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Hello and welcome to Twiggli. Are you looking for a way to print out your family tree? Well that’s exactly what
Twiggli does for you. Twiggli is an international website, and it’s free to use all the way from when you start, through to when you produce your first
watermarked full-size poster. Because it’s international our pricing starts off in dollars here but you can change it really easily… and now you can see the
price in UK pounds for a complete watermark-free poster. Now underneath here, this is where you can choose how you currently keep your family tree. If you already have a gedcom file and you know what that is, then you just click Start. If you need a bit more advice then click the little arrow here and it will tell you what to do if you have a tree in a different place and you haven’t yet created a gedcom file. So let’s go ahead and start here. Oh, before we do I’ll just point out a couple of little things to you. There’s a link to the blog here
where we just have few articles about using Twiggli. And here there’s an FAQ, so if you have any questions about using Twiggli at all, hopefully we’ve answered them there. If we don’t answer them there, please get in touch with us. We’re still quite a new website, so it’s interesting to see what people come up with that we haven’t thought of. If you’ve already got an account you’ll be logging in here, and you can register at any point in the process. If you don’t register you’ll get little reminders. The reason for that is that obviously if you put a lot of work into your tree, you’re going to want to keep the work you’ve done, and also, when you give us your email address we’ll be able to send you a link to any completed trees that you create. So let’s go ahead and register now. We don’t ask for very much as you can see. So I’m going to put my first name there. The user name… I will go for… I think I’ve already got that one so I’ll put an extra point in. And then let’s do [email protected]… And with passwords you need to make sure that they fit the format that we ask for. I really mustn’t talk while writing my
password in otherwise I’ll get it wrong. And if you need some help on what that format is just hover over the little information button here and you’ll see what we require. It is quite complex, but that’s so that your information remains as secure as possible. And then click “I’m not a robot” and off we go! Yes it’s happy, good. So here we have “I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions” and the “Cookies and Privacy Policy”. Do click on those and read them, it’s really important that you understand how we operate and what we’re trying to do with with looking after your data And once you’ve done that (I obviously already have) you can click on Continue. And now we’re on the first
page of building your family tree. So here we have a page where you can enter your tree name. This can be anything you like. The idea is to have something that will identify this particular tree for you. So your Gedcom name, a surname… I’m going to use a surname for this one. and then click on the arrow when you’re
ready to proceed. Now we’re going to upload the Gedcom file. There’s a little bit of advice that pops up when you hover over this button so if you have any concerns over your compatibility for your gedcom file do read that and perhaps
have a look at the FAQ as well. We cater for nearly every type of gedcom file but we have had a few unusual ones that we’ve struggled with a bit so if you do have a problem uploading a gedcom file please get back to us. We are here to help and we would like to try and get to the site working for as many peculiar files as we possibly can. so let’s click that and go straight for the gedcom file I had
saved earlier and it will take a few seconds to upload depending on the size of your file and also how many people are using the site. Right, once it’s up and running you can see the name of the gedcom file has popped in here and the name of the first person in the file (me) is sitting there. You can change your root person so if you click this little arrow on the side you’ll get the drop-down with all the different people in your tree. and if you want to choose somebody in particular, so let’s say my sister I can start writing her name and she will pop in there straightaway. I’m going to stick
with myself for now, so let’s just click Submit and on we go to the next page. This is where Twiggli is processing the information and coming along to the design page… So here on the design page we choose the four elements that make up the tree. The first one is the portraits and Twiggli will put those in for you
into the right parts of the tree so there’s no need for you to individually decide what’s going to go there. If you choose one of these family type ones, the cartoons, it will automatically put men in the… in the correct places and it will put somebody of the correct period into the correct places so you don’t have to do all that, it will do it for you. There’s lots of different ones to choose from. You can use these buttons at the bottom to scroll through quickly or the buttons… buttons… bleurgh! or the arrows at the sides to go through one by one. So let’s choose… let’s go for this one. I don’t use that one very often it’s quite a cute one. Now you choose a frame and in
the same way you can choose any one of these frames to use for your design so let’s have a nice classic pewter frame. And then here you can choose the
branches for your tree. So the first few are plain branches so we can go through a whole batch of those… and then at the end here there’s some which have leaves on them, which I rather like. It’s easier to see the relationship between individuals if you use a plain one, and so if you’re using a very fussy
background you might want to keep the the actual branches quite plain, but if we’re using a plain background, which I will be, you can choose a fussier tree. So then choose the backgrounds image. Now here you can upload your own background, so you can click on that and then pick a file that you want to use. Or here you can choose any one of the backgrounds that we provide for you. So let me think…
I’ll have this one. Right, that’s all the four elements chosen so we can click the buttons to go on. And now we’re moving on to the page
where we can start editing the people. So here at the top you can see all the elements we chose. We can be sure we’ve got the right ones. And then here below are all the different people in my tree – my 62 ancestors and me. Now you’ll notice that on this side we have little batteries. Now the batteries tell us whether the information for that person has been finished yet, and obviously at the moment none of them have because this is a brand new tree. So here’s me at the top my parents come next, my grandparents after that, and it will go on and on, through all the 63 ancestors. So let’s open me up. There’s a few things to notice here… One is that Twiggli has already
chosen the person to represent me. You can change that by clicking on it. You can choose another person or you can upload your own photograph if you like. it also says “If the text is red there are too many letters.” So, it’s chosen information that’s come
directly from the gedcom file, so my occupation here comes from this section down here, and obviously that’s far too long. and all I want to put in there is
genealogist. So let’s put genealogist in there. And i’m going to go take out the comma after my birthplace, but I think everything else looks fine. So I’m completely happy with that. If I tick just some of the boxes the battery would go orange. If I tick all of them which I will in this case, then it’s going to go green as soon as I close this up. So let’s close it, and you’ll see it swap to green there we are! And the same will happen for each of
these people, so you can open up each one, pick a character or a photograph, if you
want to change it you can, and fill in all the bits that you want to fill in. If there’s things you want to come back to, leave them unticked, so as an example, let’s just tick those… we like all those, but we still want to work on those… so let’s close it up again, and you’ll see it’s gone orange. Now your tree will print, whatever color those batteries are, your tree will print out, but the batteries are really helpful for running through and seeing… “Okay I’ve finished that one, I’ve got to work on that one.” and so on, as you work on through the list. Very handy. So when you finished everything that you want to do and you’re ready to roll… You click the Generate Tree button. All you need to do there is click on the
button and up will come the two print choices. If you haven’t already changed your currency you can change it now. And there are two options. You can either
have the free watermarked PDF. You can see an example of a detail of it here, this is my mum… and you can see that the background here is a little bit on the blurry side, but you can still read the text, so it’s great for checking your data, making sure it’s all come through the way you wanted it to, and also if you’re a professional genealogist and you want to do one of these for a client, you could do one like this to let them have a look, and before you actually do the complete edition. If that one isn’t the one you want and you’re ready to go straight for the big one, then there it is on that side, all nice
and bright everything as it should be. So, I’m going to just choose the free one for now, so you click on that button… and it will tell you “Success” and that it’s going to send you an email with a link to the tree as soon as it’s ready. We did try to make Twiggli so that it would process straight on that button straight onto your screen, but we did find that if the site got busy then people’s computers were timing out. So we ask for your email only because we have to in order to send you this link and it does make the process work a lot quicker and a lot more smoothly and we’ve had no problem since we’ve been doing that. So hopefully that will work really well for you. Ok! We can now go home, back to the home page, and you will see that now we have a tree listed here. We can choose this button to edit it further, this button to delete it… and here is where the orders will come up. So it’s still processing at the moment, so there’s no new orders as yet. I can refresh the page at some point we will get a little notice to say There is a tree ready to download. Or you can go away making up a tea come back when the email arrives! Ok I think that sort of takes us all the way through the essentials. If we go back to the profile page you see you can update your email address easily if you change email. You can delete your account altogether if you want to. Or you can keep producing more and more trees… as many as you like, keep adding to this pile and do them for your friends and relatives, and edit them as you go along. Any questions at all remember the FAQ is there, and we’d be very pleased to hear from you and help with anything we can. It’s been very nice to talk to you today. Hope you enjoy using Twiggli! Cheerio!

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