OM-D E-M1 Mark III | Macro Photography with Geraint Radford

(camera shutter) (insect sounds) (upbeat music) – I was born and raised in
the South Wales valleys. I grew up exploring the
hills and the mountains. I was interested in nature
but specifically insects and I’d spend every available minute I had just looking at bugs. It’s a jumping spider! When I bought my first camera and I figured out that
there’s a macro button on these cameras and then from there I was just literally addicted
to macro photography. It allows me to explore a hidden world that’s literally everywhere around us and in an instant I’m sent away to a completely different planet. My kit for the jungle has been the Olympus E-M1 Mark III, which I love. The stability of that
thing is mind-blowing. These insects have the
most beautiful colors and the Olympus system nails color like nothing I’ve ever seen. I used the Olympus 16mm macro lens, it’s perfect for insect photography. It’s got an effective
focal length of 120mm, so that lens allows me to fill the frame with the smallest bugs but from a little bit of a distance away. When you’re working at
these high magnifications, there’s this magical moment
where this face just appears through the viewfinder, just
seeing that is enough for me. A lot of the time I
bring a flash gun with me because it allows me to be
a little bit more creative especially with insects
that are iridescent, you light them with a flash
against that dark background and they just shine, it’s beautiful. The extra stability that the
E-M1 Mark III brings along means that I can shoot in lower light without having to increase the ISO and then shoot between three and 15 frames for a focus stack and
then what the camera does is overlay the bits that are sharp, ignores the bits that are soft and it’s all over and done
with in like, a second. I think this is the best day of my life. Some bugs seem to have a
really funny personality, jumping spiders are like that. When you get the lens
really close to them, they kind of stand up and
look straight down the lens, so that’s something I love to see. Oh turn around, dude. For me, photography in
general is an escape of the day to day. If I’m not in nature it affects me. I’m grateful to be able
to literally photograph the thing I love the most whenever I like. I never thought I could say that. (upbeat music) I really hope that this
is just the beginning. There’s lots of other
places I’d love to explore. I mean, there’s different bugs everywhere, I want to see them all. (electronic sound)

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  1. Bonsoir, merci pour cette vidéo et en plus d’avoir mis le sous-titrage pissible en Français. Pourrais tu préciser les modèles de flashs autres que les 2 qui se trouvent sur l’optique qui sont des Olympus
    Merci beaucoup

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