Nikon 300mm F4E PF Nikkor Lens Review – Portable, Lightweight Lens for Wildlife Photography

Hi everyone today. I’m reviewing the Nikkor 300 millimeter PF
for prime lens for Nikon. We’re going to be talking about what I like
about and the usual stuff you see review. Anyway, we’re going to do that right over
there. So I guess the first question we need to answer
is why did I buy this lens? Well, what I really wanted was a small telephoto
lens that would work. Well with my Nikon Z6 and allow me to get
really cool photos of animals and other Wildlife without adding a whole lot of extra weight
to my bag like telephoto lenses are big and heavy this one. Isn’t this is really good for size-wise even
with the ftz adapter attached. And for that I love it for what I don 300
millimeter focal length for me. It’s a bit restrictive and it doesn’t really
get me close enough to get pictures of wildlife. It’s been good for some landscape photography
situations where I want to get, you know, a detail shot of a mountain or something. It’s great for that and it’s great for some
Wildlife shots where you where you can get physically close to safely and safely to the
animal. But that’s kind of a narrow set of circumstances
that I haven’t run into very much. So I’m afraid I have a use this lens is much
a lot of light. Over in terms of how it’s worked for me. It’s been okay, like it’s worked in some ways. It’s been a kind of a mixed bag because it
doesn’t really do everything I needed to do. I think I might have been happier with a zoom
lens actually or just maybe a longer focal length with Nikon you make me get 500 millimeter
version and that would have I think work better for me. We’re going to go talk about blind the self
now build quality stuff like that. In terms of build quality. This camera is a tank it still feels like
it’s built to last. It’s definitely a professional lens. That’s what’s really nice about it one of
the most professional lenses I/O and possibly the only real professional lens I own and
you know, it’s hard hard really high quality textured plastic. Of course the interior, it’s a metal metal
Construction. Great big wins element you would not that
that is of course as with any lens point of weakness nice rubberized Focus ring distance
meter. Focus, you know Otto Otto manual settings
a focus limiter full and infinity to 3 meters. And of course your it’s got em bin body stabilization,
which can be turn for from sport to normal. It’s off. I’ve been reasonably impressed with the in
body stable with the in lens stabilization, but it’s not been such a big deal to me because
you know all my lenses but the z6r stabilized because it’s got in-body stabilization, which
is really nice. I do have to say I wish the camera had a hybrid
With able to work in concert with the lens, you know to provide extra stabilization, but
unfortunately, that’s not a technology. Nikon currently has which is a bit of a bummer
anyway built like a tank decent these decent image stabilization. I’ve got to say the autofocus is pretty good. It’s it could be better, but maybe that’s
just because I’m using with these V6 which isn’t exactly have the greatest out of focus
again, okay autofocus not amazing. In terms of image quality. This lens will not disappoint. It delivers absolutely fantastic photo quality
and I just love how sharp everything is and I love the out-of-focus areas. You might experience some strange effects
might not like with those with it because it does use a fresnel element to maintain
extreme level sharpness and also shrink while shrinking the size of the lens down as far
as an icon have and that’s really impressive and it performs really well, but can create
some strange artifacts. I haven’t noticed them to be too apparent. But it’s just something to be aware of that. It might bother you in your images but for
me the trade-off for size and image quality and overall image quality is totally worth
it. And in terms of image quality fantastic. So in terms of cost, this lens is probably
going to set you back around $2,000 lot less if you buy it used like I did but even then
it’s still expensive lens, and if you’re just starting out that it can be a lot to swallow
and it probably will be better off with something like the sigma 150 to 600 I reviewed a few
years ago and I just love that Lens. It’s great for a beginner or even for a professional
that lens is going to be more versatile more useful for wildlife photography and for a
lot of other photography. However, it’s not very lightweight. Zoom back with that kind of range is going
to be like that big they are big and heavy and hard to carry around their cheaper than
this but they are big and heavy so just keep that in mind. This is for what it is for being such a small
light 300 millimeter with an F for aperture. This is actually a pretty good value. It’s still expensive, but I think it’s good
value and the images speak for themselves. In fact, I’m going to let them speak for themselves
right now. So before I between my conclusion and sign
up today, I wanted to share with you this really Nifty lens Hood my brother built for
me since this thing didn’t come with a lens Hood because I bought it used and he designed
for you printed this himself even made a little groove so it would snap on correctly to the
Lens. It works great and looks kind of cool and
steampunk. I love it. And I really love this lens. It doesn’t work quite very well for me and
I haven’t used as much as I’d like to but it’s just got really excellent image quality
and is super portable. It doesn’t quite match my needs and I maybe
I’ll move on from it eventually, but for now, it’s pretty cool and I can highly recommend
it if you’re in the market for a 300 millimeter prime lens. Anyway, thanks for watching. I hope to see you all again next time. go check out some of the other reviews on
my channel if you’re interested in the 150 to 600 millimeter Sigma review that’s over
there. I’ll have a link to it here. Probably already put it up at the top of the
video in a little bubble, and in the a description. I’ll probably do a written review of it the
300mm as well, which is useful because I can put still in still images in that for you
to look at. Anyway, thanks for watching. I really appreciate it. And I really appreciate all my followers and
everybody who supported me and my channel and yeah, I’ll see you all again next time. Bye.

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