People With SUPER POWERS Caught on Camera…Real or Fake?

hello everyone welcome to mysterious
five in today’s video you get to know people who actually have superpowers
just like your favorite superheroes and villains I can’t say for sure if these
are true or not but they made me wonder that is why I decided to share them with
you and hopefully spark your imagination as well number one nina kulagina nina
kulagina is a russian woman that provoked a lot of opinions and
controversies in the video we can witness this plain housewife using her
superpowers to move objects without touching it this is a unique case of
telekinetic powers or psychokinesis the video was taken during the Cold War and
smuggled out of the Soviet Union by the American scientists who investigated
Nina’s case during 20 years of studies and investigation only these few minutes
were made public in the video one of the people on set has even put a glass box
on top of the object she was trying to move with the Box on top and table at
the bottom there is no chance she could have moved it physically yet the match
box and the matches were moving later she tried to move heavier objects and
slowly succeeded during the session a team of scientists that was watching
claimed that moving a single object could take up to a few hours she would
often be exhausted with a poke sir around 250 and would lose three pounds
after one session until this day nobody confirmed that this video was a hoax
what do you think is telekinesis possible
number two the Iceman annex Subaru comes from the Netherlands him off the
infamous Dutch Iceman has given himself the amazing super power unlike the
previous the Iceman says he trained his power what does he do he resists the
cold this camera footage documents HOF taking an ice bath but first he is
simply standing in a hole in the middle of the frozen lake
taking deep breaths and concentrating then he goes underwater for two minutes
most of us wouldn’t handle a minute underwater let alone two in the frozen
lake what seems to be the strangest part is that he acts as if nothing huge
happened his body is still he is not shaking he’s breathing normally the
color of his skin looks pink and healthy even in these conditions the ice man
says that he learned to withstand such extreme situations but from our
perspective it is an unbelievable superpower what do you think number
three the modern samurai we’ve all heard stories about samurais and their amazing
speed and the ability to disguise but all of it sounded unreal
the fact is samurais are very real meat are real-life modern samurai haseo maki
his superpower is speed to be more exact the coordination that makes it easy for
him to cut through anything in this video
Zao is attempting to split the BB gun pellet in two with his samurai sword the
speed of the pellet could be up to 200 miles per hour that means that our
samurai must coordinate his sight movements and precision before the
pellet reaches the sword which happens in a second something that small normal
human eyes could not even be able to see let alone chase the slow-motion video
shows the exact moment when the pellet gets split
the doctor examining the video cannot believe and she states that his ability
does not come just from seeing the object she says that all the senses
combined are well trained and coordinated but how average human senses
are inferior compared to this samurai could this Japanese man be a superhuman
number for the magnetic man all of us that have ever watched the x-men movies
wished to have superpowers like theirs our next video shows a Polish man who
somehow stole Magneto’s powers Miroslav Macola became famous for his magnetic
powers which gave him the more sounding name the magnetic man in the video taken
during the talent show in Poland he decided to show of his ability to stick
objects to himself without using any media we can see different sized pots
and bows in front of him as he starts his act in the very beginning he tries
to stick pots onto his forehead with his hands to be honest it made us doubt
whether he really has a superpower or is he simply trying to balance it on top of
his head but as soon as he laid down his head onto the bows on the floor and then
stood up with them now attached to him it became far more believable then he
did the same thing using only his hands without grabbing the bowl the moment he
stole the show was when he lifted his hand with a bowl remaining stuck even if
he waved and moved it reminds us a lot of nina kulagina but she barely managed
to move small objects and during several hours how a magnetic man did it in front
of our eyes in just minutes now that we see his powers are real we can only
stare and wonder how did he do that number 5 Monkey King India’s amazing
Monkey King or Kyoto Raja is one of the real-life superheroes both his abilities
and his kindness Monkey King shows us in the video the climbing method he learned
by watching monkeys climb at first it as if he was climbing as usual but with
unbelievable ease it is only after he turned upside down when we all get
shocked it is not something you can see even professionals do his ability to
maintain balance while holding onto a wall and being in the air all the time
is simply a superhero trait he also shows that he can stick to the rock with
only his feet and sometimes just one arm is enough for him to climb further it is
incredible to see him do climbing in all directions so freely and easily in the
video we can also see that he teaches others his goal is to help everyone feel
the happiness he feels when he climbs not only does he make us want to be
superheroes but he can also help us achieve the goal number six Grand Master Zhu ting Shu
masters of many Chinese martial arts which connect the spiritual and physical
realm often find their way to the general public we’ve become familiar
with Shaolin monks kung-fu practices and the amazing powers that seem
unbelievable our next hero is a qui gong Grandmaster kind and reserved but his
powers speak louder than most of us shouting Zhu is able to generate heat of
up to two hundred and two Fahrenheit or ninety-four Celsius in this video he
invited people to participate and make sure his powers are real for his act he
needs two paper towels an aluminium foil and some water firstly he takes the foil
and dips it in the water secondly he sprinkles the water onto the towel and
then he folds the foil and wraps it with the wet towel then he lays that wrap on
top of the dry towel and starts what appears to be energy collecting during
the process participants noticed that it is getting warmer
bit by bit he rose up the wrap as he begins to significantly increase the
temperature and then the fire starts burning in the end he projected far from
nothing but these three ingredients everyone in the audience seemed shocked
because he didn’t have matchsticks or a lighter but only his energy he repeated
the projection but with other participants to ensure the legitimacy
and the results were the same mysterious as these skills are they are not that
rare many masters and monks are able to do what we consider impossible but how
number seven the dolphin man our next hero is not exactly the Aquaman since
Aquaman isn’t real the one we will be seeing has incredible powers and is very
much real Frenchman Jacques Mayol better known as the dolphin man loves
spending his time underwater marine creatures but there isn’t
anything super about that most of us love water what is unique is his ability
to withstand a long period without breathing and the ability to dive deeper
than most of us can in the video our dolphin man dives as far as 19 metres
underwater all that was just one breath he took before he went underwater when
he reached the 90th meter he smiled and acted normal one would expect him to
look bloated red and exhausted without any oxygen tank or anything to help him
breathe he stays in the water for almost two minutes number eight the flying girl
being able to fly is one of the most popular superpowers a lot of us want to
be able to fly that dream came true to this anonymous girl in the video taken
by Russian hunter or an explorer something mysterious is going on in the
beginning everything seems normal the person taking the video is filming his
dog Tarzan then he starts shouting his name
and chasing him that is when he encounters something
that looks completely paranormal a little girl is in the air flying the
weirdest part of it is that her what appears to be father is standing right
by her side acting like everything is normal after dropping the camera and
picking it up the girl lands on the ground grabs her father’s hand and they
walk away the cameraman could not believe what just happened in front of
his own eyes does it look believable to you whether trained or given these
abilities are superpowers nonetheless do you think these are real or fake which
one would you like to possess tell us in the comments below you

31 Replies to “People With SUPER POWERS Caught on Camera…Real or Fake?

  1. She was blowing look at her mouth.that doest look normal.also she takes a deep breath then controlled let's it out

  2. The flying girl?? Really?? So fake!! The magnet guy too…he’s obviously sticking it with body sweat and loose skin or he’s what..only magnetic on his forehead 🤨 The others are rad tho so thanks for those👍🏻 Haven’t seen most of them before.. Oh ya..first ones fake..people faked all sorts of paranormal stuff back then too. Crazy

  3. fire guy… chemical reaction from stuff on his hands and table… what's in the water, table was covered powder.. sleight of hand

  4. The magnetic guy is fake,
    It appears they used cables in flying girl

    Anyway, which superpower would you like to have ?

  5. I have the ability to communicate with humanoids thousands of miles away via a wifi signal and lil ole place called OUTER SPACE.

  6. i wish I could telaport anywhere and b invisible so I can take a shower with Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton 💯

  7. Hmm… Looks more like a mother than a father, but… teleportation, invisibility, and the ability to fly all sound like they would be fun. Telekinesis would be useful, and probably help me get more done.

  8. The flying girl and magnetic man have been called out as fakes, but the monkey king climber was frickin amazing! Thumbs up! 👍

  9. This one was one of your oldest videos..
    I remember this one..
    But anyway your videos are always impress me..
    Thanks for sharing another fantastic content..💖

  10. Up to the last clip was good.
    We all know the last clip is so fake and then this "her father is standing next to her', father?
    It is a woman, are you doing that deliberately for the comments?

  11. 3) He's not looking at the pellet at all. He's far enough away from the person shooting the gun that he's timing it with the gun firing, and just close enough that he's pre-aligning the sword with the same level as the gun before there's much drop in velocity of the pellet. Or, adjusting for it somewhat. Amazing to be sure, although did he do it on the first try, and repeat it, or did he only do it on the tenth or 20th try? Or 50th? He also does not "split the BB" at all, nor does he hit it with the edge of the blade. He deflects it with the side of the blade. Still pretty amazing but not exactly what they're claiming. People make amazing basketball throws and record it over and over until it finally goes in, acting like they did it on the first try, making it look even more convincingly amazing. Not belittling what he did; just saying. 4) Total bullshit, guy isn't bald for nothing. He keeps wiping his forehead like he's removing sweat… I suspect he's actually got something on the palm of his hand that's adding a bit of stickiness to his forehead. He can't do it at first because it's not enough of a contact bond, but when he bends down to the floor he's able to press his forehead onto the bowl much harder. Then when he suddenly stands up it's even more impressive, but he did that for a reason, and it's not magnetism. The bowls are also brushed on the bottoms, and despite them looking all shiny from a distance if you look closely the bottoms are duller. The brushed surface makes tiny crevices making it stick better (similar to a gecko's feet sticking to glass, the feet have tiny ridges). The bowls also look extremely light, suggesting they might be aluminum or stainless steel, both of which are not magnetic, and bowls like that are rarely ever made from magnetic steel because they would rust easily. Also notice how he has a massive array of bowls in front of him, so if one becomes too greasy or doesn't work, he can just try another one with better contact. Magnetism would work every time, you wouldn't need to swap out and try again, or try over and over until it worked. He'd just be able to stick any of them anywhere on his body and they would all stick every time, not just under specific circumstances.

  12. I think one is fake but still believe that telekinesis is real 2 is real 3 could be real but there is also the fact the person firing the bullet most likely aimed for a specific spot and they don't show all the failed takes, 4 most likely possible but probably staged, 5 is real, 6 might be staged but seems like it could be real, 7 is real, 8 is staged I believe it looks like she might have a wire

  13. The Samurai's sword is called a katana the short sword is called a wazIkashi there was also a third optional sword called the tanto which is dagger sized. When I was stationed there in the USAF and received my second selective reenlistment bonus (due to personnel critical shortages) of $80,000 I sought out a master swordsmith, answered his questions apparently to his satisfaction, prices negotiated, price set and swords commissioned. His secrets of master swordsmith are his alone. From collecting the metals and turning them into some of the finest steel for sword making to producing, arguably the world's finest combat cutlery. It took nearly 10 years to collect my treasures in a small intimate ceremony. I still have those swords and plan to bequeath them to my stepdaughter who served in the army and has always admired them and was constantly asking to hold them. Then, 2 days before she left for basic training I took them down one a time handed them to her. That made her happier than I've rarely seen her before or since.

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