Phone Street Photography – Noryangjin

all right so today we’re doing some more
train hunting and this time we’re at Noryangjin station, Seoul, South Korea which is famous for
its fish market but I’m actually it’s right standing right in front of all the
trains which is what I want all right so we were taking some phone photography shots
at the bridge I know the angular station that overlooks saw the trains and stuff
and right now we’re just gonna explore in the area and seeing what we find and
there’s some pretty cool at first it looked kind of dead but actually when
you get to the neon back streets across the street like it’s actually quite nice so
right now I’m gonna go shoot around and yeah enjoy so I don’t know how much you guys know
about cherry blossoms but like right now it’s spring and usually around the first
week of April or like at the end of the first week of April we have all these
cherry blossoms popping up and one of the things people always ask is where is
the best place to go check out the cherry blossoms in Seoul Korea and to be
honestly they’re pretty much everywhere every other neighborhood has a bunch of
these trees all over the place so there is no one perfect cherry blossom place
so we found some here no ranging it looks great
there’s some of my station but like I said they’re pretty much everywhere
the silhouette

18 Replies to “Phone Street Photography – Noryangjin

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  2. Very cool, as always. Really nice to go on a trip round town. Nice images, not your usual but they work. A.,

  3. Hey Noe. I love the train station theme. It's amazing how similar we all are, everywhere across the world. We have a fascination with freedom and travel. I also love the cherry blossoms!

  4. Alright now I know where to go when I’m in Seoul… someday maybe.. love the little streets u got there..

  5. Really love the pictures, they make me want to get up and take pictures more often.And that’s a really good choice of music.

  6. Nice photo,I could do some of that style you showed us,taking street photography is really hard,and I love cherry blossoms but haven't seen in person yet😫😅

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