Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print Tutorial

Mental Measurements Yearbook with tests in print is the world’s
premier database for testing reviews and information. It is regarded as the consumer
reports of the testing industry. The content in Mental Measurements
Yearbook is created by the Buros center for testing, which is an
independent, non-profit institution based out of the University of Nebraska. Their
mission is to improve testing, assessment, and
measurement practices. Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in
Print has full text reviews of more than 3,000 contemporary testing
instruments and holds all previous editions of the yearbook, dating
back to 1938 providing more than 10,000 full text reviews
from leading experts. It hold description information for each test,
including test purpose, target population, scores,
acronyms, publication date and price. To get to Mental Measurements Yearbook, start at our library
homepage, click on databases A to Z sort to M, and then click on Mental Measurements
Yearbook with Tests in Print. Note that if you’re off campus, you will be
required to log in with your Jag Space information once you click on the
database. Once in the database, you can type in your test
name. Change the field to test name. For this example, we will search for the GRE. Tests are often referred to
by acronyms so make sure you search both the acronym and
the full name. You can separate the words by or to find results that have GRE or graduate record examination. If you want to make sure the database
searches multiple words as a phrase put quotations around it and then we can hit search. Once in the results page, you’ll
be able to see the title of the test, the publisher, the years, the
mental measurements yearbook number, subjects, and
you can see the full text. If you click on the record, in the middle, you’ll see more descriptive information about
the test, like the publisher the purpose, population, time, and the reviewers. If we scroll down, you can see
the review. Note that it is divided into sections but
the format makes them a little difficult to see. So just keep
a close eye to find the information that you’re looking for. And if you
need help using Mental Measurements Yearbook, please reach out to the library with
any questions.

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