Paw Print Ornament How To With Memory Kit

paw print ornament how to make a paw print ornament memory kit paw print ornament Santa’s lucky dog Alaska Granny Maltese rescue dog Alaska Sammy no mess no mix clay ornament Christmas is coming and it’s the first
Christmas since I adopted my dog Alaska Sammy so I thought it would be a wonderful
opportunity to commemorate him joining the family by making a paw print
ornament I found a paw print ornament kit by memory for $1 99 cents at the 99 cent dollar store so I
thought it would be fun to try it out the memory paw print ornament can seem
like a good way to see if I could save forever a paw print of my special dog it
says it includes air dry clay ribbon a tool two pieces of plastic shaping rings
so you have a big one or a small one depending on the size your pet’s paw
there’s also a straw and I think the straw is probably to poke a hole so
you have a place to put the ribbon through the ornament to hang it so make sure you poke a hole
through the clay paw print ornament to hold the ribbon before it dries if you look on the back
it says knead the putty for 30 seconds spread the putty clay in the template
provided so choose the small one or the large one depending on the size of your
dog’s paw then smooth the putty clay using the rolling pin provided place your pet’s
paw in the putty clay and then let it dry at room temperature so I’m kneading the
putty clay I’m kneading it in the bag just because I don’t know how messy it will
be and basically I think all you’re trying to do is use the temperature from
your hands to warm up the clay so that it’s softened before I put the putty clay down on
the counter I’m going to use some parchment paper to keep it from sticking
and making a mess I’ve needed my putty clay I’m putting it into
the included ornament ring I’m going to roll it with the included rolling pin let’s see if we can get my dog
Sammy to cooperate and put his foot into the clay and make a paw print that I can
save forever let’s see how it works look Sammy we’re going to make an
ornament paw print want a treat want a treat yeah you do okay come here let me have your
paw come here you’re ready let’s put your paw in it that’s press your paw print put it in the clay press your foot
you’re getting all your paw in there let’s see how it looks I think I have to smooth out your
nails a little bit it’s not perfect he’s got a lot of fur on his feet but it’s
certainly cute and it’ll make a nice memento
I took a skewer and I drew his name and the year and now I’m going to take the
straw and poke a hole so that I’ll have a place to put the ribbon through to
hang it when you make your hole make sure it goes all the way through there we go and then let it dry at room
temperature then you can take the ribbon that’s included place it through the
hole you made with the straw and hang it on your Christmas tree we love our
pets like family members try commemorating this special family member
whether it’s a cat or a dog and make a paw print ornament of your favorite
little guy please subscribe to the AlaskaSammy channel

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  1. Can u make a video of how to bugs not get in dog food bowl I keep having the problems here I put food on my dogs some time bugs will just go on and take food or even died in there

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