No Gear for a Year – Phone Photography

if this is your first time on this
channel my name is Noe and I’m a street photographer that specializes in night
photography and I especially like shooting the rain and the snow but
anyways today I’m going to talk to you guys about this idea I’ve had for a long
time months ago I made this video called street photography at night with a
phone and it did really well after that people start asking me like Oh what kind
of phone to use and and to prove a point that it wasn’t really the phone that
mattered I started I made a new video for it
shooting street photography with an old film camera I think it cost like 70
bucks in total and it did pretty well and I also made tutorials on how to edit
with your phone so I got it got me thinking why not give up my gear
basically take my cameras and put them in the vault somewhere actually in my
locker it’s next room and just not touch them for a whole year you know and I got
a lot of questions from people like what’s the point why are you doing this
and basically it’s just because I can you know just because I can but it’s
actually more in-depth than that because every day I go to Instagram and I get
all these DM to ask me what kind of camera to use what kind of lens you use
what are your settings and you know that shit weighs down on me day after day
after day you guys might think it’s not a big deal
like you get like eight of those DMS every day actually it’s been going up
more than that and it really really weighs you down and also get them on
Instagram I mean I also get them on Twitter occasionally YouTube comments
and Facebook pages and Tumblr too so that really really annoys me so I cut
the idea why not shoot with my phone and at first I thought about doing it only
for a month but then it got me thinking cuz you know every time you go into
YouTube and there’s all these like oh i phone challenge I do a photoshoot with a
phone Pro DSLR vs. camera blah blah challenge and in my mind I think man
that does not challenge at all I do it all time but I guess people don’t know
any better right so on anyways you know YouTube click bait so then I thought when I
do it from and then it got me thinking why not do
it for six months and I kinda played along with the idea I talked to my wife
about it and she liked it you know yeah go ahead do whatever you want because
she don’t really care you know and it’s it’s a photog life they don’t understand
so then I thought one year sounds better than six months or like why not shoot
shoot with my phone for a whole year give up gear and shoot for a whole year
with just my phone and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing actually it started
about a week ago I’ve been shooting for a week with my phone but it officially
rained yesterday March 20th so I wanted to to to have like an a day when it
started raining so it rain in the March 20th 2019 and we’re going to shoot only
with the phone until March 20th 2020 all right you guys won’t see me with a
camera just this and it’s really to help people out there like beginners
especially who think whoa every time you log into YouTube you’re bombarded by all
these famous youtubers like oh man Sony a7 iii and then which is the best lens
best settings blah blah blah every day is like not even every day it’s like
there’s like a new camera coming out all the time and people are always telling
you all the one that came out like two months ago it’s no good you got to get
new one it’s better it’s got IBS and all this shit and blah blah blah and you
know that really really annoys me first of all I think it does a real
disservice to the photography community like you’re supposed to be like
inspiring you just be like you’re famous you’re supposed to be using your
influence to inspire others to get into photography he’s trying to pigeonhole
them into buying gear and shit you know so we’re gonna be using this iPhone 7
plus as you can see it’s kind of really cracked from my Hong kong trip and some
people say well of course it’s good pictures you feel more than iPhone 7
plus but laughs but like if you watch my other videos you already know that I
think any any phone after 2012 or any camera is really really good I mean I
was shooting with my iPhone 5 cryin out loud that’s really old but yeah that’s
where I’m standing right now and tell you about what gear because there
is photography gear for the iPhone first of all when I made that video shooting
in the streets I realized that the battery dies very fast so I’m going to
be using my portable USB charger with cable and that should power me out for
pretty much all day besides that the the zoom the lens and zooms are limited so I
bought one of those ten-dollar kits you know the old chinese clip-on lenses that
you buy for the phone i think of the fisheye a macro in a zoom so i’ll be
using those i know the quality is not that great but you know me i don’t
really care so there’s that there is one challenge i’m trying to figure out how
to shoot infrared photos with my phone without dismantling yet so once i figure
it out i’ll make a video about it i know there’s gonna be people out there
wanting to know and yeah that’s pretty much it i mean i can’t really think of
anything else I mean it’s really simple anyone can do it and please don’t ask me
which lenses I’m buying either it’s just something that I clip-on lenses on eBay
or something people have been telling me about the Moment lenses you know like
the really expensive ones you put on your phone I know they’re really good
but the hope the whole point of this is to make it affordable for everybody like
you need to be a expensive gear to like you don’t need expensive gear to make
great pictures so I’m not gonna be used in a moment lens and also as I said I
already started shooting this or I already started posting pictures online
I actually made a few videos about shooting at night in the rain with this
it actually came out really great it’s really fun I I really want to put out
all the images all out at once but I got do it for the gram and release some
every few days you know that’s just how it is especially since rain doesn’t come
very often so yeah that’s pretty much all I have to say I’ll be shooting for a
whole year using my phone only and yeah I hope you guys hope you guys are
excited about this and to me it’s not really a challenge and I don’t have
already mentioned this before but like every time I see like some youtube
photography call it a challenge to shoot with the
phone for for like an hour or something it’s gonna roll my eyes come on try
doing it for a whole year anyways one year iPhone only there is gonna be some
exceptions you know this isn’t there is no catchphrase like you guys know a few
months ago I bought two pinna no the Super Takumar 500 millimeter lens and I
haven’t done a lens impression video yet so that’s gonna be the pretty much the
only exception but it’s not gonna be pictures that post on Instagram or
anything is it’s just gonna be me making a video about shooting with a Pentax
lens but it’s not gonna be anything other than a youtube video you know my
gonna be posting on Instagram or anything oh yeah
that’s about it so yeah thanks for watching this far and I hope this
inspires some people like stop making excuses and go out there and shoot oh
yeah don’t forget like and comment because that helps us us YouTube
photographers you know it’s our currency and if you don’t like it just like that
helps too anyways I’ll see you guys around and
mark this date on your calendars March 20 I’m even thinking if everything goes
well I might just write a book with these pictures no just iPhone only night
pictures for a whole year anyways see ya’ll around

36 Replies to “No Gear for a Year – Phone Photography

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  2. Very brave! I couldn't do it. Maybe for a few days, but not a year. I'm sure we will all learn a lot from this, looking forward to it!

  3. Great idea.. Skills before gear all the way.. I've binned all the big name youtubers, always the same stuff and half of them never reply to comments and can I never understand the settings thing because different settings are needed for different settings.. 🙂

  4. I guess it is a good way to boost creativity…I couldn't do that…Can't wait to see what you'll come up with.

  5. Because of you and your tutorials, I just started getting into photography. I love your Cyberpunk and Neon pics. Keep up the great work.

  6. Que bueno que hagas esto, mucha gente siempre se excusa con que no tienen una buena cámara o el lente correcto cuando en realidad lo más importante es el ojo del fotógrafo.

  7. Cool idea. The best camera is the one you have. No matter what kind of camera. So have fun and i will try this also.

  8. A year is a long time but I like using my phone and not carrying my gear around. It makes it more fun without that weight. I use olloclip lenses for iPhone for macro stuff.

  9. Great!
    People constantly asking about gear and settings probably think gear makes a great picture.
    People should just go out and TAKE PICTURES!!!!!!
    Look back at the history of photography; great pictures were taken with crappy gear.
    People should realize it's their creativity that can create great pictures. If you don't get that, look for a different hobby.

  10. Haha when I started the video there was already two questions that was occurring to me:
    – It is soon summer what about Infrared pics?
    – What about "pro" contracts? (for news or magazine?)

    During the video you already almost answered one, and you also posted another video on how to tweak a pic to "look like" an IR picture that would work on every device as look as the shoot is in RAW.

    Can't wait to see the pictures ~

  11. I thought using a phone was a bit naff to be honest. But I'm using it more and more. If only cos its easier to to share on social media. I use a Huawei (the 1st type) with Snapseed editing software. Very supprised with what you can get.

  12. An iPhone is probably not the right choice if you also want to do IR.
    Check this video:

  13. Man – this is awesome. I really am looking forward to seeing this and how things progress or change over the next 12 months… I would be so tempted to use my camera at least once a month – so good luck trying to resist 😉 !!! Also, as you know, I 100% agree on not needing new gear and the "photography" channels dedicated to gear reviews. It's a disease in the community. Anyway man. Good luck and I can't wait to see more!

  14. great Idea!!! myself only use phone and people do ask what kind of camera

  15. Cool… gear doesn’t matter at all..
    you know everybody have the latest and greatest on their bookshelf and to me it’s like… I was there and pushed the damn button at the right moment with what ever I had at that moment….
    I’m gonna stop explaining what camera I use in my future videos..

  16. I dont watch all your uploads but I love and respect what you are doing here. A phone editing app tutorial vid would be orsm! some kind of cheap editing app like afterlight would be perfect please 🙂

  17. I like this video very much. I religiously follow you on instagram because I adore your photography, and it's inspired me to try and start my own instagram profile. I do amateur photography and post it on my personal account, so why not just dedicate a whole page to it, right? So anyway, I don't know how to use photoshop or lightroom and the only camera I own is a disposable I got for my birthday like two years ago hahaha. So, I'm really happy that someone that I think has great talent for photography is basically telling me 'go and do it with you camera phone.' Thanks! 🙂

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