No Laptop MINIMALIST Travel Photography Gear Rundown (Europe 2017)

hey what’s up my name is PJ and in this
video I’m gonna run you through quickly the gear I have with me for my 2017
Europe holiday. I’m away for two months without a laptop I’m going to show you how
I’ve been making my photos and videos hope you enjoy. So I’m currently sitting
in a beautiful a B&B in Venice Italy the city is stunning I’ve been away for
almost a month now and I’ve got yeah just over a month to go and this is the
kit that I’m taking that I’ve taken with me I don’t have a laptop and I don’t
have access to a laptop to backup and edit so this is everything that I need
to shoot photos mainly just Instagram videos Instagram stories but also back
up all the raw files so that later on I have access to them all and can do
proper edits and prints and basically just have the photos forever so this is
my kit quickly I’ll turn it around just to show you this is what I’ve got
I’m gonna run through every piece individually and you probably can’t see
it but I’m shooting on a canon g7x on a little Gorilla Pod aswell. So like the last
video I’m not going to edit this this is just going to be a one banger. I’ll try
and make it as succinct as possible so my main camera is the Canon 750d. It’s
got the Canon EF-S 24mm pancake lens which is a 2.8 fixed focal length
prime lens, I absolutely love it it’s only like 200 bucks
this camera body is probably like five or six hundred dollars and it is
everything that I need to make awesome photos particularly if it’s just travel
pictures it’s not like a paid gig if you can’t shoot great photos with the crop
sensor body then you probably couldn’t call yourself a photographer this is
everything I need it’s not too bad in low light it focuses pretty well.. Shoots
in RAW. I don’t know it’s all I need it’s minimal it’s small I love it I’m so glad
the that I didn’t- look how small it is I’m so glad I didn’t bring my 5d kit because it just
would have killed my vibes so many times there’s been so many long days traveling
and long days in hot Sun that having you know two or three kilos worth of camera
would have just totally ruined it for me and even just carrying it in a backpack
is heavy so this is my minimal travel photography kit the lens is the dream
it’s so small it’s fairly sharp you know it’s not the best quality in the world
that it gets the job done and the 24 millimeter on a crop sensor works out to
be close to 40 mils I’m pretty sure which is not too far from 35 which is my
favourite focal length so yeah absolutely love it I’ve got this peak
design strap on at the moment so if you can see that I absolutely love it
because with these little dots you can press them in and clip it off you don’t
have to you know unloop and untie the strap like you would a normal camera
strap and that’s really good because often I like to shoot with out a strap but
being overseas oops being overseas for security reasons and just for
convenience it’s nice to have it strapped to my body so that’s the camera
I’ve also got a GoPro Hero 5 which I have a little bit of a love-hate
relationship with I tend to think GoPros are one of the most overrated cameras
ever but as a fun toy and for jumping in the in the water, the ocean or the pool
it’s really really good and my girlfriend loves to play with it as well
so we’re making some fun Instagram stories with that I’ve also got this
thing which I hate the look of but it’s very very useful and functional just the
float / handle so I can put the GoPro on top of that I can literally throw it
in the ocean and I’m going to be able to see it from a mile away and it also
doesn’t sink which is really handy so yeah that’s one thing I’d like this
little dongle here it is the way that I’m getting my photos to my phone or
iPad to edit below whether it’s a GoPro or the Canon 750d I can plug the SD card
in there sometimes you know the GoPro needs a little adapter but I can plug
that into there straight into the iPad and then get all my RAW files and
videos quickly and easily onto my i devices which I’ll talk about now that
this is one of the most important things it destroys the camera’s Wi-Fi it’s
quick its efficient I really really love it
so I’ve been editing like I said, I don’t have a laptop I’ve been editing with my iOS devices I’ve gotta iPhone 7 here
got a iPad air 2 here which has been my main editing work cause it’s pretty much
maxed out it’s 128 gig and I can get all my RAW files from the day onto the iPad
sort them in the camera roll favourite them them import them into the vsco cam app
as a quick aside I shoot all my photos in the shade white balance setting which gives me
that warm look that I tend to like in my photos generally that’s that tends to be
my style when editing in lightroom so I shoot them in the shade white balance
setting even though they’re in RAW and i edit them on the ipad with the vsco
cam app in the A6 filter that’s the closest I can get to my look for photos
so yeah the iPad has been fantastic once I’ve exported the files I tend to
delete the RAWS once I’ve got the export and that’s because I’ve backed them all up
with this bad boy. It’s the WD My passport
Wireless Pro I’m definitely yet to use it to its full potential but this has
been so so handy and it’s meant that I haven’t had to have a laptop with me I
can basically plug the SD card right into the side there, click the button and
it will automatically direct everything from the SD card onto the hard drive. The
best thing about it is it’s smart and it knows what’s already on the hard drive
so it doesn’t back it up twice, it only takes what’s not already on the hard
drive which I absolutely love I’m definitely not using it to its full
potential I’m pretty sure you can stream from there possibly even work from there
I looked at the GnarBox but the GnarBox was only 128GB been pretty sure and it was
like five or six hundred dollars Australian so this was my next best
option I think. I just got the one terabyte model because I only need it
for two months and you know I’m going to shooting 200 pictures a day so that’s
plenty but so so handy and it’s meant that like I said I don’t have to have a
laptop with me so I can back everything up and access the raw files later. So the only other stuff I have.. I’ve got SD cards in here
but this hard case waterproof dustproof super rugged and yeah it just protects
my raw files and then I’ve got batteries everything
g7x I’ve got the GoPro got the 750 day just spare batteries that’s always really
important and this Mophie battery pack from Apple which I absolutely love it’s
like not the biggest in the world and it was kind of pricey but it’s super good I
got it from the Apple store I was like 79.95 Australian and is six thousand
MAH. Um I can pretty much get two full charges on my iPhone 7 which is
really good and probably close to a full charge on my iPad and that’s it that is
my travel content creation and I’m sorry I hate that way but content
creation kit like I said it coming to you from Venice I’m about a month into my
holiday I’m having the best time ever if you would like to follow my progress I’m
not really Vlogging it but I’m doing daily Instagram stories and Instagram
posts so you can follow me on instagram @PJPANTELIS thank you so much for
watching I really hope you enjoyed this video if you did and you learnt something
give me a big fat thumbs up don’t forget subscribe and I will see you in the next
video… bye

19 Replies to “No Laptop MINIMALIST Travel Photography Gear Rundown (Europe 2017)

  1. I'm going to travel solo to Thailand next year with camera and guitar and need also a backupsystem like you do! I hear that the icloud storage was cheap for a month but can I also import RAW there? Do you shoot only RAW or both? I only have a iphone 5s with my and that cable. Wat do you thing is the best methode/option to backup my Pics? Is it better to shoot only jpeg maybe?
    greets from jurian Belgium ([email protected]) 😉

  2. You say you edit with the VSCO app, why not the Lightroom mobile app that can sync with creative cloud and the. Update direct to your computer at home.
    It can handle raw imports and last weeks update is very impressive.

  3. Thanks for the tips. I'm traveling to Argentina with a stop in Uruguay and I want to travel as light as possible. I'd love to see your workflow video.

  4. I hate the phrase "content creator" wtf does it mean was Hemmingway or Beethoven content creators or does it amount to "what I ate today videos"

  5. Couldn’t you back up all your photos and videos to iCloud? I’m off to Europe for 5 1/2 was without a lap top and looking for the best way to save all my footage whilst travelling

  6. I am looking into purchasing the WD passport wireless pro but it has so many bad reviews. I am only using it to backup photos. Have you had any issues since you have made this video? Would you still recommend it?

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