Night Phone Photography with Nicole Glass

hi this is Nicole I just finished a
mission for noe which was to take night photos of the city that I live in
Washington DC using nothing but you get a cell phone because as a photographer I
like to use my camera in low-light situations but this was a new challenge
one that I really enjoyed and hopefully noe these photos are usable at least
somewhat and maybe you can turn them into something amazing with your editing
today we’re doing a little collaboration with Nicole glass if you don’t know her
she’s actually a photographer here on YouTube she does a whole variety of
videos including drone photography general photography stuff but most prominent
among her videos are the ones relevant to financial matters particularly those
on how to make money with stock photography so for this kind of
collaboration I decided to give my inputs regarding how I make money with
stock photography and my little side business you can actually find my
video on her channel or like my interview more to say and for her of
course I gave her the phone photography challenge and please be sure to check
her out and subscribe to her I promise you she’s much more hopeful than I am
when it comes to these kind of things and but yeah let’s get to it the biggest
challenge that I faced in doing this was I realized that Washington DC is not
very colorful at not as colorful as you know some of the
bigger cities in Asia are most of the city is pretty like yellow pretty dark
at night so I really had to search for a long time to find those like little
pieces of color the one place where I did find a little color was in the
nightlife area as well as at a few like Asian restaurants ironically but I
definitely had to search for a while are a few things I learned from this
challenge let me just give you a couple pros and cons a pro I’ve actually
noticed that shooting with my phone makes me so much more observant of my
surroundings I’m not so focused on the settings like I would be with a DSLR
camera instead I’m really focused on framing the shot as best as I can with
the phone as well as just looking for little details and things that a phone
might be able to capture so I did notice that my awareness of my surroundings
really really increased however what I didn’t like is that I don’t have a lot
of control over the settings because when I shoot with my camera I’m always
shooting on manual but I definitely think that shooting with a phone taught
me to be more observant of my surroundings because like I said I’m not
focused on those settings and I’ll be doing it more often
thanks noe for putting me up to this challenge hope my photos turned out
somewhat usable that’s Nicole glass I’ve actually been talking to her like back
and forth over the past few months and remember if any of you are interested in
doing a collaboration please message me we’ll figure something out I actually
have like two or three other people in line to do something but like well we’ll
kill you up you know like I really enjoy working with others it’s quite enjoyable
every time I do one of these collaborations it’s always something
different so yeah check out her channel check out the video my interview on her
Channel and enjoy see you

12 Replies to “Night Phone Photography with Nicole Glass

  1. Impresiona la delimitación de espacios que ella crea con la luz. Ves un edificio pero adivinas atras un bosque te invita a pasear..Los colores intensos …como en los años 60..gracias

  2. I still don’t know the secret for good quality photos using the mobile at night. This is what I was looking for.
    And if possible I face a lot of challenges with cloudy sky. So no bright sunlight.

  3. GOOD JOB! Mahalo. 1. I never shoot at night without a tripod or monopod. Never. Big Difference. 2. Night is about ANGLES. You must move around a lot to properly compose a shot, and not let "conflicting" lights interfere. 3. Watch out for a single light source messing up a nice composition. Often, a stray white light from the side will mess-up your spectacular image. 4. If lights are white, frame the image with all white lights. Never intermix different light colors (white & yellow) and different sources. 5. Seek out COLOR. It will be your night buddy. 6. Night photography will make you a better photographer. You have to think about everything (like ISO) to make it work.

  4. 0:55 That's something I wish I could do without much effort and hassle ONLY to be able to pay for my camera gear purchases, not to make a living. With the genre of photography I'm sort of in, I think there's just not as much demand for it as what you're making. I tried istockphoto in the past (I was a member there for a long time) and a few other places but it never really took off so I sort of forgot about it and just enjoyed my hobby.

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