LPI-G Advanced Camera | By Meade Brand Ambassador – Richard Keele

The Meade Instruments LPI-G Advanced
(Lunar, Planetary Imager & Guider) lets you experience the universe on a whole
new level. Not only is this camera great for astrophotography, but it’s also
great for auto-guiding. In the box, we find the disc with the imaging software
and the drivers, both an auto-guiding and the USB 3.0 cable, the camera itself –
which has a 6.3 megapixel sensor from Sony, and a C-mount
to allow you to add filters for your imaging. The design of this camera with a
standard 1.25″ nose piece makes things extremely easy to start imaging
within minutes. Just plug the camera into the computer, launch the software, select
the camera in the top left, and you immediately have a live view of what
your camera is seeing. Hit the start button. Your camera is currently capturing a
file that can be later stacked into a final image. A 59 frames per second at
full resolution, this camera does a great job at capturing all the data you need
to produce some really high quality images. If you’re in the market for an
astrophotography camera or guider, definitely check this one out. Have a
nice day!

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  1. hello…how you use the Auto guide function with camera? a have a 125/1900 but its not possible to connect both. i will be Control the teleskope with the software

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