Print On Demand Book Printing & Book Distribution From BookBaby

Introducing Print On Demand from BookBaby. Print On Demand offers you the chance
to sell your printed book in the world’s biggest bookstores without large print runs, inventory, or shipping concerns. Authors simply sign up and we take care of the rest, including fulfilling each order. Here’s how it works: A customer orders a
printed copy of your book from a site like Amazon or Barnes and Noble, just like they would with a bestseller. We print the order, even if it’s just one copy, and mail it direct to the customer. Unlike other companies, BookBaby uses the very same high-quality
paper stock and printing press for each and every order placed. So from book number one to book number one-thousand-and-one, we guarantee the quality of
each book will be exactly the same. BookBaby also offers you
the biggest book distribution network on the planet. Your books can find their way
into over a hundred stores and catalogs around the globe. So when it comes to a Print On Demand
service that offers quality books and the widest retail network
in the world, BookBaby is the only publisher
that truly delivers. Guaranteed. To learn more, call us toll-free or visit

6 Replies to “Print On Demand Book Printing & Book Distribution From BookBaby

  1. How is BookBaby different than a service like CreateSpace ( If I want to create a children's book that works on both Kindle, iPad, and also printed copies, can I do that with Book Baby?

  2. Does BookBaby have packages set up for publishing with different prices. Packages that include all you need for one price?

  3. do you print graphic novels as well? because I'm an Inspired comic artist and I want to get my Digitally drawn story out in book stores in the graphic novel section. If you guys do I will be looking forward to sign up and enjoy people supporting my work by buying in stores or online.

  4. How does one know Amazon is reporting all the sales to the author.  How can we assure that Amazon is not stealing money?

  5. To print 25 copies of your book with 365 pages at BookBaby = approx $360 plus taxes. That's nearly $15 per book. We can do better with Createspace, and Lulu also is about 50% of that. YMMV.

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