Our New 3D Print – E3D Bigbox printing for Overwatch Cosplay

Hey gals, guys, and everyone else. Welcome back to Armoured Brownies. I’m Hayze, and this is our new baby. I’ve alluded to it a fair bit over the past few months and the past few vlogs but it finally arrived, finally together, this is our new 3D printer. It is an E3D BigBox which means it has a huge printing area. And also, it’s a new model on the scene so we’re one of the first people to have it. And, if you want an idea of it’s print area… … basically, as big as your head. Um.. Yeah. So, it arrived in June. Whilst I was away at a festival my partner spent two full days assembling. So, about 24 hours in total. It came unassembled, because we have the ‘Duo’ model. Unlike the ‘Pro’, it doesn’t come assembled. So, after about two full days of assembling it it was about a week’s worth of tuning and calibrating and then about two weeks more worth of, just, fine detail just getting everything just right to print out. You can see along here we have all of these benchies, all of these test pieces. Each one of these is actually a different fillament that we have tried out through the printer to see how it prints. Most of these are actually from a test fillament. But, of course, why do we have such a magnificient machine? Well, we have it for 3D-printing cosplay props. I know, everyone’s sick of seeing 3D-printed props! Because, of course, you just get people throwing money at buying a robot to make stuff for them, and then you have these things. But, there’s so much more to it and I want to show you what we’re goign to be doing with it and what we’ve done with it so far. Some of the first just prop things that we’ve produced is Mercy’s pistol. This hasn’t been mounted in it because I’m still finishing the model. You can see it looks shiny in places where we’ve put resin on it it’s been sanded down constantly but it’s a 3D-printed prop from an artist online I’ll link below to where this model was found This will be for my Mercy cosplay. Just a raw 3D print looks awful but I’ve been going through on-stream showing everybody how I would go about finishing (and do go about finishing!) a 3D-printed prop. So soon you’ll see this and it’ll be the first part of my Mercy cosplay. Similarly one of the great things about a 3D printer is the ability to iterate quickly. Like, I 3D-modelled this myself. It is Junk Rat’s grenade for my female Junk Rat’s costume. And this came out much too small. We have one which came out much too big. And then this one is my finished one. As you can see, I’ve been finishing it off on stream. It’s got a lovely smooth texture to it, now. There’s very few signs on it that it was 3D-printed at all. And now I’ll be silicon-molding this and casting myself multiple copies for my costume. So, that’s just one example of how a 3D printer is not just a thing that produces a finished prop. Something that the 3D printer is also invaluable for is producing things like these. These are 3D-printed electronic cases for like really custom electronic-y things. These are the eyes that are going to go inside my Kindred costume. And, if we open them up you can see they have these rings of NeoPixels in them. It doesn’t show up on my camera, I need to mess around with settings before I can show you, which means that I get to keep it as a bit of a surprise for a future video when you finally get to see these with these 3D-printed defusing housings and mounted inside the mask. But also, the thing that I am most proud of with the 3D printer is actually how I’ve been using it to hybridise “mechanically perfect” components such as filters from Roadhog’s mask along with the eyes for Roadhog’s mask (but they’re currently in the original sculpt) along with traditional sculpting. So, I’ll sculpt something in clay, but for example, the eyes want to be perfectly circular. These want to look like they’ve been machanically produced. I can’t really sculpt that in clay. So, with a 3D-printer I can then cast them along with the sculpted clay, like all the smooth lines in the mask. Which I think is just a fantastic way to approach these things and remove a lot of the human error you can get whilst trying to sculpt things that are supposed to look like they’ve been mechanically produced. And that will mean that I’m able to mount the lenses in the eyes with perfect clarity. rather than having to try and sculpt a perfect circle for the lenses to mount in. And that is some of the stuff that we’re doing. Building up to full utilization of my new 3D printer. But if you’re also interested in just other technical cosplay things Currently experimenting with running a mini smoke machine using vape parts and an Arduino Also building a Stephen Universe gem destabliser that can charge your mobile phone and, of course, all of our normal sculpting is still going on as usual on the channel. So, if you’re excited about any of this please let me know! Remember to subscribe to the channel Give me hints, suggestions, anything you’d like to see and, most importantly, stick around and remain enthusiastic about all the crafting yourself. Because that keeps me enthusiastic, and if I’m enthusiastic, I can make you enthusiastic and that makes me enthusiastic and we’re some big, enthusiasm oroborous! Thank you! and goodbye!

11 Replies to “Our New 3D Print – E3D Bigbox printing for Overwatch Cosplay

  1. Saw parts of your last stream live, had no idea the gun was 3D printed, holy crap. People are getting crazy over VR, but I mean how cool is it that people can buy this box that literally CREATES stuff you design for it. I've never seen one that big that you could buy for a home, really cool stuff. Hopefully I'll catch your next stream.

  2. Great Video ! I really like the idea of working with clay and 3d printet parts ๐Ÿ™‚ Ill try this out by myself. Thank you very much

  3. Just wanted to tell you I've recently followed you on Twitch and enjoy your streams. Very upbeat…enjoyable personality, funny, you answer people's comments and honestly sometimes I just put your stream on in the background of me working just to hear you talk with your viewers. It's quite entertaining. I do prop making, molding and casting as well……just good to be around like-minded people such as yourself. Wish I had talent to sculpt like you, but hey…maybe one of these days I'll give it a whirl. ๐Ÿ˜› Take care.

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