Moto G4 Plus Rear Camera Glass Lens Repair Guide

Remove the back cover first. The tool you needed is tweezers only. Insert into a corner and pry the metal cover up. It’s very easy to remove it. Heat up the glass for a while. Pry up the glass from the edges. Mind the flashlight and rear camera. Be patience and careful. There are some adhesive underneath. That’s the glass what you need. Remove & keep the flashlight cover. Witrigs entrusted a Chinese factory to make this new glass. You can see the quality here. A few scratches?! The black thing is blackwash painting on the glass. . A sharp tool may scratch the blackwash Plz careful when installing. Now,bend the glass. Easy to be broken. Try another side. You can see that I put some afford on it. The quality is better than the original one. Put the adhesive to the side of words. Remove the protective film. Put back the flashlight cover first. Then install the rear camera glass in a correct side. The hole on the glass must attach to the flashlight cover. Put back metal cover. Wanna know the quality of the new glass? The first tool is tweezers. Put some afford to scratch it. Then the screwdriver. No scratches. And knife. Still nothing. How about the scissors? Clean out the glass. Let’s take a closer look. No scratches. But I didn’t clean it out perfectly. Put back back cover. Take a photo. Perfect.

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  1. Link for new camera lens:                                                     

    this product and your products are same?

  3. i got an easy method to repair the camera lens (free method)
    just remove the camera lens and rub it on a rough surfacefor about 30 seconds, take a break at every 5 seconds.
    there you get a clear lens and a great 16MP laser autofocus camera
    trust me this is the best method i have done it.

  4. Guys please try rubbing compound (automobile) cost around 60 rs and rub it for 10-15 minutes and your camera glass will be like new again, it's tried and tested… please respond if it works for you because it worked for me..

  5. Hey, i want this but i don't have those accepted cards and paypal is also not accepting ru-pay card. I have a ru-pay card. How can i pay you, is there any other option?

  6. Which lens is good ? OEM or CUSTOM ? because custom one is look like plastic which will break easily. It is confusing.can anyone tell me?

  7. No se necesita tanto rollo! Con pulidor para los faros del carro o el simple pulidor para carro te limpia el lente quita los rayones y se ve como nuevo!✌️

  8. i went to moto authorized ser.cetr. they asking if yr camara glass will change pay rs950.
    its to much price
    but this video i saw
    good idea
    now i only pay some of money only
    thanks for this Video

  9. Hey I just wanna know that the lens available on ebay,is it scratch proof too or do I have to buy the gorilla galss one?

  10. thanks a lot..had ordered the glass lens and just received it. thanks a lot for this video. so happy now … 🙂

  11. I've just fixed my phone with Witrig's glass lens. Very good. Nowadays it already comes with glue on it, so it is now 1 step easier. Remember to buy glue for the metal frame (protective ring), as the glue becomes fragile once you take the metal frame apart. Moto G4 Plus parts

  12. Thank you! This works great. It is so nice to take decent photos now instead of photos that look like I am underwater.

  13. Scratches on coating on lens not on glass so Don't waste your money by purchasing it, original glass is gorilla. just take Supermax blade and remove nanocoating on surface

  14. It becomes very costly when it comes to shipping in India, no return policy if product is broken or something's wrong with it, it would be better if it is available in India on Amazon and Flipkart

  15. Inspite of getting a new glass easy and economical way is to do a buffing of your camera glass..This can be done by any local watch repair or jewellery maker in your locality…I did the same for my moto g4 plus, they charged only Rs 10..Cheers to Moto users 😊

  16. Desnecessário… Basta uma gota de detergente incolor em cima da lente, depois esfrega com com lá de aço evitando passar por cima do flash que é em relevo, que vc consegue polir de boa.

  17. I was also facing the same issue. When i went to Authorized Motorola Service center,they examined the issue and estimated 1800/- for replacement even though i was under warranty.

    Luckily i saw this video and ordered a pair of "Norby Camera Lens Real Glass Dust Protection Cover With Adhesive for Motorola G4 Plus (Black) (Pack of 2)" from AMAZON for 399/-

    Installation was very easy and fast. Now my Camera is taking very good quality pictures.

    Thanks to this video and Amazon

  18. I ordered the parts from the link and received them within a week. I fixed the glass, following the steps exactly and the camera works great. Thank you so much! Great video and great product.

  19. mi camara frontal esta bastante borrosa ,tanto q las fotos salen amrilas y bien opacas como puedo limpiar la frontal

  20. Hola dónde podría encontrar el cristal del moto G4 plus que muestran en el vídeo y cuánto cuesta ??

  21. Wow Really Helps Me to Change it ( But I got the Lens on Amazon 5star rated one cost about 450 Rupees at Tamil nadu ) 👍

  22. घटिया मोबाइल है 1 हपते में प्रोब्लम शुरू हो गया है 👎👎👎

  23. my moto g4 plus's front camera is still have scratches when I open it…it couldn't repaired even after replacing the camera….pls help

  24. Hlo thanx for posting such a thing……i wanted to know where i can get that scratch less guard and on what price??? TIA

  25. Are pahle se hi sab open Kiya huaa hain.itne jaldi camera glass/cemera frame nikalti hain kya. video banane ke liye aisa dikha rahe ho jaise abhi nikal rahe ho.c samjha hain kya

  26. I want this my mobile also facing issue..However I have tried which you provided link but getting error.please provided the correct link and what to needs select ?

  27. It works fine. It tooks about 2 weeks delivery to Germany. It's a pitty, no description & no instruction was included. I looked the video step by step several times to reproduce working steps. I had no problems with removing and replacing glass. It is as easy as shown in the video. The adhesive film already sticks on the glas. The price (and the delivery costs!) are really enormous, but it's worth.

  28. Gracias por el tutorial, segui tal cual los pasos y la arregle! Tengo una pregunta, el pegamento que consegui no era del tamaño del vidrio para reponer (este era de un g4 diferente) igualmente lo corte en partes y lo fui pegando, esto puede dificultarme en el sellado? imagino q actua como un filtro para el polvo la silicona correspondiente ! gracias

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