Paint Fast with the World's Biggest Paint Roller

Paint Fast with the Worlds Biggest Paint Roller

49 Replies to “Paint Fast with the World's Biggest Paint Roller

  1. AMAZING ! Drywall Construction Worker Uses Flat Box while Riding Hoverboard –


  2. People complaining about cleaning the roller, a 5 in 1 would clean it right up then spray it down with a hose. Wouldn't take much longer than an 18. The pan on the other hand….

  3. The thing about fast painters,
    If you got a guy that can get it done in 2 hours, I got a guy that can do it in one..etc

  4. Ist ja toll – nicht das macht der nicht den ganzen Tag 24/7 ! Der gleiche Mist wie man vom Chef gesagt bekommt was man schaffen muss … das funktioniert ab und an aber nicht immer !

  5. lmfao the paint would be full of skin…. it would dry in seconds in the sun in a big pail like that hack job Jonh

  6. Jajajajaja yo tengo un rodillo igual .,en lo que esta persona puso el masking tape yo hubiese terminado hasta el segundo nivel y otra cosa lo quiero ver haciendo un tercer nivel con paredes irregulares

  7. Have you see him tap his hat like in I'm very clever but whilst he's taping the underside of the wall he almost stumble over the whatever slide dude you sucks. Lol. Have you ever heard of airless spray it's 5 times faster than you are….. Get a life

  8. No protection ….. no cutting in ….. 1500 inch roller to roll a tiny wall = fastest painter in world ? Get real bro will ya

  9. Like to see you use that up a ladder painting heavy stucco … I’d piss all over you with my 9 “roller !

  10. Okay cool, but you don't need a big ass roller. A 270 ml will suffice, but it's a personal preference.

  11. Have you ever heard of a strainingbag , a masking machine or how about a spray rig😂 . Where have you been keeping your paint 😂. Its exterior no need to roll lmao if it wasnt gray on gray you would need two coats

  12. Lmfao. Any pro painter would kick this shit out like nothing. It's just a simple surface area. No masking, cutting prep. Lol. Give me a 621 and a roller with some rock music and I'll fuck this shit up all day on scaffolding with my dick in my hand

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