10 Replies to “Photography and Eye Level – English, Flat earth.

  1. Qual o zoom dessa câmera, essa é melhor que a Nikon p900 que tem um zoom máximo de 87X, você pretende fazer algum experimento com essa câmera?

  2. Hi Luz, I agree with what you say but I disagree with your demonstration.

    1. Yes, Eye level is achieved by looking straight – not up or down, not even by 0.1 of a degree.

    2. The level in Nikon cameras is not accurate enough to establish eye level at all. They are quite inaccurate and if you rely on the built in level to find eye level you are making a big mistake.

    At 1:23 in your own video you can see the bubble level is not level at all but the camera is showing level. You cannot trust it.

    Please see this demonstration which proves how inaccurate the level is in these cameras. I tested a Canon also and it has similar issues.


  3. But the sadder is most of Ballers believers claim that eye level has curve due to their alleged Ball Earth
    L 🌏 L

  4. Eye level is eye level.
    Whether its "modern photography" or anything else.
    I think if people aren't already aware of this they clearly don't have the comprehension for any advanced scientific investigations.

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