Photoshop Tutorial – Convert Photo To Line Drawing

hey guys welcome back again to another techguru video today we are once again in Adobe Photoshop I am going to show you how to convert an image into a line art sketch image it's very easy and it's a the workflow is not that hard and I'm about to walk you through it so I have a nice image here that I have turned into what looks like a sketch image but the beginnings of this image is this right here so I'm going to walk you through how to take this and turn it into this so it looks like it has been hand drawn with a pencil so the first thing that you want to do is go ahead and double click on your layer and then unlock that layer by just double clicking on it over here and then click OK you then want to right-click on the layer and duplicate that layer go ahead and just call it BG it really doesn't matter okay background copy will be fine and then click OK once you have your two layers you want to select your topmost layer and change the color mode to color Dodge so you want to change that over to color Dodge you then want to press command on a Mac or ctrl on a Windows hold that down and press I that will invert the image now what you want to do is go up to filter go down to blur and then change it to a Gaussian blur which is right here click on that now you see now it's beginning to look a little bit like a sketch we have a little color in there now the next thing is really up to you it all depends on how big the radius is as far as how much detail you get in the image I like to keep mine on this specific image right around 18 maybe right up around I don't know let's say 18 point 3 will be great and then go ahead and click OK now we have what we want all except the black-and-white hand-drawn look so all you have to do to do that is go down right here to where you see the create new fill or adjustment layer click on that go down to hue and saturation click on that and then right here when you see saturation take the saturation all the way down by doing that you now have a nice black-and-white hand-drawn sketch image and this is coming from an image that is incomplete color so that's how you take an image and change it into look as if it is hand-drawn now you can actually do some stuff other than this you can take the saturation back up which is a really nice effect take the hue to different colors and add colors to it but the main effect that we're trying to achieve is take the saturation all the way down and make it look like it is in hand-drawn image so guys that is how you do it within Adobe Photoshop if this video helped you go ahead and help me by clicking the thumbs up button and like this video share this with your friends and if you like content like this subscribe to my channel as always thank you so much for watching my videos and I will see you guys next time Oh

21 Replies to “Photoshop Tutorial – Convert Photo To Line Drawing

  1. Thank you for the tutorial. I have a question how do I take a black and white image that has a lot of shading remove the shading from the black and white and just leave the line work?

  2. Thanks! I wonder what kind of assholes can possibly give a thumb down for this wonderful and generous lecturer?

  3. Long time I am looking easiest way and get it from You !!! Thanks a lot man ! My like and subscribe for you.

  4. I have no idea why i can make it the way you did. When i inverted into Colour dodge it will come up like a "film negative"

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