramlal, move aside. Move aside. Your son will die today. He will die.
-No! Your son raised his hand
on the boss’s son. He will die.
He won’t live. Sir, forgive him. Forgive my son. Calm down! Let’s go. Let’s go.
-You did wrong. Go and sit in the jeep.
Go to the jeep! Your son is dead.
Your son is dead. Let’s go. I told you. Don’t get so angry. Hey Jageshwar Uncle! Go to Sonpur’s fair. Put on a bindi on your forehead. And earrings. Apply lipstick.
Just like a dancer… …you dance. Calm down son! Don’t exaggerate. Is this gun only to carry? Why didn’t you shoot him? I will tell father.
You just slapped him. If my father was present
he would have shot him. Son, try to understand. I am your father’s servant. I can’t do anything
without his order. So Do you go to the wash room
Also after asking my father? Do one thing. Go and freshen up now. Yes. Go and take a bath.
And eat well and stuff yourself. Let’s go. We will only have to do something. Since morning
my left eye is blinking. The boss will skin me alive. All My clothes are torn. No. My specks are also broken. I was gone to relieve myself. Everything happened
in a span of a minute. He won’t be let off. He won’t be let off.
His son will be killed. It’s good the boss
has gone to Mumbai. Brother! Shall we set it on fire? Brother! Wait! Wait!
– Janki! A very bad thing happened.
-What happened? The men of Pahelwaan burnt
the whole field. -What are you saying? I told him. Control your anger. Don’t get angry. I will send him to the city.
-No! My son won’t go to the city. Don’t worry. If he stays here
the Pahelwaan’s men will kill him. But… whom will he stay with there? I have arranged everything.
Everything. Mother!
-Loha, come quickly. Come. Come on quickly. Don’t delay. Take care of yourself.
-Let’s go. Come on. Brother! Mother! Hit him. Here. Drink some water. Inspector! Greetings father! Greetings mother! My son is an inspector. Yes mother! An inspector. Where is Sandhya?
-She has gone to college. She will be coming home anytime. Where are you posted?
-Rampur. Rampur? That is Pahelwaan’s area. ‘The traveller is
mesmerized by Muniya.’ It’s real fun after the match. ‘The traveller is mesmerized.’ Will you ride? Yes brother. I want to see the whole of Rampur. You want to see the whole
of Rampur. It will cost Rs.200. To see whole of Rampur. Alright. Let’s go.
-Please take a seat. Take a seat. What is it? Nothing. I thought of going home. Will you go to the village
taking a few days off? I want to have a betel leaf.
-Yes. Have it. You have a mango stall without
permission. I will teach you a lesson. Greetings!
-Greetings! Give me a betel leaf. Give me a betel leaf.
-Greetings! Yes. Rampal,
you have to pay a lot of credit. Will you pay some amount today?
-You will get it. I am not going away. The credit is growing. Alright. Alright. You keep asking money all the time.
-Oh my God! What happened?
-Rampal. 9798. 9798?
-Let’s run from here. He will start scolding us. Oh my God!
– Oh my! Let’s go from here. Oh my God! Let’s leave from here quickly. Or 9798 will start shooting
on seeing the police. What to do now?
-Let’s run. Let’s go. Let’s go.
-It’s better we leave. Get the cycle here. Rampal! Betel leaf! Come on.
-Wait. What are you saying?
-I don’t know. Will we get a ticket or not? Who will fight these people? Why don’t you speak? It’s 2 hours.
The queue is not moving. What are you doing? Yes brother. This is the area of
Rampur’s big bully. What? Go away. Move back.
I am telling you to move back. Move back. Or it won’t be good. Move back.
-Move back. Get him out of here.
-Move back. What is happening here? Brother, this is an every day affair. When the agents will get it. Only then the common
people will get the ticket. Okay. Hold my glasses. I will be back.
-Move back. Let it be.
Why are you inviting trouble? Wait here. Hey! Hey!
-Move back. Go! I said go! What is the meaning of a queue? You can find out. Yeah!
– You did the right thing. What is the meaning of a queue? It’s a queue! Brother, take your specks. Let’s go.
-Let’s go. Yes. Hey! Take out the payment. Hey!
-Hey! I am telling you.
Take out the payment. What did you say?
Take out the payment. Come on.
-Old man, do I need to tell you? Jhamiya, give me the payment. Sir, I am poor. I haven’t done any business yet.
-You didn’t do any business. I am sitting here since morning.
I haven’t done my first deal yet. Hey! Come I will do
the first deal. Come. Come on! Come on! Come on!
-Leave me. We will do your first deal.
-Leave me. Don’t run.
-Leave me. No. No. Leave me. Come I will do the first deal. Hey! Give the payment. Hey! Sir, forgive me. I am a poor man. I am the inspector
of this city, uncle. Don’t worry. I want to clear things of this place. Let’s go. Sir, take this. Sir, you cannot clear this city. This whole city is dirty. Everyone is troubled by Pahelwaan. Pahelwaan is the main issue. Then go to the main place. Main place? Yes sir.
-Where is it? It’s a dance bar.
-Dance bar? Hey, come here. It’s our bar. Sit down. How lovely… …God made you?” “I feel… I feel…
Like I keep looking at you.” I want to ask you something.
Tell me the truth. Do you love me? I love you!
– Yes! I am telling you the truth. On seeing… …I started liking you. I am. I am crazy for you. What to do? I can’t… I can’t control my love right? Look! I… I… will love you a lot. What did I say?
-You love me a lot. Good! And now something special. I want to marry you. What do I want to do? Marry.
-Yes. I want to marry you. After the marriage… …we will have our first night. What will we do? Tell me. Say it. What will we do? we will have our first night. What? Say it again. Say it again. First night. Not like this. First… Say I love you! Say it. I love you! Say I love you.
-I love you! I love you! Not like this. Not with fear. Say it from your heart. I love you a lot. Say it. Or I will make you dance
with the others. Watch it. Why are you staring at me? Say it. Look. Look. Don’t cry.
No. No. If you cry. I don’t like it. I love you a lot. Take your time. Take your time. But… …say I love you from your heart. My mood is off now. My mood is off now. Don’t cry. Cry. Rampal! Hey Rampal!
-Yes. Look here. How did it happen? How did it happen? Who has the courage to hit my men? I don’t know that sir. I give you 24 hours. Find out within 24 hours. Who did it? Or you will be dead. Go away! Get Lost!
-Yes sir. What is it? Start dancing. Come. Come. Yes. Don’t worry about me.
I will come home soon. Stupid. Tell me what’s happening at home? All good.
-Is everything good? Alright.
-Brother! Did you inform at home? Father will be home soon. Okay. And yes. Did you do the field work? Yes. Yes. Get it done. Pay Gupta’s grocery money. What is it?
Has your girlfriend run away? He eats all the snacks. And this. Yes. Come. You come along too. Rampal! Who is the one who beat up everyone? What nonsense are you saying? Play quietly. Hey! Don’t touch my glass. With one slap… …will you buy a building.
-Hey Rampal. What is it?
Who is the one who beat up everyone? How to recognize
without seeing a picture? Right. No one has seen him.
-Right. Now it’s my turn. Yes. Hey! Who are you? What do you want? My turn. What is this? Why are you showing the card? Look carefully. Hey! Hey! Hey! Sir!
-Salute sir! Sir! Sir! Sir! What has happened has happened. But remember one thing. The government gave
us uniform to do work. If the uniform is misused… …then there won’t be any report. Or any arrest. The decision will
be taken right then on the spot. Yes sir! Oh my God! This Salman Khan has ruined everyone. I love you! “I love you more than my life!” “I love you more than my life!” “I worship you before God!” “Since I am in love!” “I am in love with you!” “There is no coincidence!” “I am in love with you!” “I am in love with you!” “Your behaviour tells
your family’s background.” “You are like a fairy
residing in my heart!” “Your behaviour tells
your family’s background!” “You are like a fairy
residing in my heart!” “You are my love!” “Be the boss of my life!” “What magic spell did you do on me?” “I am in love with you!” “It is no coincidence!” “I am in love with you!” “I am in love with you!” “You changed me after
coming in my life!” “I am blessed to have you!” “You changed me after
coming in my life!” “I am blessed to have you!” “My life has changed!” “Since I fell in love with you!” “Let the whole world know!” “That I am in love with you!” “It is not a coincidence!” “That I am in love with you!” “I am in love with you!” Hello!
-Hello! Munna, greetings.
I am Rampal speaking. Yes. Rampal. Tell me. A new inspector has come
to this police station. One inspector is dead. Two inspectors are missing. Why did he come here to die? The generation is new.
They are anxious. Listen. Today is the wrestling match. Father will go to Delhi
after the prayer. Yes. And there is a good news. His election ticket is confirmed. Right. Right. Congratulations brother Munna. Listen. Father’s flight is of 2 O’clock. And until 2 O’clock. Don’t talk. Do you understand? Let father go happily. I am enough for that new inspector. As you say.
He has just come yesterday. No one beside me will know. Don’t worry. Brother Munna. By the way. I also want to see the wrestling match. Hello!
-Listen. Yes. Tell me. Okay. You want to eat the betel leaf. Yes. How can I have betel leaf? Listen.
-Yes. Yes sir! Get the jeep ready.
-Where do you want to go? To watch the wrestling match. To watch the wrestling match.
-Yes. In the annual wrestling
match of Rampur. We welcome all of you! Brothers, today’s match
is special for Pehelwan ji… …as it is to the people of Rampur. As after the match is over. Praying in this temple. He will start his political journey. Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Hail! Right. Hey! Hey! Hey! They are ready for the fight. Yes. He is taking on him. Come on Vicky Brother. Great! Great! Yes. Yes. Well done! Well done!
-Vicky Brother! Vicky Brother! Give him a tough fight. Brother Vicky!
-Well done! Well done! Come on Vicky!
-Don’t leave him. Well done.
-Great Vicky! Great Vicky! Grab his neck and fall him down.
-Come on. Come on. Splash him down.
-Come on brother. Great! Great! Well done. Splash him.
-Well done! Well done! Well done! That was great.
-Well done! That was great! Come on. Hit him.
-Come on brother! Hit him. Come on. Greetings sir! Greetings! Greetings! Splash him! Splash him! Oh no. Whom are you hitting at? No. It’s a wrestling match. Splash him. Hit him. Hit him. Great brother.
-Good! Control your anger.
-Yes. The other person will make you angry. But you must speak sweetly. In the elections
you must use your intelligence. Not your gun. Right. Right. When will you come to Delhi? The flight is at 4 O’clock. Alright. Come on time. Right.
-Hit his chest and splash him down. Oh no!
-Splash! Splash! This Pahelwaan won’t change. Turn him. Turn him. Here. Come here. Well done! Come on. Hit him. Hit him. Break it. Who made the rule
to kill in a wrestling match? I did it. The whole of Rampur
runs on my terms and conditions. Who are you? Which country are you from? Can’t you understand
after seeing my uniform? I am the new inspector of Rampur. My name is Loha Singh. Hereafter I won’t allow
any illegal work in Rampur. Stop this wrestling that kills. Loha Singh, many inspectors ran away
from here before you were appointed. Got it? Before coming here you
should have read the history of Rampur. I will read the history later. Right now I am talking
about the present. Where is the permission
letter of this wrestling match? What permission, inspector? This is my father’s court. Not a government house
that you need a permission. When the police starts hitting… …you will understand everything. Hey inspector. Just by Wearing A uniform one
doesn’t become brave. And just by applying oil
to the body one doesn’t becomes a wrestler. Are you so proud of your uniform? Then come. Then come for a match. Everything will be crystal clear. You will know it at once. Inspector, come in. Join me. He will hit him. Enough! Enough! The inspector won. Hell with the inspector. A coconut is offered by the one who wins. Why are you quiet? This is the history of Rampur. Did you forget it? Jageshar! He speaks a lot of
rules and regulations. Let me return from Delhi. I won’t use my hand. I will hit him lawfully. Alright sir. Let’s go. Come. Move aside. Sit down. Sit down. Yes. Listen. Listen. Look there. Look. Look. Look.
How much money I have? This money will be yours. All yours. Say I love you once. No one will move from their place. Rampal!
-Sir. Inspector! You were saved that day at the match. But today. You won’t be saved here. You have no ground under your feet. But you still don’t believe it. There is a saying which fits you. Useless stone. Inspector!
-Don’t move. I have seen your courage at the match. As for this place. I will see your cowardness also here. Run. Run. Run. Run. Munna! Munna! Go and switch off the light. Alright. Sir! We didn’t catch anyone.
They all ran away. Alright.
-Yes. Come sir. Name? Suman. Address? I have no address. What do you mean? An orphan has no address. What is the matter? Sometime ago I… …became an orphan. Orphan? How much is it?
-Rs.100. Take this. Father! Suman! Greetings!
-Greetings! Pehelwan Sir, you and here? He is my elder son, Vicky.
-Greetings! Since his childhood I give… …him whatever he asks me. Now look.
He kept his hand on your daughter. I mean… he likes her. So send her away with a few clothes.
She is my daughter-in-law from now. Let’s go. Let’s go.
-What are you saying? This is bullying. Goon? It’s bullying? Uncle, are we threatening?
Are we threatening? Father, is this threatening? Good. Well said. I must say. I don’t know what bullying is. Father, let’s take her home. Let’s go. -Stop your son.
Or I will complain to the police. Hey, leave my daughter.
-Father! Father! Father! -Leave my daughter.
-Hey! Hey! Hey! Stand here. Stand here quietly. Leave him. Leave my husband. Leave my husband.
-Mother! Mother! Father! Father! Let’s go.
-Father! Come on. Come on.
-Father! Take her. Shall I tell you something? These tears don’t suit you Wipe your tears. Yes. You need to file a complaint. If I file a complaint… …he will get ruined. But… my reputation will also be ruined. Everyone will call me
a bar dancer right? Sir, if you say… …I know of a house. The owners have gone out of town. I have the keys to their house. Suman will be safe there. And Pahelwaan won’t doubt me. File a complain of
your parents murder. “I will die for you
but I won’t let anything happen to you!” “I will die for you
but I won’t let anything happen to you!” “In my heart, sweetheart!” “Resides your face!” “In my heart, sweetheart!” “Resides your image!” “I don’t understand what life says!” “On one hand is happiness
and on the other is sorrow!” “All your sorrows
will end if you are with me!” “With your permission
I will never leave you!” “I will love you
so much day and night!” “In my heart, sweetheart!” “Resides your face!” “In my heart, sweetheart!” “Resides your image!” “I am happy talking to you!” “I feel God is here in disguise!” “Hearing about your feelings… …I feel like dying for you!” “Keep your hand on my chest
and feel the heart beats!” “In my heart, sweetheart!” “Resides your face!” “In my heart, sweetheart!” “Resides your image!” Thank you. Sir! Nand Kishore
Matho from Azad Nagar. K. K. Yadav from Rajapur. Javed Ahmed from Manipur. Santosh Mishra from Sangrampur. And Pahelwaan from Rampur. Greetings director! Oh! Oh! Greetings! Pahelwaan, come in. Come in. Hello!
-Have a seat! This time your ticket is confirmed. It was confirmed even
the last time too. But if you had
not murdered right before the election. I would have murdered
just before coming here. What? You called me up at the right time. Use your intelligence for election.
Not your gun. Yes. This is the mark of a leader. I have a suggestion. Until the election keep your calm. Don’t worry at all. Come in my jurisdiction.
You will enjoy at the beer bar. It is exactly like Mumbai beer bar. I will come.
I’ll surely come. Why not? But after the election. As you wish. Excuse me. Yes father. Why couldn’t I get through your call? Father! There is a bad news. Where is Vicky? He is here. When you both are alive
then what is the bad news? The police raided
the bar for the first time. They raided the bar suddenly. But everyone is safe. Only Suman ran away. Vicky! Give the phone to Vicky.
-Right father. Brother! Father wants to talk to you. Take it. Take it. Yes father. Vicky! Vicky!
Stay calm till I come there. Suman! Father, I want Suman. Or I will set
the whole village on fire. Alright do it. But after I come back. Look for the girl? And yes. A complaint should not be registered. Yes. I will search Suman high and low. Just… …tell me… …whether to keep
the bar open or shut it down. The bar won’t shut down. It’s about Pahelwaan’s reputation. Listen, if the police
comes again shoot them. I got the ticket. Search for the girl. I am sending the someone senior to the inspector. Hey! Hey! Father! Father! Father got the ticket. He got the ticket. Be careful with Pahelwaan. He won’t doubt you. But if he finds out anything then… What will he find out? That you have kept Suman
in your house. Will he harm me? Shut up! Don’t exaggerate much. Listen carefully. Pahelwaan is facing a brave person. But you are Pahelwaan’s favourite. What?
-Yes. Now I don’t have to wait anymore. What were you waiting for? Yes. You will get a transfer. Sir! Sir! Where is the inspector?
-He will come anytime. I will order tea for you.
Ramdin get some tea. -Hey! I will have tea later.
Where is the washroom? Ramdin! -Yes.
-Sir, go with him. Please come with me.
Come with me sir. He wants to pee while coming in. Sit down. Constable, don’t play games with us. Where is Suman?
-She is absconding. If you try to act smart…
-Munna! Calm down. Here comes the inspector. Inspector.
-Sir. Sit down. Now sit. Tell me. Well done officer. Well done.
-Sir! Very good. You are going well. Do you know who they are? These are good citizens of the city. And their father
is going to be the parliamentarian here. Sir! Even you know. Neither are they good citizens. Nor their father. Hey inspector.
-Shut up! I am the in charge of
this police station. Officer, hand over Suman to them. Sir. Shall I tell you something? Fishes don’t fight the sharks in an ocean And Pahelwaan is the leader here. Okay sir. As you say. Sir, on record. If you give this in writing. That Pahelwaan is the leader. And Bihar police is coward.
– Hey Officer. The recording is on sir. I was just passing by from here
I thought of having some tea. Well done officer.
Very good. Keep it up! Best of luck! Hey! Let’s talk outside. Tell the inspector. Whoever stays here obeys
my father’s orders. If not. Then he’s a dead man. It is better you come home tomorrow. Father will be home. Obey him. It will be for your good. Listen inspector.
Return Suman safely home. Go and tell your father. From today The tradition has broken. If Pahelwaan wants his welfare. Tell him to come here and obey. Munna! Let’s go from here. Father will decide about him. Let’s go. Come on. Rampal.
-Yes. These days the law is very strict. You also are seen doing your duty. This will continue
until the election. A new officer is here. He is very strict. He overpowers even the wrestler’s. He is speaking the truth. Now even the law will be strict. I was thinking
to deal with 9798 in this election. Yes. What problem does
the police have with 9798? And what is his real name?
-I will know if I talk to him. He starts shooting on
seeing a police man. I don’t know his name. His car number is his name.
-Yes. You are thinking right. I was also thinking. Let us deal… …with 9798 once and for all. Because it has become difficult to
sit and have tea here peacefully. -Right. The person you were talking about.
-Yes. He is standing behind you. Rampal, run away. Run. Run. Run. Prepare a betel leaf. What were these constables saying? Nothing. Bless me.
-God bless you! Look! Your father is no longer just a wrestler. He has become a Parliamentarian wrestler. Look, I got the ticket here. That’s good news Father. Of course it is good news. Why does he look sad? Didn’t you find Suman? She is with the inspector. Where? She is with that inspector. Hey! Inspector. Inspector. Father! We had gone to explain him… My Suman is in his custody. Once I know where Suman is… I will teach him…. Why did you go to meet the inspector? You ruined my reputation. Why did you go there? I would make him helpless
to tell us where she is. Anyway. What did he say? What did he say? Tell me.
-He didn’t tell us. Jageshar.
-Yes sir. Get the car ready.
-Yes sir. Where are you going? To the police station.
-Where are you going? The police station. If I have to visit
the police station. Then I will visit it. I am coming with you.
– Hey! Be Quiet and Stay back. He sits at the police station.
And speaks of duties Then I must go there. And teach him some duties.
Till then stay here. Jageshar.
-Yes sir lets go. Sir, while going on the cycle
he was shot dead. They were young. Till now the killer is not known. In the vegetable market… …a robbery took place. He came as a vegetable vendor.
He entered the shop… Greetings sir. Greetings!
-Just a moment! Yes. Check it properly! My son said. If I come here everything
will be alright. Tradition. Yes! The tradition will change. Your son is sensible. He was right. Then look I am here. Imagine I bowed to you. Will everything be right now? I am trying that. Then alright. Till now I used to solve all
the cases of Rampur. As people here trust me more than the police… Never mind. If I get a case
I’ll transfer it to you. You Solve them. Nothing is lacking
in solving the case. I promise you. That’s good. I have no time.
I have lot of election work to do. Do your duty well. Once I become the parliamentarian
I will get you promoted. Here. Duty Calling. Hello! What? Five goons are molesting a girl? The address? Nehru Chowk. What? The girl will die. Go. Go to Nehru chowk.
A molestation is taking place there. Go. Go on. Rampal!
-Yes sir. Get the car.
-Yes. Great! Pahelwaan allow us to enjoy. Listen. Pahelwaan said.
-Yes. After having your food
throw away the dish. What should we do? This dish should be thrown.
-What will we do by keeping her? No. Don’t touch me. The police is here. Run. Run. The police is here. Run. Run. Run. Run. Run. Run. What is this Inspector. Molestation took place and girl also died? Once. Just once. I get the evidence
I will destroy you, Pahelwaan. Don’t scream. Your throat will get soared. Get yourself a Massage. I will remove all your wrestling power. If you hear the next case. Your hobby of wearing
the uniform will be fulfilled. Your sister’s name is Sandhya right? Who goes to night college in Rampur? Sandhya? This is Rampur. Go to tell her. Hey! If anything happens to my sister. Then I will finish your identity as a man. Don’t waste time. Rampur college. Sandhya! Sandhya! Sandhya! Sandhya! Oh no. It’s a mistake. What do you say in English? Sorry. That was a wrong case filed. Sandhya is also in the village. Shut up! If you are a man
then attack directly. Stop behaving like a fox. Inspector all
your wishes will come true. All your wishes. Go and check your house first. Inspector. Inspector. In your house… …they are preparing for a pyre
and its not even Holi. Pahelwaan! You are wasting a lot of time shouting. Look! Go home. And celebrate Diwali. Father! Father!
-Yes. Are you alright?
-Yes. But what’s the matter? Where is Sandhya? Sandhya has gone to meet her friend. What’s the matter?
Why are you so scared? Two security guards were here. God
knows what security measure they took. Guards?
-Yes. Where is mother? She is inside. Mother! Mother! Janki! Janki! Janki! Mother! Hello! Give the phone to the inspector.
-Just a moment! Arjun! Pahelwaan. When the house of
an inspector is not safe. Then how will an ordinary
man be safe in Rampur. I will take up this question at
the parliament house after I am elected. I’ve heard the law
can grasp you anytime. Pahelwaan! The law has power. And the intelligence too. Ask anyone you will know. A wrestler is not smart. Inspector.
-Shut up! Just shut up! The number you called from. Let me get the details
of that number. I will call the whole family
To the police station then, You will then know what is law. You will not get any proof. I will be a parliamentarian
after a month. Then This month is the last
month of your calendar. Before you become a parliamentarian
I will kill you. This is Loha Singh’s promise. You are dreaming. Dreaming is good. As your eyes are closed then. When you open your eyes
your dream is over. Pahelwaan, your life will be a dream. Now keep your eyes open or shut. You will dream of death every time. Inspector.
-Shut up! Disconnect the call. I am missing my mother, Suman. I will kill Pahelwaan
like you kill a dog. Sir. Have a sip. Have a sip. I was telling you sir. Don’t make Pahelwaan your enemy. He has the whole
village in his grasp. Rampal! Fear. Fright. I don’t have it in me. I have no fear. No fear or fright. I was fearless Rampal. I was fearless Rampal. Rampal! What’s the matter? I didn’t fear anyone. I feared no one. But sir I have forgotten. That the law is blind. It gives justice blindfoldly. Sir.
-What is it? Even I had a happy family. I had a daughter. We lived a happy life. No. Leave me. Don’t do anything. Leave me. Leave me. Don’t do anything. Let me go! No. No. Leave me. Leave me. Let me go! No. No. Leave me. Child! Child! Child! Child! Child! No. Child! What has happened? Child! Long live Pahelwaan! Long live Pahelwaan! Until the sun and moon remains
Pahelwaan will be known. Pahelwaan! Pahelwaan! Not a table or bell.
Put the stamp on the chair. Not a table or bell.
Put the stamp on the chair. Not a table or bell.
Put the stamp on the chair. Chair. Chair. The election identity of
Pahelwaan is the chair. Chair. Long live Pahelwaan! Long live Pahelwaan! Until the sun and moon remains
Pahelwaan will be known. Until the sun and moon remains
Pahelwaan will be known. Long live Pahelwaan! Long live Pahelwaan! I greet the people of Rampur. I request… …the people of Rampur. If you get a better
candidate than me. Then don’t vote for me. Don’t vote for me. Tell me. Who is a better candidate than me? You will tell us. Who is better than me? No one. Your silence says. There is no candidate better than me. Now look the inspector
has gone there. What will be Pahelwaan’s reaction? Some people are not
worthy of this love. They say Lord. The people are his. And the parliamentarian… …is a priest who worships God. But some people who are educated. Consider themselves to be God. Some people think they are God. How much are you educated? Tell the people. The person who will develop Rampur… …how much is he educated himself? Inspector. I will tell you. He failed the 5th grade 5 times. He passed the 6th
standard the second year. Then he left school. As he feared studying. After this he left studies to become a wrestler. Tell me. After he becomes the parliamentarian. Will all the schools
in Rampur teach wrestling? Inspector! Look here. Like father like son! He failed the 10th grade 4 times. He passed the grade
for the 5th time from home. On his father’s reference. Hey inspector. The people are watching. And also listening. You just said people are God. Then answer your God. I am quiet in front of the media. I will win. As the people of
Rampur is not my God. They are my slaves. If you want to live
then run away from here. The race will begin now. I am sending you
away from this stage. But very soon… …you will run away from Rampur. Take the advantage
of the media. Munna! Long live Pahelwaan! Long live Pahelwaan! Long live Pahelwaan! Long live Pahelwaan! Long live Pahelwaan! Long live Pahelwaan! Long live Pahelwaan! No one is at home today. Even father is not here. I thought of staying home. Why? You should go. I want to go. I am going. But. What to do? Yes. What happened? Tell me. I forgot something. Tell me.
-I can’t tell everything. Go! We have the opportunity.
I need to do it. But I won’t let it go. What do you want now? What I want I will
get it in the room. Come in. “You roam around.” “Come now.” “Listen!” “Listen!” “Listen!” “You roam around & come back home!” “Why don’t you tell
me your feelings?” “Why don’t you tell
me your feelings?” “You roam around & come back home!” “Why don’t you tell
me your feelings?” “When you will be here tilll 12” “When will you go to work?” “When I don’t see you.
How do I pass the day?! “How the day pass by?” “When I don’t see you.
How do I pass the day?! “DJ” “DJ” “What quality do I have?” “Your life is stuck to mine!” “Your eyes feel shy.
The mark is between the eyes!” “Your magnetic eyes
dragging me towards you.” “Control yourself if
you let it loose!” “Something may go wrong!” “When I don’t see you
I can’t pass my days!” “I can’t pass my days!” “When I don’t see you.
How do I pass the day?! “Come now!” “Listen!” “Listen!” “Listen!” “If you stare at me the whole day.
You will be satisfied.” “Slowly our love is growing!” “I can’t stay away from you anymore!” “I will stay close to
your heart always!” “When you can’t agree.
Why do you wait?” “Everything belongs to you!” “When I don’t see you.
How do I pass the day?! “When I don’t see you.
How do I pass the day?! I, Vibhisan. The brother of Ravan of Lanka. After all trick failed to make him
understand to choose the right path. After being insulted
and despised by him. I left Lanka, my family,
my wife, my daughter. Everything. I have come
to the shelter of Lord Ram. Father! The insiders sold off Lanka. Ravan wouldn’t have died.
Ravan died because of Vibhisan. This is all destiny, Rampal. Valmiki had already
written about all this and it happened. I wish even here… …there would be Ram’s rule. Now Look at the name “Rampur”. And a devil like
Pahelwaan is ruling it. Don’t worry. Look! Whenever Ravan is born.
Ram is incarnated. Which Ram are you talking about? Sir! We were watching Ramayana. The Ravan in the story died. Sit down. I can arrest Pahelwaan anytime. But I have no evidence. Don’t worry, son. If Pahelwaan is our Ravan. Then there will be some Vibhisan too. Vibhisan? Father I am talking
about Rampur not Ramayana. I am also talking
about the same thing. Go and find Vibhisan. Vibhisan! Vibhisan! Vibhisan! Rampal! What problem does 9798
have with the police? Sir, don’t take his name. I don’t know what enmity he has. Anywhere 9798 parks his vehicle… …fear grips you right there. Where will I find him? He comes to Rose bar daily. Pahelwaan likes him a lot. Unknowingly father… …gave a good suggestion. Go to the police station.
-Where are you going? I found Vibhisan. I am going now. 9798. You spread torture around. Anywhere you see the police you start
shooting. You make life miserable. Shoot. Shoot. The inspector will teach
Pahelwaan a lesson. You are no match 9798. Did he shoot seeing you’ll?
-Yes. He troubled you a lot. -Yes.
-He trouble us a lot. Everyone beat him so much. No.
– Hit him! No. No. Beat him. Beat him. You shoot at us. Here. Here. Hit him. Hit him. Beat him. Beat him. Hit him more.
-Here. Come on. You are very cruel. My name is 9798. Once I am released. I won’t spare you’ll. Here comes your father. What enmity do you
have with the police? I have no enmity. Then why do you shoot every time. I will tell you the truth. I am not Pahelwaan’s staff. I used to shoot at the police
so that they fear me. So that I don’t have any enmity
with the police. -Shut up! Don’t hit me. I am telling you the truth. When I shoot at the police man. Everyone fears me
at the market place. I used to shoot at the police
to continue that fear in them. Slowly. I became famous in the market. The person who doesn’t fear the police
will be a dangerous man. Everywhere I took my vehicle 9798… …out of fear… …they did all the work. I got the name 9798. So I shoot at the police
once a month to continue that fear. I have no other enmity with them. Business of fear. You are very smart. I never killed anyone till now. What if I kill you?
-No sir. No sir.
-You shoot at the police men. No sir. He will be killed.
-No sir. No sir. No sir. I will leave Rampur and go. I will do whatever you say. You have harassed the police a lot. You need to do some
work for the police. Your punishment will be excused.
-I am ready sir. I am ready. But what should I do? Rampal!
-Yes sir. Sister-in-law,
what are you looking at? Nothing. Nothing. Then why are you hiding it? Oh! You are thinking of brother. Your brother has no time for me. Work. Work. Work. Idea!
-Idea! What idea! Look, I am going with father
in the evening for the prayer service. Father said he has called up brother. So that he comes home early. What is the idea?
Ask him to come home soon. This is the idea. Don’t speak in riddles.
Tell me what’s the issue? Look, call up brother. Tell him to come soon at once. No. No. I won’t lie. Alright I will call him up. Hello brother.
-Yes Sandhya, tell me. Come home soon. Listen! Father has called
you home for some work. Where is father? -He has gone
to the market for some work. And he asked me to call you up. You said you won’t lie. You lied within no time. Shut up. Suman! Sandhya! Where is everyone? There is a prayer meeting
in the neighbourhood. Everyone has gone there. Then. Why did father call
me home so urgently? This is just an excuse. He did call you home. But not so urgently. Alright. Will you serve me lunch? Or you will pass time in this manner? “Why is your youth on fire at night.” “On fire!” “Why is your youth on fire at night.” “On fire!” “How long to suffer
I feel like having fun.” “How long to suffer
I feel have having fun.” “You’re burning like fire.” “How do I show it to you daily?” “How do I show it to you daily?” “You’re burning like fire.” “How do I show it to you daily?” “Losing my senses
the heat in me is growing!” “It’s growing!” “How long to suffer
I feel like having fun.” “How long to suffer
I feel like having fun.” “Why are you talking
so rudely today.” “Why should I spend this
night doing nothing?” “Why should I spend this
night doing nothing?” “Why are you talking
so rudely today.” “Why should I spend this
night doing nothing?” “Your wet body makes me intoxicated!” “Makes me intoxicated.” “How long to suffer
I feel like having fun.” “I can’t bear when
you are close to me!” Mr. Mahindra had called up. Suraj will come today. Suraj! Yes. I feel he wants to see
you before marriage. Oh no! Is it something important? He is a crime reporter. He must be having some work with you. You are in a hurry to open the door. Greetings!
-Greetings! Please come in. Greetings brother.
-Come in. Greetings father.
-Be happy. Sit down.
-Have a seat! You came right on time. Eat food with us. Suman! Get the plate.
-We can have lunch later. I have an important work with you. Yes. -I want to print an article
about Pahelwaan before the election. I couldn’t find any evidence. Everyone lives in fear here. If someone gets a picture
of the ladies bar. Then before the election
Pahelwaan will be terminated. We always check out new people. Alright. Meet me at the office tomorrow.
I will tell you everything. Alright. He is Suraj.
-Right. He is my brother-in-law.
-Greetings! He wants an evidence
against Pahelwaan. -Right. He is a reporter. Don’t worry sir. Pahelwaan won’t doubt me. Your work will be done. Alright. Please come.
-Let’s go. Right.
-Bye. Please come. “It’s hurting!” “It’s hurting!” “It’s hurting!” “It’s hurting!” “The water is filled in the well!” “The pot fell down, listen to me.” “Listen to me.” “Sister-in-law apply oil and turmeric.” “I can feel the pain!” “Sister-in-law apply oil and turmeric.” “My waist is paining!” “Whom were you dreaming of?
What are you thinking?” “Whom are you dreaming of?
What are you thinking?” “Like a fish my body wriggles!
Listen to me.” “Sister-in-law apply oil and turmeric.” “My waist is paining!” “My sister-in-law is
applying oil and turmeric.” “My waist is paining!” “Oh mother!” “I dressed up for my beloved.
I was waiting for him eagerly!” “I dressed up for my beloved
I was waiting for him eagerly!” “Who has cast a spell on me?” “I feel the pain of everything!” “Sister-in-law apply oil and turmeric.” “My waist is paining!” “Sister-in-law apply oil and turmeric.” “My waist is paining!” “I am his life!” “I am very important for him!” “I am his life!” “I am very important for him!” “My whole body is paining.” “While sleeping in the afternoon!” “I requested a lot!” “I requested a lot!” “Sister-in-law apply oil and turmeric.” “My waist is paining!” “Sister-in-law apply oil and turmeric.” “My waist is paining!” Pahelwaan runs a bar.
The news of his bar is printed here. Pahelwaans makes girl’s dance.
-Show the news to me. Pahelwaan is cheating the people. Did you hear that?
-The news is confirmed. Okay. It is right.
-What is written here? ‘Even after alcohol
is banned in Bihar… …alcohol is served
at Bollywood bar.’ ‘And the owner of this
bar is Pahelwaan.’ ‘It is said this bar is
running since many years.’ You can see
alcohol served and dancers dancing. ‘At Rampur’s Bollywood bar.’ ‘Yes. The incident is of Rampur.
It is said Rampur has a lady’s bar.’ ‘Every night at Bollywood
bar is exciting.’ ‘Lakhs of rupees are
spent on bar girls.’ ‘Even alcohol is served here.’ ‘In the picture you can clearly
see this is Pahelwaan from Rampur. ‘He is enjoying at
the bar with his sons.’ ‘And he is also showering
money on the girls too.’ ‘Pahelwaan’s victory was confirmed
in the Parliament’s election.’ ‘But after this picture
things are getting ruined.’ ‘Let’s see what decision
the people will take?’ Sir.
-Yes. There is a call from
the high command. Yes sir.
-Hell with you. Pahelwaan get ready to go to prison. Don’t worry.
I found out who did it. Your crime is shown live on TV. There is no need to do any new crime. Sir, don’t worry at all. Relax. My sons have gone out to hunt. The journalist news
will be print tomorrow in paper. My fears will win in Rampur. This is Pahelwaan’s promise. Bye! Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir!
-What happened? Sir! Sir! Suraj!
-What happened to Suraj? Suraj! Suraj… Suraj…
-Tell me. The picture was printed
in Rampur edition right? It will get printed in the whole
of Bihar soon. -What happened? I left my mobile upstairs.
-Go and get it. -Right. Journalist, the news of your
death will be printed now. You love to give breaking news right. Now give a breaking news. Greetings! Tomorrow’s breaking news. Honest journalist work has ended.
Applaud. Journalist, you were fond
of writing against my father right? Your death news will be printed.
-No. You won’t get anything.
-Leave me. Pahelwaan’s activity… …is printed in the whole of India.
-Print! Print! Print! Print! Print! The printing is done. Let’s go brother. Suraj! Suraj! Pahelwaan’s men shot at Suraj. No! No! Sandhya! Sandhya! Sandhya! ‘A journalist in Bihar was killed.
All journalist are in fear now.’ ‘We condemn this murder.’ ‘A journalist death
can affect Rampur’s election.’ ‘The way this murder took place
after that Rampur is in an uproar.’ Father! I called up Rajkumar. He will receive you’ll there. I drove you out
once in your childhood. Today my son is driving me out. Let’s go, daughter. Come with me. No father. I have accepted him as my husband. I won’t leave him and go. Try to understand things. We can be attacked anytime. The votes are in favour of Pahelwaan. Now he will have more power. Has my son accepted defeat? No father. Pahelwaan hasn’t won yet. And your son Loha hasn’t
accepted defeat yet. Suman! Go with them. I can’t do this. I am an orphan. The person who gave me shelter.
I won’t go anywhere leaving him behind. Be happy! Father, come along. Come on. Come on. Start the fight.
-Start. Go on. Go on. Well done.
-Splash him down. Come. Splash him. Splash him.
Hold him. Come on. Come on. Well done! Come on. Strike him. Catch him. Catch him. Now. Now. Hold. Hold. Turn him. Come on. Come on. You ruined what I eat and drank. This way you will fight? Hey! Will you ruin the fighting ring?
Go away. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on. Father! We found out about that journalist. Tell us what to do with him? Kidnap him.
– Shit! People must know what
cheating with Pahelwaan means. Go! Go! Brother, let’s go.
-Listen. Don’t murder before the election. No murder. Go!
-He will know when he is hurt. 9798. You. 97. 98. 99. 100. There is a trailing in 100. The thief ran away. Do I kill him?
-Brother don’t kill him. Hey! Where is Suman? Where is she? Tell me.
-I… …don’t know anything.
-You don’t know. You don’t know.
-No. No brother. Where is the inspector?
Tell me where is the inspector? I don’t know. I don’t know.
-I will kill you. I don’t know anything.
-Tell me. He is very honest. I will kill him. Take him to father. Son of the father. Father is not a wrestler now.
He is a politician. If anything happens to Suman. Then I’ll destroy everything. We will do what father said.
-Shut up! Son of the father. Hey!
-Brother. -Tell me. No brother. No brother. Remove aside.
I am your big brother. Speak up. Speak up.
-Wait! Wait! Speak up. Speak up. Come on. I will tell you. I will tell you.
-Yes. Tell me. Tell me. Tell me. Mishra Niwas. Mishra Niwas. Dinkar Chowk. Mishra Niwas. Dinkar Chowk. My Suman is there. 97. 98. 99. And 100. Brother, what have you done? Shut up! Shut up!
-Father said not to kill anyone. I will speak to father. I will speak to him. Give me your mobile. Give it. Give it here. I will speak to father. Yes son.
-Greetings father. Father! I found out Suman’s address. Mishra Niwas. Dinkar Chowk. That inspector is with her. I am going to kill him. Get him home. I killed him. What? I told you not to kill. The counting is two days later. If I lose Suman because of counting
it will be very wrong. I am going to bring Suman. If the inspector
interferes I will kill him. Disconnect the call. Reddy, my sons are very angry. Do what I tell you. Both your sons will
be killed for a girl. They are my sons. They are very stubborn. Do what I tell you. Hello! Sir! Sir! There is a bad news. Pahelwaan’s son are coming there. How? They kept the gun in my mouth
and made me speak. Hey! What is wrong with you? They shot at me. Hello! Hello! Hello! What happened sir? 9798 is killed.
-Oh my God! Pahelwaan… …has got the information
about this place. What should we do now? Do what I told you earlier. I have spoken at the head office. But till then Suman’s
life is in danger. Be ready. Death has invited them here. Jai Hind sir! Reach the police station at once.
There is an urgent meeting. What happened sir? The counting is tomorrow. Rampur
is a sensitive area. Come at once. But… so late at night? Nothing will happen to Suman.
Reach at once. It’s my order. Right. Jai Hind sir! Rampal.
-Yes sir. How does the DIG know
that Suman is here? I feel something is fishy here. Do something quickly. I have thought what to do. The plan we did for tomorrow.
We will execute it today. What do you mean?
-Suman, are you ready? Yes. Put this. Baby! Go and find the inspector.
-Let’s find him. Let’s go.
-You are wriggling. Sir. Sir, no one is there.
-Everyone ran away. They are not to be found.
-Brother, take her. Carry her. Come. The youth is here.
-Let’s go. Rampal!
-Sir. Get the laptop here. No. No. It’s fine. We need to take up
the responsibility. Come in. Come in. Father.
-Alright. Father!
-I will call you later. Father, Suman is here. I found Suman. Hey! Father! I am very tired. You make the decision of her. Every fight has
a woman’s presence in it. My son proved this today. Well done son! What is it? You disconnected your father’s call. Uh… father! I was losing Suman. What could I do?
Could I let her go? Look son. I am no longer just a wrestler. Your father is going
to be the parliamentarian of this area. And in politics waiting
is very important. Understood? I am sorry father.
I won’t repeat the mistake again. Listen! She shouldn’t be harmed. If she is harmed… …then the inspector won’t come. If the inspector won’t come… …then the game will be dull. Father! Brother is ready
for his wedding night. Father, first…
-Shut up! Listen carefully. We will get the result
after the counting tomorrow. Enjoy at the bar. And about the wedding night. There is a wrestling match the day
after tomorrow to celebrate my win. Your father will get you
married in front of everyone. Are you happy now? Hey! Will you marry my son or not? No. This dream of your
son will never be fulfilled. Loha Singh is the name of a lion. He is a lion. Make her dance at the bar. What did you say? He is a lion. Am I a fox? Will the result of my love be so bad? You are fit to dance in a bar. Come to the bar.
Come on. Come on. Rampal!
-Sir. When Ravan kidnapped Sita. His bad days were near. Yesterday Pahelwaan’s
bad days started. “Turmeric.” “Turmeric.” “Turmeric.” “When I went to fill water
I got a sprain in my leg!” “There is only one treatment
at Ramu’s village!” “In Ramu’s village!” “When I went to fill water
I got a sprain in my leg!” “There is only one treatment
at Ramu’s village!” “It is not your work!” “Turmeric.” “Turmeric.” “The bee stays near the flower!” “The bee doesn’t know
which flower has desire.” “The bee doesn’t know
which flower has desire.” “The bee stays near the flower!” “The bee doesn’t know
which flower has desire.” “She broke my heart asking.” “Turmeric.” “Turmeric.” “Turmeric.” “Turmeric.” “I know his intentions!” “I am restless for love.” “I am restless for love.” “I know his intentions!” “I am restless for love.” “I am feeling cold inside the house.” “Turmeric.” “Turmeric.” “I have gone crazy having
the poison of love.” “He is not a man if he
can’t treat this pain.” “He is not a man if he
can’t treat this pain.” “I have gone crazy having
this poison of love!” “He is not a man if he
can’t treat this pain.” “Do what you want to do.” “Tumeric!” “Tumeric!” “Tumeric!” ‘As you see the villagers
are standing in queue.’ ‘Pahelwaan is leading in
the first round of counting.’ ‘The opposition votes
will be taken in custody.’ ‘The victory of Pahelwaan
was confirmed… …the opposition looked sad.’ ‘It looks like Pahelwaan will win… …at Rampur’s election
ward with high votes.’ ‘As per the latest information… …the third round
of counting is over.’ ‘In this state Pahelwaan
is ahead with 20,000 votes.’ ‘This time Pahelwaan
will win this election.’ ‘Yes. But we have to see… …how much will be the percentage.’ ‘Pahelwaan is ahead in
Rampur’s voting count.’ Hey!
-‘Like everytime… …he will win with a majority.’ ‘Yes. Pahelwaan is…’
-Here. The inspector is calling up. I feel he is calling
up to congratulate me. Hello! Yes inspector. I thought you will call to
congratulate me. Where are you? I am not missing. Very soon I will end
your Kingdom from Rampur. Come in front of me once.
All your wishes will come true. To fulfill your wishes… …tell me where shall I come? Listen inspector. If you want to see
your wife’s wedding night… …then go to the bar. And if you trust your courage. Then I have kept a wrestling match
to celebrate my success. Come over. Pahelwaan, watch TV. It’s fine if you die
of heart attack watching the TV. Or come to the wrestling match
and I will kill you in front of everyone. I am watching TV. ‘The breaking news is that
the counting has stopped at Rampur.’ ‘As you can see clearly
in this video… …what is the reason behind this.’ ‘The breaking news is that
the counting has stopped in Rampur.’ ‘Yes. The news is confirmed.’ ‘We are informed by our sources… …that the counting has stopped.’ ‘Fear has gripped Rampur.’ ‘Rampur is in a state of shock.’ ‘Seeing this situation… …the police is at
every corner of Rampur.’ ‘The government has
appealed to the people…’ Welcome inspector. Come in. You have the hobby… …of watching live relay on TV. In your presence… …my son will apply
vermillion on her forehead. And the people of Rampur
will be the witness. Wrong. Rampur will surely be the witness. Not for your son’s wedding.
But your death. Death! A man is needed to
give away the bride. It’s good that you are here. Get ready to give away the bride. Forget about giving away the bride. Prepare for your funeral rites. Hey! Hit him. Hey! Hey! Hey! Get up! Get up! Get up! Get up! Loha! Munna! Brother! Munna! Munna! Munna! Munna! Munna! Get up! Get up! Munna! Get up! Get up! Get up! Munna! Get up! Come. Get up! Come. Come on. Hey! Munna! Hey! Child! Child! Child! Child! Hey! Hey! Kill him. “I love you more than my life!” “I love you more than my life!” “I worship you more than God!” “Since I am in love!” “I love you!” “There is no coincidence!” “That I love you!” “That I love you!”

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    आज की भीड़ भाड़ और कंपटीशन की दुनिया में प्रोडक्ट बेस्ड कंपनी में बसे रहना या समान(Products) बेचना और सप्लाई करनें में पैसा नहीं है ये जग जाहिर हो गया है। टाटा 120 साल पुरानी ग्लोबलाईजेसन कम्पनी है। 📱फेसबुक ने महज 10 साल में टाटा के बराबर का कारोबार कर रेकाड बनाया । दुनिया के अमीर बिल गेट्स को Amazon ने पछाड़ दिया । जरा सोचिए कि आप कौन सा रास्ता अपने लिए चुनेंगे…??? आज की 21वीं शताब्दी की जमाना, एक Concept का जमाना है। दुनिया की हर इंसान के हाथ में Smartphone है। और जहाँ SMARTPHONE है, वहां SMART BUSINESS होता है।
    —- —————–
    The 21st Century
    —> A Revolutionary Invention

    📱Our Status📱
    —> Are we Online or Offline ??

    📱💰दोस्तों, अब आ गया है 💰📱
    दुनिया की उच्चतम टेक्नोलाजी से लैस
    🌏 DABANK WORLDWIDE OPPORTUNITY 🌎हमारे पास है । 🌎DABANK 🌍जहाँ सपने साकार होते हैं । तो आइए दाबैंक (DaBank) से क्या- क्या फायदा है??…. जानें ….!!!!
    #DABANK# UK Based Company है।
    Company का पुरा नाम:
    DABANK Marketing Research & Advertisment Ltd. है।
    Registerd No: SC50051 है।
    कंपनी का 03/01/2016 को प्रि- लांचिंग हुआ है। और भारत में 24/01/2018 से लांच (लागू) है।

    📲 Company का पहला पाटॅनर है :
    1) EONNET: By Syscom Entertainment UK से हैं। जो Social Media Application है। जैसा कि Facebook, WhatsApp, Instragram, Skype, Imo, Gmail, Google, YouTube से भी अलग, दुनिया की सबसे उत्तम फीचर वाला एप; जिसमें आप अपने अनलिमिटेड दोस्त बना सकते हैं।जिसमें 21 फीचर हैं जो औरों में नहीं है। जिसमें आप एक साथ पांच पांच लोगों की वीडियो कॉलिंग, File sharing, Like,Comments, Post, Group msg, Public page, Live program, People blogs, Business page, One to one text msg, Private msg अलग अलग ग्रुप बनाकर Text msg कर सकते हैं। इसमें 3D साउंड सिस्टम है। 50 GB का Cloud Service मिलती है। 50 GB का E-mail Account मिलती है।इसमें आप अपना E-mail Account बना सकते हैं।E-wave इसमें अपना चैनल बनाकर वीडियो स्कोर अपलोड और डाउनलोड भी कर सकते हैं। E-Web जिसमें अपना एक वेबसाइट भी बना सकते हैं। सबसे बड़ी और अच्छी खासियत यह है कि आप यहां अपने फ्रेंड्स को Chennelization भी कर सकते हैं।
    अब देखिए कमाई कैसी होती है ??
    जैसा कि दुनिया में टोटल 7 अरब 50 लाख लोग हैं। अगर उनके 1% भी आपके ग्रुप में होते तो आज आपकी कमाई लगभग एक करोड़ होती। क्या ऐसी कोई संभावना है आप के पास ??? नहीं ना …..!!! ऐसी कमाने की ताकत रखती है। जो आपको और हमको EONNET दे रही है। जैसा कि मानलिया भारत में 30 करोड लोग WhatsApp Use करते हैं अगर उनमे हम पहला युजर होते तो प्रत्येक युजर से पच्चीस पैसा भी मिलता तो 30 करोड × 25 पैसा = 75 लाख दिनके कमाई होती। और EONNET आपको और हमको दैनिक दसलाख (₹:10,00,000/-) रुपये दे रही है। और आप दुनिया के हजारों – लाखों लोगों को Free में EONNET दे भी सकते हैं।

    📲 Company का दुसरा पाटॅनर है :
    2) 1App : By Cyberden US से है।
    ये E-Commerce Application है। यानीकि Online Shopping portal है। जैसा कि Amazon, Flipkart, Allibaba, Mytra, Snapdeal, EBay, Alibaba, Zabong ext. इस तरह के 128 E- Commerce portal 1App में Added है।
    आज की भीड़-भाड़ और भागदौड भरी जिंदगी में लोग आनलाइन (E-Mall) से शापिंग करना पसंद करते हैं। एक सर्वे के मुताबिक 1App का Turnover 50 करोड़ डलर का होता है और कंपनी 2% भी लोगों को बांटती है तो 1 करोड़ रुपिया होता है तो किसी ना किसी की घर में ₹: 5000/10,000 या 1,00,000/- दैनिक होता है।और ये ताकत देती है वान एप (1App) जो रोजाना दसलाख रुपए(₹: 10,00,000/-) रुपिया प्रतिदिन जीवनभर वो भी दुसरों की खरीदारी पर DaBank के 1App की सहायता से आपको हमको दे रही है।

    📲Company का तीसरा पाटॅनर है :
    3) 3L- Thrill : By Trevotech Brazil से है। ये Gaming & Entertainment Application portal है। दुनिया का 2nd Largest Turnover है। जो प्री- लांचिंग में है। लोग सट्टेबाजी में हारे या जीते पर आपको दैनिक 30% का कमाई मिलती रहेगी। इसमें आपको आनलीमिटेड इनकम है।
    इस तरह DABANK कंपनी के टोटल (9) नौ पार्टनर है।हर साल में दो पाटॅनर जुड़ते जायेंगे । यानीकि हमें नये नये Apps मिलते रहेंगे और इनकम भी दोगुनी होती जाएगी।

    📱💰इसीलिए दोस्तों; 💰
    देरी न करें, समय को न गवाएं। एकबार अपने आप को टटोलें। ध्यान से पढ़े, समझें और जल्दी से जुड़े।

    Syscom – England & Wales, UK
    Thanking you


  6. https://www.syscomlive.co.uk/share/social/ExternalShare/invite.php?user=Santankumar&file=106408_30568701786177Demo.jpg&q=30

  7. Very fantastic
    Love you pawan bhai ya👌🌹🌹🌹🌹👏👏👏👏🇮🇳💔💔💔🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🏃🏃🕺🕺🌹🌹🌹

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