PANCAKE ART CHALLENGE!!! (MattyBRaps vs Sierra Haschak)

what's up everybody MattyB here with Sierra passuk yes and he invited me the part today and she wanted to do a challenge and she said it was going to be fun and exciting so I'm hoping that it will be that today we are doing these the pancake art challenge okay I've heard of the pancake challenge but what are the rules for this one so basically we're going to use is fun neon colors go to make a q-tip so how about we both write down our ideas put them into a fishbowl and then we draw so it's a 50-50 chance whether we make you thinking or a cool panicking I guess I are destined all right let's write down our ideas already so pretty much all we're going to do is we're going to draw the answers and I mean draw the answers and then draw the pictures on our pancake griddle and whoever asks is the better-looking pancake wins okay hey Kiki okay looks good store – gentlemen I'm making a huge one because this is a pretty easy item oh my game looks good okay there we go there we go I'm turning out ah okay I don't get my burning funny but it's fun guys I think I'm gonna win like mine to a kind of installing I got here is the final masterpiece number one you can obviously tell – here is I have no clue what that is thank you all right answers in three two one butterflies I'm Harry yes I got some then does this one was kind of a fail mine is until gonna make the second one all right I mean yeah I got another good one this one I'm going full out on oh yeah hand me the white hand me the white all right here we go round two come on oh man so close all right des is on three two one t-shirt yes it is you can see the stripes going down the side and the nuts like this apply 350 and then the boost alright so right now I'm guessing it's one to one yeah I got next round tiebreaker this is for all the marbles alright let's do it three two one what it wasn't me I messed up my drawings and lures yeah even more no okay okay now it's just I died hand me the blue you're gonna mess it up then I'm going to mess it up even more and it's going to look even sicker alright it's coming together guts well knock you back that's pretty good wait I bet none of mine guesses and three two one blob of pink stuff with the white border amazing guys how'd you know because he's rich you're so I just I mean I win real quick tastes like tastes like a Davey so guys once again thank you for watching me make an amazing pair it was pretty good my amazing butterfly hair should have been notified but that's not pointed thank you once again tune in next week until next time peace out peace bye you

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