Photography Tips – How To Use an ND Filter

doesn’t that all look lovely going on down there with the nice sky and beach huts and all that kinda stuff come down here today because I wana talk to you a little bit more about using a Lee big stopper filter now there’s two sides to this film
really one is about how to use one now we’ve already made a
film with Tom Mackey which you probably see, we fell in love and ate cheese and threw stones in the sea, if you haven’t seen it go and have a look for it hope you enjoy it but I want to talk to
a little bit more in-depth just take you through the thought
process ove using a big stopper but this thought
process runs through all love photography this is like
thinking through the picture you want to take and the
making choices about your camera settings along the way, now this is gonna be rehearsed I have very rarely used my big stopper I have
to confess because landscape isn’t something I do a great deal of so this is a learning curve for me as
well wanna do is go around see if I can find some shots that I think will work and the talk you through while I think
they’ll work then you can watch how I set it up and the questions I
asked myself to get the settings that i’m gonna need
so without further ado expose the we better go and take, hang on, do you know lorna? you probably met Laura if you’ve watched
many of films you’ve probably met Lorna she’s modelled in quite a lot of them, if you’ve seen the one wit an introduction to flash where i’m talking about bouncing light and there’s a girl socially soaking wet t-shirt its Lana
well today is Lorna’s Lorna is making her very first film with us so good luck, anyway this can take some pictures soon
find okay I found the shot which I quite like this thorough beach
huts over here I got the dark one on the end we got the
cream one on the right to make a nice a rough cuts against the sky a windy day like this is bright for big
stop because things are moving the wind is blowing across this way so
the clouds up here in theory when I’m after is a shot with
the clouds for blowing across that way is a dark cloud up here as well which
hopefully we’ll come across that will be a lot more noticeable so let’s have a look time actually put I
tried put in place already because you don’t necessarily need to
watch me doing that how did I find the place where I want my shot well well I do it is I will do it by hand and
move around and fine where my shot needs to be but
little adjustments to the exposure in the composition and resume and all that kinda stuff as
I’m looking through the camera then I found my place put the tripod into that place and put
the camera on it I already kinda did that for you I’m
because you don’t be bored watch me do it i’ve a cable release on because the any
way to use a big stopper is with the long slow exposure we want
this line is that the exposure for the movement to the clouds in the
sky to blot will contrast against and the stillness at the beach huts so
forty put that on next it’s just check what we’re doing because we want
to slow exposure we can use a small aperture you need to
do this in manual mode I have set my smallest aperture I with this lens which is f25 let’s have a look through the viewfinder manually check my exposes gonna be a
thirtieth the second should be absolutely finds over 30 the
second f25 I’m using daylight white balance because I rather than a cloudy money now
it’s a cloudy day because easy to warm the picture of the
day after was then is to try and remove some soda gallery nasty color casts okay rule in place there I’m using my lowest I so again because
someone the shutter speed to be really really slow also said to be the nicest colors like
the colors in the big house stand out a bit more so wanna do now is just take a picture of the shot as it is so we can have a
look at it before and after so taken that picture now next let put
on the big stopper insect take my lens hood of my the adapter ring onto the front to the lens you can get
them in all sorts of different sizes to fit all your different types of lenses the guy screw them home focus saying has to be done before you
put the big stopper on this so dark that the
camera cannot see threesome to focus I mean define just put that their over the lens
you can say have dark a big stopper its yeah people
most blocks all the lights sounds like a welder’s
mask and so the exposure has been sacked also
focus needs to be set before you put the big stop on our already done that because the cameras would focus won’t
work for it either of side the filter holder that comes on really this kind of took it on the front
there and click into place there we go slide in the filter dropped water in the corner that’s what
I’m hoping isn’t going to affect it because it’s right there in the very
bottom corner we’re getting a fuel spatters if Rangers starting this one weather should be pretty good
for this sort of shot cause I can see through won’t bother to
look so my exposure was a $30 for the second big Stoppers come with an exposure
calculation chart to help you calculate from what the camera
says to what it needs because it is removing
10 stops have light if I get down here on the chart
thirtieth gives me thirty-seconds okay so that will be a
30-second long exposure we should be enough time for these
clouds to move in the sky hoping they gonna be good enough on her
didn’t get the dark one that I wanted nevermind side let me sets a 30 second exposure turn the dial you get here we go all the way to thirty-seconds I’m I’m gonna use my mirror lockup to the mirror will jump up and lock out
to the Y and finally I want to stop like getting in the back here because it’s a stray light good get into the back to the camera lift-off mara and that could mess up
your exposure know me I have the black tape in the
back some cameras have a little thing that slots on the back to do that but i cost my many years ago and I used to keep peace black taken
aback but in the bag of but I’ve got it so I’m just gonna plug
the hole plug out the final with blue TAC every day now I know if someone here
horrified at the thought of sticking blue TAC with the camera’s viewfinder trust me it
won’t hurt it so a 30 second exposure is set
everything is ready to rock and roll and first click this the Mara second pic starts the exposure weary now is wait for 30 seconds during that time clouds will move through the sky I’m
hoping that that movement will kind of record onto the
camera sensor as a bit of a blur and we come to the ends guys to look see we’ve got no picture of hmm son’s going in again the light is
changing all the time my been quite good the Sun so they’ve
started to come out beginning a fall short sis have a look through these LCD’s
course is the same hard to look at our I you’re in the sunshine are turned into a
blind people on the Benny Hill glasses on so we look at the first show it’s really
nice we got nice kinda clean bright silver shot with the clouds going on in the sky when
we just flick aunts their the the big stop a shot see how this can
also become a blur they just cant have moved around they
come so soft and candyfloss like I quite like the difference between
those two yeah I quite like this okay bernie & 1 wells we can find this looks really interesting we got the
light coming in from over here the Sun is coming out we’ve got quite a movement going on in
the water we got the rocks to ankara love the glinting on the water to let’s
see what we can do with the big stopper we live in a hurry cuz I don’t like to
change three dozen grasses down here they gonna come amid in the bradys move around the move stop
at the slow shutter speed is gonna let that happen book the city which is kinda moving
around mortars the classical Biggz big stopper talk to shop the slow exposure show me
take one without the filter so set up my exposure but chose my composition with the rock
here in the crawl San everything going on over there looks nice just shape the lens unceasing into the lie I
don’t dance lessons have been putting a shadow over the
glass with my hand we got this in my shop even without the
big stopper let’s get our Neutral Density on their slow everything down that tells me it’s
a $50 for the sixties for the second shots a space the filter in get my calculator 63 the second without means fifteen seconds with the big
Scotland filter so let’s sets fifteen-second
exposure see sup yeah I wanna to 15 seconds well as my piece of trustee blue TAC to stick in the back
here to block the be fine I don’t like sneaking in there 15 seconds we’re ready to rice to the shadow over the filter to Sedona
get flak coming off the filter so I’m gonna hold my hand here and hope
that they get my hand in the shop during these fifteen seconds
the sea is moving the grass is a waving clouds are moving
a little bit and why he got a well that’s going on our exposure is happening in the camera
say let’s have book turned into a blind P these days gotta put these on ball the like that’s nice all that water
looks amazing the difference between the two is really
quite exciting I’m really enjoying this summer
experimental time around what happens just take your time I shot slowly
because the way through them there’s another one to me we just come
then hits my favorite it’ll be pressed wrong and I wanted a bowler
facing known as freezing cold want to become a coffee unfortunately they close we just missed
it still never mind this is interesting hope it’s which I think my work using the movement that you need
with a big stop up here we don’t flag fluttering on other
wanna take it down so gotta be quick we got this I’ll here the sales is gonna
be jabbering in the wind I really like Beach Cafe Restaurant sign so first thing find the composition so lots of bending the knees moving
around finding the pictures going to work which I’ve already done and got the
camera imposition so let’s just take a picture strain of a flag against the sky like that i think
thats point nice to manage to a big stopper
shop from for school that’s find our exposure now remember we walk fairly slow exposure I probably don’t
wanna go quite as low as I have so many years f11 to let me set my exposure up for a
11 that says 160 if the second f11 side 160 for the second is gonna be cool look 125th gives us eight seconds so some leaving 8 and 15 seconds I’m gonna go with the
ten-second exposure site big stopper in place and also notice have turned the camera
up on its side on its and because just because you’re using a big
stopper or shooting landscapes or something doesn’t mean you would have to view
camera flat just you know things a bit differently sometimes so it
was a 10 second exposure they are looking for swine that down 10 seconds I don’t know
if this is gonna work this is gonna be pure experimentation everything’s done IVP refocused I’ve switched off the
autofocus so that I know the focus can’t move now I have to do is press the shutter latest run its course 10 seconds during those 10 seconds the flags moving
the sale bobbing up and down is probably a little
movement going on in the clouds in the sky there is here there’s also shot all thank you very much che’s appreciate
that no worries thank you nice people know
they close the book stack up with cups coffee of people like that you so let’s have a
look compare the two all like that love the
way that flag is rippling like crazy when we compare it
to the faster shutter speed shot I really kinda like that this to a
percent serve movement into it boo I’m pleased that works I didn’t know
whether it would or not so don’t be afraid to experiment to be afraid to get
things wrong you know I am get out there if you’ve
got a big stopper don’t have a good I’ll play with it
hopefully that’s given you some insight into the thought behind it set your exposure first think your way
through it and come home with three great pictures
that you pleased with that you’re proud of that you might wanna put up on the
mantelpiece will stick on the wall running coming home with loads that in
knots Akane on another thing I’m think about where you
can a guy who when you do this than just go out and
spend a lotta money on something like a Lee filter which had a pretty expensive
because the good quality than just buy one thing going to a
gravel car park expect exciting pictures think about where you gonna go where is
the likely to be shot with this movement is one of the reasons we came here apart
from the fish say because I know there’s water moving this
can be grasses waving flags fluttering that kinda stuff sorry I I hope that

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