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and I’ll appreciate you guys a lot for doing so let it go let it go ok sorry
that was bad I don’t sing but I was just so high because of our new event this
morning love Niki posted that we’re going to be having the frozen collab and
if you guys can see over here this is the trailer that I found from the CN
server and honestly Anna here is adorable so apparently her shoes are
separate from her entire outfit meaning that you can just style with her shoes
and there are some animated effects so it’s those swirly things you can see
over here if we rewind back that there’s Olaf and Olaf looks exactly like how
he’s supposed to and then here’s Anna in her ball gown I
don’t mind her makeup and all it’s like she’s trying to open her eyes too wide
but she’s kind of adorable and I like the colour a lot so hopefully we’ll be
able to style her makeup well with this I just love how everything is very true
to the actual characters because you can look at it and you’re just like that my
friend is Anna and that my friend is Olaf and then as for Elsa so here is her
in her original gown that she it was wearing before she decided to go rogue
and her makeup is honestly stunning I love it so much and unfortunately this
gown doesn’t come with a pose but that’s okay because next we have her in her
amazing glory with the sharp and like what is this color it’s not neon blue or
is it me on it’s like this very icy blue color that’s amazing and like Anna she
also has this animated swirly effects that’s around her so she is iconic the
amount of times I’ve heard frozen was ridiculous the means that come with it
but I’m glad that I watched it and I’m glad it was part of our generation both
of them are cutie pies if I did have to choose one I think I would choose Elsa
so let’s look at the HD photos of the actual dress so this is for anna’s gown
and she comes with a pose very adorable and you can see how she would look like
if she didn’t have any makeup so I think she looks fine I’m pretty sure her feet
pose and her dress pose aren’t separate unfortunately
but I could be wrong about that this pose isn’t my priority and like Anna
Elsa has her own gown and this gown is exactly what it’s supposed to look like
even the hairstyle obviously it’s a collaboration they should have gotten it
as close as it’s impossible but they know that they know that so hard and I
guess it fits Mickey so well because I can’t see any other game being able to
pull this off so well because if for example if we tried to use this with
animal crossing you can’t transform one of those fat
little penguins my favorite is roll off by the way I always thought his name was
Ronald but it was real wild he can’t imagine him wearing this dress it just
doesn’t work next we have Olaf and Olaf is cute if I have to be honest I never
really liked Olaf’s design I thought he was a little too derpy looking and I
didn’t really like the voice but his character and his personality itself is
very sweet and it was hard not to love this little snowman so he gets a pass
for me and as for Anna look at her beautiful embroidery on her top part of
the dress and then the little fuzzy hearts and then her cape is amazing and
her hair matches the original hair down to a tee like I think it’s something
with the bangs they nailed it so hard at first I was thinking why isn’t Olaf with
Elsa but then Olaf actually spent more time with Anna in the movie anyways
imagine Kristoff was a background character for Anna that’d be hilarious
of course that would be too ambitious and next we have our Queen Elsa herself
she looks so good here I love the way they made the cape and you can see that
it comes off of the dress and it’s transparent and or translucent I still
don’t know which term I should be using her makeup is actually my favorite her
hair is the exact same as how it should be her dress the colors they also know
that if you look at it afar or if he even looked at this at 240p or blurted
or pixelated it you could tell that it was also and her cape is just so
majestic I love it so much I also love her pose and look at her legs she’s legs
for days I’m not entirely sure if the anatomy is correct here but honestly
what can we expect from love Nicki that like Anatomy is never really correct but
I think it actually works in this case because if you looked at how tall Olaf
is Olaf’s height is apparently 5 foot 4 so Olaf is taller than me
because I’m five foot three and a half in comparison to Elsa and Anna and
Kristoff would make her 11 feet two inches so the fact that her legs are so
long I think it’s pretty reasonable in this case I love this event I know it’s
going to be hella expensive I remember it being around six to seven thousand
diamonds to complete the entire event it’s going to be a pavilion style it’s
not going to be like Miku because me who you have a set amount of poles that you
have to pull for in order to get each suit because there are nodes before this
one it would be more like like shootin doji or the Barbie collaboration or even
the one we have right now it’s like the nightmare outfit so basically people can
be super super lucky and finish this event with the bare minimum amounts of
diamonds or they could be super super unlucky and spend more than seven
thousand diamonds to complete this outfit so am I going to complete it what
the thing with collabs is that they never come back apparently I don’t know
if they said anything about the frozen collab being limited but if it’s limited
then I might be more inclined to complete the event it’s actually really
expensive and I swear I swear they’re going to give us a hell of edge right
after this and I’m not going to be ready for it if I spend it on this if it’s not
limited I think I might just settle for Elsa’s makeup like I might draw until I
get else’s makeup and call it a day obviously as a makeup it would probably
have a terrible drop rate so I might have to finish this whole event before I
even get the makeup let me know if you like Anna more in this case or else
somewhere in this case oh but I also want to finish Anna because I want her
feet see posed we’ll see and let’s move on to a place where you can get redeem
codes for this event select the miku event we have a page
that’s dedicated to the collaboration and then we have rewards that we can get
every day so let’s look at the rewards over here
there is an entire suit you’re able to get but it’s just weird how it doesn’t
really relate to the theme at all but usually it just doesn’t really relate to
the theme or maybe it does and I just couldn’t figure out what it is but I
like the boosters inside of that bucket it’s really cute and unfortunately this
time there are no diamonds that you can get but it’s okay like I really love
these types of websites and more than enough time to get all the
rewards so let’s go ahead and Facebook share so unfortunately if you don’t have
Facebook then you won’t be able to participate in this part of the event so
first I have auspicious New Year and you can just go to reward gain then click on
this to copy it open up your love Niki go to redeem code and then we can paste
it over here these codes are only usable for one time unfortunately and because I
did use this post right before I posted this video it just means that you guys
won’t be able to use it as well so this is it for the website part of the video
remember to go pull on it every day because you can get the suit and once
you get the suit you can have more diamonds and I’ll keep you guys posted
I’m so excited for the pavilion it’s going to be really expensive we’ll see
what we’re going to do with it let me know in the comments below what you
think of this collaboration if you’re excited or if you wanted another
collaboration remember to Like comment and subscribe and I’ll catch you all

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