Oil Painting Effect From Your Photos – Photoshop Mixer Brush Technique | 90-Second Tip #20

Welcome back to the PhotoshopTrainingChannel.com. I’m Jesus Ramirez.
In this 90-second Photoshop tip, I’m going to show you how you can use the mixer brush
to create oil paintings from your photos. I’ll be using this portrait, but you can use
any photo that you like. First, select the mixer brush from the toolbar.
It is nested under the brush tool. Then, from the options bar, click on the down-pointing
arrow, and under general brushes, select soft round and set the hardness to 80%.
The mixer brush simulates realistic painting techniques, such as mixing colors on the canvas,
combining colors on a brush, and varying painting wetness across a stroke.
We will use these capabilities to create the oil painting effect from a photo.
Make sure that you disable this button, which loads the brush after each stroke, and enable
this button, which cleans the brush after each stroke.
Then adjust the settings of the brush. You can use a preset from the dropdown.
The Moist preset will work great in this case. You can experiment with other presets if you
like, but moist will be a great starting point. Then, make sure that you enable sample all
layers, and if you’re using a Wacom Tablet, enable pressure sensitivity.
Next, create a new layer. I’ll call mine, Painting Effect.
Then I will reduce the portrait’s opacity to 75% to make the areas that I paint on easier
to see. Next, start painting on the blank layer.
Even though the opacity is reduced, the mixer brush can pick up the colors below and it
reveals them at 100% opacity in the new layer, and this creates the oil painting effect.
Make sure that as you paint, you follow the shapes and contours of the people or objects
in your photo to get better results. I’ll speed up the painting process so that you
can see what my final image looks like. I use this technique on my Behance livestream
on Adobe’s official Creative Cloud YouTube channel. If you would like to see how I color
corrected and added canvas texture to my final result, then check out the recording.
I’ll place a link right below in the description. If this is your first time at the Photoshop
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so that you don’t miss any new Photoshop tutorials. Thank you so much for watching.
I’ll talk to you again in the next video.

64 Replies to “Oil Painting Effect From Your Photos – Photoshop Mixer Brush Technique | 90-Second Tip #20

  1. You know my friends ask me "How do you learn Photoshop?" and my response is always the same "Only through Jesús" "He has a YouTube channel? ", they ask "Yes. It's PTC and I can't extend my gratitude enough for everything to him." haha… Thank you Ramirez for everything 🙏🏾 🙏🏾 🙏🏾

  2. That's amazing! Love your videos haven't been able to use much of what you do. My Photoshop is only CS5. Can't wait for the next video.

  3. This is what so many "digital artists" do to fool people into thinking they are painting digital paintings from scratch. It's so shady!!

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  5. Hello Sir,
    Which version of Photoshop do you use currently? Am using 2017 version and the oil paint filter is grayed out. Any remedy please?

  6. Well done as always Jesus, Really appreciated your directional knowledge with Ps. I wouldn't have learnt so much with out it.. Cheerz Mate. fum AU.

  7. I like photoshop but hate the pay to use online nonsense prefer the option of pay to own which they currently don't offer.

  8. I'm brand new to photoshop and this is my first laptop😂. Does anyone know how do I like upload a picture so I can start editing it?

  9. On my Photoshop CC 20.0.6 I can't find the mixer brush. The brush tool has only "Brush Tool" and "Pencil Tool" on the drop down. Is it somewhere else?

  10. Awesome! Much better than all those 1 click filter ''oil painting'' tutorials. And also fun to paint and brush by yourself 😀

  11. Thank you so much ! It's pretty basic but I like simple stuff and techniques I can work with and then transform my own way. I love this kind of stuff when it comes to PS tutos. Thanks again 😀

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