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  1. No surprise at all that drums were programmed. DL always sounded very processed. Style over substance. Slick production is right. This was not a great bunch of musicians. Derivative but decent lead player. Direct antecedent of lotsa bands, including BonJovi. Honestly Mutt brought a lot of these tricks to his Shania stuff, just tossed in a few fiddles and pedal steel here and there.

  2. So this guy is basically listening and watching a video upload, probably YouTube. Every nitwit knows YouTube uses a low bitrate and leaves out essentials. Why doesn't he put on the original record?Lazyness I guess. Total waste of time this dude mixed with a sauce of arrogance towards his viewers.

  3. Amazing video! Good to hear your impressions and see some tricks like reverse snare! Sugestion: The Cult – Soul Asylum or "Soldier Blue " (reaction).
    Greetings from Brasil.

  4. Yeah, dumbass ‘Mutt Lange’ screwed around on SHANIA TWAIN! What a dumbass. I got to say, while you’re picking Rick’s playin apart on the drums particularly on the 2 Floor toms you were talking about…TOTALLY DO-Able as a drummer. It’s just speed and dynamics. No magic, like electronic THERE

  5. The drums that you’re hearing are Simmons drums. I’m pretty sure he played them live. But since the drums are electronic, not drum machine, he could’ve easily routed each of the individual drums into their own channel for editing later if needed. I suppose it’s possible that the drums were programmed and played into a Simmons drum “brain” via MIDI.
    Of course after that album, when Rick lost his arm, he played electronica drums exclusively, even live in concert. Now he uses electronic drums with the exception of acoustic cymbals and kick drum.

  6. Anyone who hasn't seen the "Classic Albums" episode for Pyromania NEEDS to find a way… It's so good!

    Also, Mutt's the man!

  7. I'm still trying to hunt down the MFSL version of Pyromania… I've managed to "acquire" the files, but not the physical copy.

  8. That was very cool! Photograph was, and still is, one of my all-time favorite’s! Loved the band, loved the time period! If I could teleport back in time, the 80’s would definitely be it!

  9. The drums sound like a drum machine because the dude only had one arm. He lost the other in a car accident. His left leg is playing a drum machine where his left arm would be.

  10. I actually prefer the deeper cuts on this one not quite photograph but the mutt Lange sounds on too late for Love coming under fire

  11. The reason certain parts emphasized overdrive and the usage of clean guitars on chorus were a two part influence of Boston (Self-Titled, Don't Look Back) and Blue Oyster Cult (Agents of Fortune, Fire of Unknown Origin) specifically. These albums had significant impact on them. They themselves stated how they wanted to mimic their biggest influences. I think they surpassed them.

  12. @HOFA Great video! I saw another interesting one about Mutt's use of the Dytronics Tri Chorus CS-5 which was supposedly his "secret weapon." Here is a link to it … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcJI2fGRxIc

  13. I'm not a musician but hear things that amaze me and wonder how the musicians do it. You answered my drum amazements of this song. The reverse reverb trick and that fill always killed me, always air drumming what wasn't really possible. 🤣

  14. You mention synthesizers in this. One guitar book I had said in the forward that there are things in Pyromania that sound like synths, but are actually guitars played with volume swells, effects, sometimes one string at a time, and mixed together. Not claiming that's what's going on in this song, but very neat for back in the those days–when synth use was considered shameful in hard rock (VHs "Jump" being controversial, even with their enormous hard rock cred).

  15. I have watched a bunch of other people doing these "reaction" videos. The fact that you take us in and show what is going on at the track level is fantastic, including how they got the reverse reverb!

  16. Reversed Reverbed Flange it was done with messing with a tape deck! I LOVE my 12 track OLD 2 inch you can do some weird stuff with it lol watch Rob Scallon's video about tape effects yes it's very fun and he explains it quite well!

  17. Lots of effects in vocals as he can’t really sing at pitch or in tune. They got my 7.99 and a ticket where I learned the difference between studio tricks and live performances. Needless to say, I gave up on this genres of music that night as they were so terrible live. All I heard was the bubbles a bursting. Careful what and who you love. I’m not sure I get your appreciation with hind sight and I say that as a massive fan on its release. It really comes off sounding like melodic static to older, wiser ears. Apologies for the bitterness of a 12 year old wallet.

  18. This guy knows everything about anything . What instruments can you play? What bands did you play with that topped the charts? Just asking for a friend

  19. I was a big fan of "On Through the Night" and "High 'n' Dry" back in the day and when "Pyromania" came out I was hugely disappointed, too cold, too calculated. The fake drums just took the wind out of the sails for me… Mutt produced some great records records early on in his career, but went down a rabbit hole with Leppard and never came back… Sure it was their biggest record, but IMO he ruined The Cars…

  20. Mutt Lange was married to Shania Twain. Then, he messed around on her! He’s obviously insane, and I’ve lost all respect for him since I found that out. What a dumbass…

  21. That "brrrrrr" fill at 7:50, to me sounds like the SDS-5 Dave Simmons 3 prong pro tom, fed into the Fairlight CMI Series IIx. I could be wrong, but it sounds too clear, individual note wise, to be an acoustic tom.

  22. Most 80’s rock albums were so over produced that there was no way the bands could pull off the same perfection live. Van Halen was notorious for this.

  23. you did the reverse reverb wrong. You have to record the snare with a reverb tail THEN reverse the rendered file of the snare with reverb.

  24. Sorry, I made comment about the one-armed drummer…
    He still had two arms in the video haha 🙂
    Anyway, nothing wrong with using samples or whatever studio magic you want, as long as it gets desired results. =D

  25. Love the song & as everyone (ok not EVERYone) my age was full on MTV and this song & video is etched into our memories!! Dennis is most obviously a talent in his field but I have to ask two questions…
    He's showing what I think is Pro Tools digital software.
    1 – Was that technology around back then? I'm pretty sure that creating that gated reverse drum sound wasn't that easy back then.
    2 – I thought everyone know that Mutt used Drum machines on that (and other) albums. That was not news to me.
    Still a cool reaction vid as I do like the technical breakdowns.

  26. Something tells me this guy would enjoy Discontinued. It’s a Death Angel song. The left and right audio on the guitars is fun to listen to. Listen to the song, then listen to just the left. Then again with just right. In some places it’s like they’re playing two totally different songs but it comes together very nice.

  27. Programmed Drums would certainly explain why Rick Allen was able to come back and play the drums so well after losing his arm. Nothing wrong with that.

  28. Re: Vocals – Mutt would record vocals then run sub-mix back through a Marshall half stack and record cabinet for the distorted blend you hear on these recordings. You're correct about the drums, too. By the time the next album began they were using the Linn 9000 for all drum sounds then embellishing with live cymbals, etc.

  29. ……until he mentioned the drums, wasn't the drummer "One-Armed"????

    Nevertheless I still love me some DEF Leopard, hope somebodies bring yesterday's Era back into style again #glamRockGang 🤟😜👌

  30. What he should have said at :44 seconds was "the song is called photograph, and it is one of the greatest songs you'll ever hear, period."

  31. An Engineer should never have a reaction to Def Leppard other than how fast they can get rid of anything like Def Leppard.
    The real reason behind that is once you sing a love song or a song about wimmin, you're phucked.
    I'm like, sing anything just don't sing about wimmin or love, EVER.
    The reason behind that is if you make any kind of mistake in that area of music, you're phucked. Even if you think you are a total success from doing it.

  32. What are other reasons I reject Def Leppard, I believe they are another mi6 creation designed to mind phuck the west.
    The way they do that is to appeal to teens that can't understand what's going on.
    They slip you the obvious and not so obvious satanism.
    And in the case of Def Leppard it's a brand of satanism based heavily on objectifying woman and using them to sell records.

  33. Yeah, probably a drum machine fill in the drum swish spot because THE DRUMMER ONLY HAS ONE ARM!!! How do you not know that going in?!?!?!

  34. The crazy thing about the drum sound?; that's when Rick had BOTH arms. And he had to relearn HOW to play again, using his feet…..after this album and his accident.

  35. I have seen Def Leppard seven or eight times over the years starting in the 80s and they are an incredible band. And the albums were produced very very well mutt Lange is a genius

  36. Can you please react also to the song "ROSANNA" by Toto . Pretty sure you'll discover Jeff Porcaro's work on that song
    Thanks .

  37. Def Leppard right up to Hysteria was one of the most talented groups ever, Steve Clark & Pete Willis that was talent. Mutt polished that talent perfectly.

  38. I'm a musician and this is a nicely explained and entertaining video. A song I always loved and now have gotten enlightened in different ways on it..

  39. You have a great ear. One of my fave tunes, the melody is so smooth and flows with Joes high notes. The song sparkles!✨✨✨

  40. Mutt Lange has always overproduced his work. It's what sells. Unfortunately, with so much reliance on electronics, the sound cannot be reproduced live without it. Mutt Lange created the beginning of the end of good, old fashioned, rock and roll. But hey, it makes lots of money and allows me to screw the hottest girls….so as an artist, I'm torn between creating the true sounds of rock and roll and using auto tune to create "music's that gets me access to the sweetest BJs of my life from the likes of Leah Gotti and her closest female friends.

    I think I know what I need to do now 🤔👍😀🥒

  41. I'd love to hear his analysis of a Beatles song, like Strawberry Fields Forever, or A Day in the Life.

    by the way, gratz on picking out the electronic drums and effects on Photograph. Never knew that about them. Guess they went high tech before the car accident!

  42. The mutt multi universe of massive production , fun vid..i had to yell at my screen at one point "Dang that's busy, how can you dissect that"

  43. why do i feel like this guy is just trying to tear apart everything that the greatest band ever and Mutt lange have done. why can't he just enjoy the music like the rest of us and keep his big mouth shut.

  44. Wow! This was interesting to watch. What a great sounding album. It's cool to see how some of those sounds were created.

  45. I have always thought this was ddrums. After Rick Allen got his arm cut off, he used a ddrum2 unit, which has the same kind of drum sound in it (I have one of them, and it is an incredible unit.)

  46. What…the…fuck? The reverse snare explanation and subsequent demonstration on how it was created and then incorporated into the song was amazing. He made it seem so damned simple…

  47. Great insights. I graduated high school in eighty three, and that was my favorite group and favorite song at one point. I can still remember learning the chorus guitars. I'm thinking ACDC used a spliced drum beat too (sort-of made their own drum machine from tape, but a true sample), so that might have been pretty common in Mutt's arrangements. I think you hit it on the head, drum head, that is…LOL…no pun intended. I'll bet recording the drum parts last only meant the symbols and adding fills, but I'd bet that the mechanical drum track was the first thing recorded as a foundation, reverse snare and other drum mixing tricks done last. Mutt was a true magician in the studio. I would always burn a CD and take it to my car to listen to my mix as I made adjustments with a mastering plugin on the master bus to get an idea of what the mastering process was going to do to it (still do because my equipment is cheap) and I had heard that Mutt would go back and forth to a car as well to test (might have been cassette with Mutt). I would bet that what Mutt was taking to the car was really close to what the mastered sound would be like. I'm guessing. I appreciate your insights, and am going to try that trick with the reverse reverb snare some time. Great video.

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