My Photography Story – 100th Video

So today I’m going to tell you my photography story Welcome if this is the first time my name is Noe and I’m a photographer here in Seoul South Korea and actually this is my hundredth video and I have many plans for many videos coming, but I wanted to tell you my photography story just kind of to inspire people like this is going to be probably a long video and I’m sure only the fans will really Watch the whole thing. But anyways, when I was in high school, I used to take a lot of pictures of my friends skating I also used to make like little Clips little like skating clips of my friends and this is something I kind of forgot about because during college I was so busy studying and then there was a graduate school and then I came to Korea and I didn’t really Remember this part about me until I visited back home during the summer and I found like this huge box of like Kodak pictures and like a bunch of CDs with pictures that I used to take It had totally slipped my mind. So really I’ve been taking pictures since high school. I just didn’t really know about it You know when I was in the university I had to take some electives and one of the electives I chose to take was Film and not not taking film as in pictures but like kind of Dissecting a scene of a film as a movie like film noir and that kind of stuff so back then I didn’t know about composition And mise en scene and colors and like directions the characters move across so it did pique my interest to make videos, you know So I wanted to I sort of I wanted to make more technical videos and I remember buying my first cam Sony was like, uh, I don’t know you guys remember there was like mini DV tape players and I bought a Sony at a pawn shop and it cost me like twenty dollars and I thought it was the greatest thing ever, but it was so hard to To take the DV video player and put it into a computer. Like I remember would take hours and it all often screw up I remember being inspired by like all the Youtubers like they would make videos about Korea and in case you guys don’t know I I have a second channel It was my first channel, you know It’s like mostly videos about Korean food and trap because people always ask me about videos about Korea But that was my first channel and before coming to Korea. I upgraded the camcorder I bought a Canon Vixia. It was expensive, you know, at least a hundred bucks or something like that And I also bought like a pocket camera as the Casoni Camera is the one I use for my action stuff And I thought that was great back then You know like little did I know about the world of gear once I came to Korea I started making YouTube videos About life and travel in South Korea and you know, it was great until you started running out of content I remember one night and I talked about this in my infrared video I was by the river and I had my little Sony camera and I wanted to learn to shoot manual and My friend had his brand-new lumix. This was my lumix that first came out and he did like a long exposure I was like whoa, how do you do that? It’s amazing magic So he taught me how to do long exposure and that’s when I started trying to Upgrade my YouTube video look, you know, so I wanted to get that sweet bokeh action, you know And I was able to do it you know if I put my Camcorder in the way in the back of the room and I zoomed in all the way and I opened up the aperture 5.6. I still remember that was like those are when whenever I made a youtube video It just looked like like it was shot in a camcorder, you know, it’s kind of hard to explain So I thought I wanna I wanna get that DSLR look so I bought my first DSLR I remember buying a Canon 60d at the recommendation of my friends. I Basically threw in my entire salary into it and for like two months I was surviving off like 200 $200 a month. Basically just eating ramen noodles Eggs and cheese and that was it. That was like that was my breakfast lunch and dinner and I was eating lunch at school But for two months, I had my Canon 60d body for like two months, you know But it didn’t matter because I had my camera. The only problem is said that I have the lens So what I ended up doing was another two months, I bought the Tamron 17-55 I think what it was so basically for months I Just eat ramen For breakfast dinner and school. I would have my lunch, you know, I was like that was it? No, that’s dedication But I had my lens I had my kit and I started making two videos about Korea channels started blowing up I became kind of a prominent food blogger this before all the mock Punk and all that popular Stuff started happening, you know, but, you know after around three years it just started kind of going kind of stale because you know Everybody started blogging about Korea and there are so many food bloggers coming to Korea and it just got really annoying You know, I didn’t want to make the same videos as everybody else and I just I was running out of content You know, it’s like what else can I do? You know, I don’t want to become like a sellout are talking about kpop and stuff like that, you know so I was on a trip to Taiwan, you know, and I and I took this picture and It was a picture of a girl she was standing on the beach looking into the ocean. I Didn’t know how I took it. I just remember taking the photo like I always say on this channel just take the picture and When I look back at the pictures, I was like wow That’s a really good picture And I really I want to know I want to be able to do that again and again and again So that’s where like photography I guess really got started like, huh? The more technical aspects like I took all the information I knew about film I started applying it to Photography and at that point I started looking at YouTube channels like SLR lounge and F Stoppers and all that You know back when F Stoppers was like mostly about photography You know the days of Kai Wong in digital rev saw wise I started looking at all these tutorials and basically I taught myself by watching Videos and by reading books and going out and shoot out the most important part and then I remember watching this time lapse I forgot exactly. I think it was like a Sydney time lapse. It was like a motion time lapse It was a new thing. He was called hyperlapse, and I said I’m going to do that I taught myself how to do motion hyper lapse time lapse and this is where I really got started because like I started doing rooftops with my friends like, uh, Um, the more aged photographers here like they know what’s up. They taught me Like landscape photography and how to get into roofs great places to shoot around Korea around this time I stopped making my youtube videos about Korea, you know It was already losing interest and well I started trying to just focus on photography and get better and I did this time lapse project that took me three years to make and It got me on National Geographic You know, I think once I got to like NatGeo, we just kind of blew up started getting all these from like Places events and people so that not geo put me on the radar, you know But this was like earlier a few years ago Like when the weather in Korea was still nice, you know I think progressively each year Seoul has been getting dirtier and dirtier Air and it’s just getting so bad that I just don’t even go out anymore, you know So if you look at my pictures from back, then it wasn’t really there was a really anything special about them I guess I guess over time you can see the progression in my own photos like my landscapes Just keep getting better and better I guess I should say more cityscape so that I’m more of a cityscapes person like I was saying pollution just kept getting worse and It’s really hard to take a nice beautiful landscape when everyday it’s just gray and overcast and so much pollution like you can barely see Few blocks ahead of you because there’s just so much city haze What’s sort of happening is I got interested in taking pictures or just everyday pictures on the streets and I remember watching this one video By Kai, he was doing kind of landscape photography at night in the street Just taking pictures around Hong Kong and I was like man, I like that’s the kind of thing I want to do So I started going out and this just around so and nothing special no rain. No people just pictures over like architecture Not really architects just seeing’s around the city that I thought were nice and cool Really pretty, you know, this is where I started taking pictures of alleys and stuff like that. I didn’t really show anyone I just I liked doing them. I liked it so much that I bought a smaller camera. I bought the Fuji x100s It was just much better having a small camera that you can just take as many pictures as you want. People wouldn’t run away Oh, and I also around the time upgraded to the Canon 5d Mark 3 I had the 60d and I stole it to buy the 5d Mark 3 because I wanted the suite full frame You know, I was into that whole GAS syndrome. Like all of YouTube videos would be like you gotta buy this camera It’s barababa and kind of bought into it but at the same time I stopped making YouTube videos cuz without a little flippy screen on the 60d is So hard to do, you know so hard to do a video with a 5d Mark 3 So basically my Korea channel just kind of completely died. I try to do photography videos on there But like I guess the people on the channel that were subscribers, they liked the Korea stuff They didn’t really care about photography in Korea So that channel kind of fizzled out and I decided to just make that into a Spanish Channel So in just two videos in Spanish, you know on that channel so you don’t have to worry about subscribing to it I mean, even though I still update it here and there I had the 5d mark 3 and I had my Canon I mean my Fuji x100s Today in taking infrared photos because you know, I wanted to take pictures in a day time, too So I bought a first I bought the Hoya r72 filter cuz I remember seeing my friend. He he got that filter His name is John Steele and he take like he’s really cool with red photos and I want to do that, you know So I got the filter first and then I got tired of doing the long exposures for infrared So I bought a modified infrared camera You know what? That’s when I that’s when I started taking all these like nice colorful pictures around the city and with the food yolks 100 I would take these anime style pictures in the daytime Like I don’t even know how I did it back then but I did it, you know and uh, oh, yeah I forgot to mention like once I started to learn Adobe Lightroom, that’s when like everything just kind of Changed like that was when I did the project for Nat Geo So if you’re watching this, you should really learn in Lightroom or Lightroom alternative You know, they basically I’ll do the same thing. You know, I started doing the anime style pictures the infrared photos I was taking some street pictures at night and I did that for like a year and then Maybe like a year and a half ago or something like that I stumbled upon like photography of people in Japan because you know They take a lot of those kind of neon art style photos Bladerunner looking I was really intrigued when I saw that because like I I knew there was something in the night pick there was something in My night photography like I wanted to do I want taken a direction But I didn’t know which direction I wanted to go. And then when I saw that I was like that’s that’s it That’s that’s what I like and that’s what I want to do The problem is like no one really told you how to do it and there weren’t any tutorials online Nobody would talk about it. I found like won’t tutorial pros in Japanese. And that’s how I I That’s how basically how I found out how to do it. You know. The favorite ones were Liam Wong Masashi wakui and f7 those are like some great inspirations for you guys You don’t know them and yeah, basically I try to emulate them. Like how do you do this? Like how how are they doing? this Style of photos and and from it started off by trying to try to figure out how they did it so I can do it myself and then it just kind of Changed everything like I started applying what I learned there to my landscapes take up to a next level Started doing it to my night photography which brought me to where I am today I even started doing some of that in my infrared which pushed my infrared even better than I ever thought. And yeah Basically, all of this is thanks to Lightroom around this time I already had a bunch of cameras like a mass like I was uh I lots of gear like bought over the years and lots of cameras and I just started trying to cut down on my gear You know cuz at some point you realize it’s not really the camera. It’s it’s you right. Yes, you guys see this channel I’m always talking about that started selling off lenses little by little started setting off cameras little by little I have one My fuji x100 one of my photography students you believe it I did that and if you’re pretty good, you know And now these days you might wonder what do I do for a living? How do I make my money? Basically? I’m a teacher I teach English in the daytime at nighttime I’m photographer you I mostly I take pictures for myself, you know for me. This is something I do for fun It’s just something I happened to make money with so I make money through stock images I just I also sell time-lapse footage to companies and I can make up to two grand in one sale, you know So it’s kind of sporadic though I do photo tours Here and there I do photo shoots people come and so they like big ask me the or take pictures Can you take our picture and I’ll be like yeah, here’s the price I don’t really do portraits because I suck at that. I did a few weddings that I hated it I told myself I never never do another wedding again never in my life It’s not me, you know quoting Arya Stark, right? I do so my prints That’s mainly how I make my money like prints right there And so basically all this money kind of comes together and gives me like steady income on top of my teachers income You know, I’m not sponsored by anyone unless you want to count circle space, which I can I came up with that myself And yeah, this allows me to basically save money Travel from time to time and buy my own things, you know, I don’t I don’t get anything for free I’ve gotten some requests already from Sponsorships and they want me to review their gear or something on my channel, and I you know what? We’re not gonna do any of that here But I tell you if canon Kames can be like we’re gonna give you this 5d Mark five and they want me to review it Be like, I’ll tell you what How about I keep that camera forever and then I use it on my videos. I do that in a second, you know Because you know those cameras are pretty expensive, but I do like the canons mainly because of the water resistance No camera is waterproof, you know, but they had another word up pretty well, and I also love food You guys know I love Fuji. Unfortunately, I don’t have any Autofocus lenses for Fuji so everything’s manual, which is great because you know these days I don’t really care so much about that I just care about shooting them as you guys know. I’m shooting with only my phone It’s I want to make a video about that too It’s uh, it’s very humbling, you know Like so many people can’t tell why I shot something with uh with my phone and they’re just surprised No, but I agree I have many videos coming up and I have some collabs coming up and It’s really cool if you still watching this video, and if you are watching this video and you want to help me I’m not gonna ask you for money All right, I’m gonna ask you please just share my channel with someone who likes photography You know, you got Twitter a Facebook page or something just share my videos likes and comments and that’s really all I asked for I’m not gonna show you guys presets or workshops or anything like that or gear. Just just help me out Yeah, just I still don’t know what I want to do. Like, where am I going with this? Do I want Fame? no, my interested in money, not really, but I’m still making it somehow and Yeah, like I have no idea of what I’m doing, but I enjoy it I like making YouTube videos like I like making stuff. I’ve always liked making stuff since I was a little kid Yeah, that’s really all I have to say about that. Stay tuned for a whole bunch of videos coming up You know, it’s like I offer a whole bunch of ideas. Yeah. I’m not I’m enjoying shooting with my phone No, it’s great. And once again, thanks for watching this far and yeah, please share my videos It’s really all I ask and that’s my story. I’ll see you around

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  2. Damn dude, that was such a raw and mellow monologue of your progression over the years. Really enjoyed that from start to finish 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  3. Bueno…no soy fan pero tú canal, contenido y estilo me parecen interesantes. Por lo tanto vi el vídeo entero. Haber que mas aprendo viendo tu catálogo de vídeos.


  4. Really cool to know your story man, I started around 2010 taking pictures of the sun set and thing that were in the house with an old Sony digital cam that that had like 12 mega pixels or something like that, the next year I bought mi first DSLR, a Cannon rebel 3 which I still have and kept taking pictures seance there. I took mostly landscapes and places were I traveled until I stumble with your pictures and said "I wanna do that". Now I'm starting to go out in the rainy nights looking for cool places to shoot. I do motion graphics and 3D stuff for a living but photography have a special place in my heart 🙂

  5. I am no photographer. I am simply here because I enjoy your cyberpunk/back alley pictures so much ! I now enjoy your personality too.

  6. Liam Wong is a big inspiration to me, then came across F7 and Masashi Wakui and somewhere along the line I found you. Love your content, made me better understand lightroom and has completely changed my photos.

    Would also be cool if you could do a tutorial on your hyperlapse.

  7. I really enjoyed your journey from start to finish . I will look forward to future videos and images as I love your work 🙂 Cheers Cliff

  8. Congratulations! Superb presentation and great to know more about you and your background 👌awesome talent! Inspired me so much, at a time when I felt I’m struggling to move to the next place, level. Thank you

  9. I saw the hold thing that was nice putI try see all of your video I oct I coming your wayI going to try the 6 hr tour befor I fly out to the phillippine

  10. Hey Noe. It's great hearing how you started and where you are now, and thinking about where you're going. I had no idea you were a teacher – that's great too and it's really cool you can support your main income with photography. The dream! In terms of the direction of the channel etc, you don't need to know. Just see what happens. As you said, it's what you enjoy doing, so keep it up – I know I enjoy watching your videos and your photos. Cheers 🙂 Tim.

  11. It's always interesting knowing about other photographers path. Thanks for sharing

  12. It sounds like your here to build a legacy for future "creative (this is that a thing now?)" to learn from. Just go with it

  13. This was awesome. I enjoyed this a lot bro. I hope I can visit Seoul and meet you before you get "too big".

  14. Nice to know a bit about you. Didn't know you use a canon 60d lol, thats my first DSLR as well and still using it today

  15. Lovely story, I really enjoy it. I’m eager to watch all those new ideas you have in mind. Saludos

  16. Thanks for sharing. It sucks your Korea vlog died but you’ve with something orsm 👌 I love night photography and yours are some of the best 🤙

  17. Great listening to your story! It's always interesting to hear about how people get from one stage to another. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  18. Hi NoE….1st of all happy to Know about yout 100th video.
    It was so pleasant and inspiring to listen about your Story… not even once did u feel about the length of the video..
    I was like i should keep on listening to you..
    My story was some what related with u…my phone was my all time favorite gadget for photography in any damn situationS i come across…
    Though i have 2 CameraS. Canon 1100D and Nikon P1000 ( the super zoom gadget).
    I was amazed to know about ur experiences with different Gears..
    Best thing to say in one go is…

    You Love doing photography…

    Thats the best part of You….

    And a inspiration to all Photography Passionate peoples around..

    Btw i liked ur pic without Glass… you look Hot ..😘

    I heartly wish you all the best …always keep smiling..always experiment with new styles of photography..

    One day would love to see you … along with my Mentor Mr.Maneesh saxena…😘🥰🥰🥰😘

  19. Very interesting. Using a phone is fine, but I have a question. Do you not find that it is harder with a phone to hold it more steady? I always find that I shake more. A.,

  20. It was awesome to hear your story, and interesting to hear how the weather/climate in Seoul affected your photography.

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