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Can you see that lovely kind of soft little droplets of light, they’re just kind of wrapping themselves around Lorna, we need to use a shutter speed at least as fast as the lens is long. Excellent. Make sure everything lines up, you don’t want a wonky horizon, don’t just whip your camera up and snap, look around the view finder and line things up and squeeze the shutter and bingo. what was a totally forgettable picture has now become something much more
interesting, remember the f number gets bigger as the aperture gets smaller, I’ve gone from eleven to nineteen. Now my row of dots are in the middle, take the picture, fantastic. During that time the clouds will move through the sky and I’m hoping that movement will kind of de cord. See how those clouds have become a blur, did you know that there is a brilliant
little piece of magic that lives inside Photoshop that will allow you to do some very complex things to an image or many images with just one or possibly two clicks, like that. Awesome, that’s a really lonely up in the sky kind of a shot, maybe your crane driver feels like that, I don’t know Use a long-ish lens and a wide aperture and you can start to pin point your depth of field and make a blurry background, so if I focus on the cappuccino and take a picture, it looks like that, and that’s a really cool looking shot. So theses are all the things to keep watching for all the time as you’re photographing, look at that, that’s just so beautiful, that’s really beautiful. The light is what’s making it. The only thing I do know I need and that’s a cup of coffee after all this wandering around, Why’s it all the best things in life make the moustache sticky?

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  2. Absolutely the best photography channel on youtube. Extremely simple to understand and makes things fun. Wish i could purchase tutorial dvds if you have available.

  3. You're building a fantastic community Mike, you make me want to get my camera out and shoot more. Keep it up.

  4. I've been watching your videos and improving with each one for over a year now. Just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you so much. Keep on doing what you do, Sticky moustache!

  5. I've watched all your tutorials to make me a better amateur photographer. Thank you, sir for being so generous with your knowledge.

  6. Makes you want to pick up camera and go off snapping as soon as you watch one of his video. Some great tutorials and best of all free.

  7. I love seeing how much you enjoy shooting Mike. You make me want to shoot everyday! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Great Channel so easy to understand. Even for me with my not so god English !!! Best maestro sr Mike !! Kudos. ( who could dislike this .!!!)

  9. Best ever , love your work & thinking to join the class you will make in August i think , thank you from far away from kuwait

  10. I truely respect him as he is my first and only teacher who helped me in learning photography, from purchasing DSLR to Understanding Manual mode to Focusing to Compositions. Hats off Sir 🙂

  11. I sell cameras for a living and whenever I sell an DSLR to an customer I refer them to your YouTube channel, Mike. Going as far as writing it down the recommendation on the sales invoice. I hope my work has translated into sales for you!!

  12. Mike, you're great.
    Can help taking my camera and start shooting every time a look at one of your vids

  13. Thank you – and you're right about the community which is something I never anticipated. I'm privileged to have such a lovely bunch following the videos and helping each other out here and on Facebook.

  14. Thank you – there's only one DVD at the moment – click through to our site to see more… – there's a sample here /watch?v=SrEHaahhF8E

  15. Best videos on web Mike, thanks for taking the time & trouble to create them.Before watching your videos i was not happy with my photography, i even changed my camera from a Nikon D7000 with 18-200 lens to a Olympus OM-D E-M5, blaming the camera & not the photographer. After watching MOST of your helpful tutorials i have now gone back to my Nikon D7000 camera but use the 2 lens you use in your videos ( 70-210 + 18-70 ). now my photography has come on leaps & bounds,

  16. Just found this via the youtube creator academy – You make great stuff, and this is an excellent trailer video!

  17. Great intro. You channel looks awesome. I sure could use a few helpful tips with my photography even if I am just taking every day photos. Thanks. 🙂

  18. Thank you daveds21 – that's awesome. Well done to you for taking it on and practising the tips etc. Please help us spread the word about our films by 'liking' 'G+ing', sharing them and linking to us on photo forums, Facebook etc

  19. Thank you Mike Browne for making videos, I have never enjoyed a YouTube channel more than yours… I have learned so much, you have inspired me and many others to take photography to the next level. I love how you don't show off your fancy equipment like other photographers I have subscribed to. You show us that amazing photos don't come by spending 10 grand on equipment, they are made by creative

  20. –thinking, experience, and a little bit of luck…have a splendid day, I bet almost every subscriber can agree with what I said above 🙂

  21. I really enjoy your videos you are the 'Johnny Ball' of Photography and have made such a difference to using my cameras..(I shoot with sony a77)…keep up the great work…These in depth easy to understand productions are simply fantastic and fun..

  22. Wow thank you Philip. Please help us spread the word and grow the community by 'liking' 'G+ing', sharing our videos and linking to us on photo forums, Facebook etc

  23. I have already learn a lot by watching your videos but I have 1 question: I still have a Canon 10d with a 200mm lens and I hate to say this but I think he is to old to make good football pictures. I often make real sharp shots.. 🙁 What is the explanation and whats your advice? Thanks!

  24. Yes – watch the videos and maybe check out some of the downloads and workshops on the website. There's more coming soon.

  25. Hi Mike, I posted a question about Kit lenses' a few days ago, (can't find it now, not lovin' Utube new "Google+ or die" system!) anyway I had trouble at a wedding recently because so much was going on and even though camera set to Av, many shot over and under exposed. How do you handle fast moving situations? Thanks, M

  26. Anyone wondering whether to subscribe its really a no brainer! I've watched loads of video by others and they either bore me to death or induce migraines! Mike combines technical knowledge but not only in a fun manner but with emphasis on taking photos, so refreshing.

  27. Thanks a lot for posting this video, containing photography tips, photography techniques and training. Your focus on taking pictures makes watching this video really fun. Many people have already expressed their gratitude. You can find out more about this subject if you go to

  28. Hello! I wanted to say thank you for all your videos, they are very informative and I am learning a lot with them! I suscribed 🙂

  29. lovely intro! never gets old. but Mike what's the music that plays in the background called? I've been searching everywhere but no luck in finding the name! I've noticed you've got it on a lot of your videos and it fits so well with your videos and personality.

  30. Great videos, and I've learned a lot thanks Mike.
    I bought my first DSLR ( Nikon D3300) just over a year ago, and am still on a learning curve. Aviation is my favourite photographic subject, but also take pictures of all sorts of things. I'm also getting to grips with Lightroom, what a great programme.
    Thanks for all of the help….. Alan

  31. Greetings, excellent video, as are all your vids, I am a newbie to dslr and have found your tutorials fantastic…I watch a few online "teachers" and find that your presentation is the easiest to understand….keep up the great work and maybe one day you might venture down under for a photo walk and tour….once again cheers Alan Gold Coast Qld Australia

  32. Thank you that was so well explained…Thank you for de mystifying this for me ……….I have a 50mm prime lense..sometimes I like to do pano shots….any video you made on that..would love to see how you do it

  33. I came across your YouTube channel today and I absolutely love it. You combine a fun open style with an educational perspective and Look forward to learning a lot as time goes by.

  34. Hello Mike,

    My name is Julio from Bronx, NY.

    Thank you for posting your videos I really enjoy the way you simply explain things.

  35. Can you please help changed to live view went to focus using AF button instead of focusing it took the picture ——- whats going on [ D300] nikon used

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