28 Replies to “Psychological WET PAINT PRANK – Social Experiment

  1. Good prank, but be honest Rich… you forgot to unmute the mic; that's why no audio.

    Also, you could enhance/twist this prank by slipping the sign behind the other person instead of between and then accusing them of ruining your clothes and asking them to pay for them.  After all, they sat in front of the sign and obscured it from view, which is why you sat down, or so you could claim.  If they hadn't sat in front of the sign, you would have seen it and not ruined your clothes.  Might be a little too antagonistic/aggressive for your style, but it would lengthen the reaction.

  2. This is soooo funny and friendly… very very nice and superrrrrrrrrrrfun to do…
    I will take this prank for this summer in my city. .. thanks richie

  3. I like that you show the fails at the end too. Sometimes those reactions are more baffling than the illusion.

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