New CAMERA GEAR at The Photography Show 2018

Hey guys, it’s the morning of the Photography Show a show that I tend to go to every year if I can. It’s at the Birmingham NEC so
that’s where we’re headed at the moment. I think it’s about 8.30am, something like that. I really wanna go and see a talk by Tommy Reynolds because he’s an awesome
photographer and he just went on this Ethiopia trip not too long ago, and so he has put together a video and he’s going to talk about his trip and all that so it should be really, really cool. Probably looking at getting another
prime because I really love my 35mm so that is what I’m doing today. I just went to the ZEISS stand and I am
so impressed with the 85mm Batis 1.8 it’s amazing, I just took a test shot with it. Already, I love ZEISS I have my 35mm which I use to vlog with but yeah, so far, so good. I just watched Tommy Reynolds’ talk on the Behind The Lens stage which was awesome.
His photos from his Ethiopia trip were absolutely amazing. So yeah, more gear to look at. I was so tempted to buy a drone
because I’ve got the Phantom 3 Professional and I was gonna get a smaller drone, like the Mavic Pro just because when I go away and I’ve got all my camera gear with me it’s just really heavy to carry, but I think I’m going to give the drone a miss
because I’m going to get a lens and I’m also looking at getting another bag now, so, yeah maybe the drone will come another time. I just traded in my old Canon 100-400mm IS USM Mark II and I got a really good price for it. Even though it’s not really what I paid for it well I was never expecting to get as much as I paid for it I did get a really good price for it,
which means I can now go and get the lens that I want to get. I ended up getting more gear than I expected I was going to get but the perfect thing about it is that I didn’t have to spend any money because I traded in my old lens so, really chuffed. I can’t wait to get home
and start playing around with the new lens that I got I did have a little play about. and it’s awesome, it looks really good. But I really wanna do antoher film project now, so yeah, there’s gonna be a lot to play with and I will do a review on the stuff
that I’ve got and I’ll also show you what I’ve bought now. So remember when I said that I
didn’t have to spend a penny at The Photography Show because I traded in my lens. That’s not entirely true because I couldn’t get
everything that i wanted to at Wex Photographic which is where I traded in my lens and got credit. So, there were two things that
I had to buy that I couldn’t use my credit for because they were on different stands, different companies but the main thing that I wanted to get
was my ZEISS 85mm 1.8 Batis lens and it’s amazing, absolutely love it. So that was one of the main reasons that I went to the show
because I knew I wanted to trade in my old lens and get this new lens. The second thing that I got that I wasn’t actually planning on getting was the Rode VideoMic Pro + because I have the previous one but what I find annoying with the previous one is the fact that I’m useless at remembering to
switch on the microphone or switch it off so I upgraded to the VideoMic Pro + and I’ll do a review on that in another video because there are some really cool features
that come with it, not just the suto switch on and switch off. Now, another thing that I got
that I’ve been looking for for such a long time because I always see people with these really cool camera straps I found a company who does some really
aweosme designs for those straps that I wanted. It’s by Imo Strap and they had such a range at the show that it was really hard to just pick one. I was gonna get two, but I just got one in the end And the other thing that I got was a backpack because I currently use my Manfrotto – I can’t
remember the model number of it, I’ll put it in the description below but I use that when I’m going hiking and so I just wanted a bag which I could just wear around and carry all my camera gear in
which was quite roomy and had a lot of padding to it and so I got one by Peak Design, I think it’s called… Peak Design, yeah, and it’s a really nice bag. And I think that was pretty much all I got I thought I got more than I did but, I obviously didn’t. Oh yeah, I totally forgot, I got this, like, little clip that you put on your backpack or belt or wherever and you can attach your camera to it. So hopefully I won’t break anymore lenses. As much as I love my Black Rapid strap I’m gonna try out this Capture Clip camera clip thing that goes on your backpack
and that should potentially stop me from falling on my arse well it won’t stop me falling on my arse
but it will stop me from breaking a lens if I were to do so. So, I was really chuffed with what I did get because the whole point was for me to get a new prime lens and I wanted to get a ZEISS lens because I love ZEISS. and it will pair nicely with my 35mm. So in my next video I’m gonna do a
proper review on the 85mm 1.8 by ZEISS and shoot some test shots,
and yeah, do all that kind of stuff. So, that’s what will be in a video to come, So, yeah, I hope you enjoyed this one. If you did, Like, Subscribe
and I’ll catch you guys on the next video. Thanks so much for watching.

15 Replies to “New CAMERA GEAR at The Photography Show 2018

  1. This was dope and I checked out some of the photgraphers pic, those are freaking awesome!!! I need a new lens as video.

  2. Love your style of videos! Keep them up! Looking forward to more as well as your review and thoughts of the Batis!

  3. Me encantan tus videos y tu forma de comunicar !! Te sigo desde los 80 suscriptores ! Saludos desde Argentina 😊

  4. Lol lol Gear aquasitionis always great. You can’t lose with Ziess ANYTHING…… A Ziess toothbrush is the bomb…… lol lol

  5. Great video! Can you tell us what profile /camera setting you used when you did your face shots. You color looks so good.

  6. Looked really good, so annoyed I wasn't to make it. Ironically I actually work as security at the NEC but the joke was I was working at the Arena Birmingham + busy with uni over the 4 days it was on :I Looked really good from your footage. What is the update with the broken 24-105?

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