OM-D E-M1 Mark III | Macro photography in the Amazon Rainforest

– I was born and raised
in the South Wales Valley. I grew up exploring the
hills and the mountains just looking for animals,
looking for wildlife. So to end up in the middle
of the Amazon jungle, like stuff like this doesn’t happen to me. This is literally the best thing ever. I never in a million years
ever expected anything like this to happen. Not once
did I ever think that my love for insect photography
would send me across the world. (adventurous music) (camera shutter) Everything changed when
we flew over and we could see the Amazon. And quite honestly it was overwhelming. I didn’t
think it would have that emotional effect on me. – Screw monkeys. I love them. – I am just really really
grateful that I can just be here doing the thing I love most. And a beautiful set with
amazing wildlife and amazing insects. Olympus
did it. They did this. They saw something in me
that I didn’t even see. They made this happen. I can’t believe it. I’ll be grateful for this forever.

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