Photoshop Tutorial: EYES! How to Brighten, Enhance & Change Color

Hi. This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV.
I’m going to show you a technique that will brighten and enhance the eyes’ irises, as well
as change their colors. This works especially well for irises that are originally dark.
Open a photo of a person you’d like to use. I downloaded this one from
Make a copy of it by pressing Ctrl + J on Windows or Cmd + J on a Mac. Let’s zoom into
one of the eyes. To do this, press “z” on your keyboard to open your Zoom Tool and drag
a rectangle over the eye. To reposition it on your screen, hold down the Spacebar and
drag your image. Open your Brush Tool and make sure the Hardness is 0% and the Opacity
and Flow are 100%. We’ll adjust the size in a moment. Make sure your foreground and background
colors are black and white, respectively. If they aren’t, press “D” on your keyboard.
Click the Quickmask icon, so we can brush in quickmasks over the irises. To reduce the
size of your brush, press the Left bracket key. Now. brush across the inside perimeter
of the iris and make sure there are no holes in the quickmask. To quickly fill it in, open
your Paint Bucket Tool and left-click inside the quickmask. Press “B” to open back up your
Brush Tool and brush over the empty areas. Hold down the Spacebar to slide the image
over and brush over the inside perimeter of this iris. Press “G” to open your Paint Bucket
Tool and left-click inside the quickmask. Press “B” again to open back your Brush Tool
and brush in the rest. If you need to zoom out a little, so you can see both eyes on
your screen, press Ctrl or Cmd and the minus key. Press “Q” to make the quickmasks into
selections and then invert the selections by pressing Ctrl or Cmd + Shift + I. Click
the Layer mask icon to make a layer mask of the selections, next to the active layer.
Click the New Layer icon to make a new layer. Go to the Layer mask and hold down Alt or
Option as you drag a copy of it next to the empty layer. Click on the empty layer to make
it active and change its Blend Mode to Overlay. Make sure white is the foreground color and
make the Opacity 50%. Increase your brush size by pressing the right bracket key. Now,
brush over the bottom half of the iris a few times to brighten it. Then, brush over the
bottom half of the screen left iris to brighten it. As I toggle back and forth, you can see
that the color is brighter and and more vibrant. Click the thumbnail of Layer 1 to make it
active and go to Filter, Sharpen and Unsharp Mask. This will sharpen the details within
the iris. l’ll choose an Amount of 40%, the Radius is 10 pixels and the Threshold is 0 levels.
Depending on the size, resolution and characteristics of your photo, experiment with these settings
to get just the right amount of sharpness.As I toggle back and forth, you can see the difference.
After you apply Unsharp Mask, if you want to make it look less sharp and have less contrast,
just reduce its Opacity. Next, we’ll change the eye color. Make the top layer active and
click the adjustment layer icon. Choose Hue/Saturation. Go to the Layer Mask and drag a copy of it
on top of the white layer mask at the top. If you see this warning to replace it, click
Yes. Click the icon next to the layer mask to make the adjustment layer active and drag
the Hue slider to the right and left to change the eye color. If you want to tone down the
color, reduce the Saturation. I’ll reduce mine to minus 46. To see your entire document, press Ctrl or Cmd + 0. This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV. Thanks for watching!

87 Replies to “Photoshop Tutorial: EYES! How to Brighten, Enhance & Change Color

  1. or you can paint eyes in new layer
    make its Opacity 60%
    and blendmode to linearburn
    then use Hue & Saturation and polay around with Colors of eyes

  2. Hi I am trying out the tutorial and for some reason when I go to the 2nd eye It won't highlight in red. WHat am i doing wrong?

  3. sir, I have a request. Plz make a complete tutorial like lynda. You have strong Technic and easy method to understand easily.
    do you have any tutorial for remove shadow from skin?

  4. Thank you so much. This is my first time using photoshop and I wanted to see if I could change eye colors for a project I am working on. This is the third video I watched and the only one that was able to help me achieve my goal.

  5. I am trying to do this in Photoshop 2 and when I go to click on layer mask icon it is different. I can not do it. Please help?

  6. I Just want to say, this is the most AMAZING TUTORIAL EVER. SO SIMPLE! Simple sentences, images to help in each step. I'm subscribing!

  7. I got all the way to the creating a second mask with the new layer… I created a mask, then new layer but my new layer was blank… no black layer with eyes.. can someone tell me what I did wrong please?

  8. I wish the title stated what version of Photoshop this tutorial was for, because I have an older model (no, have no plan to upgrade at the moment) so I lost time on trying to find why I couldn't work with this tutorial.

  9. Thank you so much for this, really. I was able to do exactly what I wanted thanks to this video. Pic turned out great. Very much appreciated!

  10. I love this tutorial! The first time I used it, everything went exactly to plan. But since then. every time I invert the selection, only 1 of the eyes show up. I am doing the exact steps, but idk if I am missing something? I know this works.. I must've just done something myself. ???

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