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Executive Producer
Katharine Kim
Associate Producer
Joon H. Choi
Produced by
Sean Lee, JK Youn
LEE Min-ki KANG Ye-wonKIM In-kwon KO Chang-seokDirected by JO Bum-guI’m out on duty tonight. It’s Independence Day
Biker gangs are running wild. – Easy, boys.
– Down with the pigs! What the fuck? Han Gi-su!
Stop right there I’ll kill you. You bastard! You hear me? Chun-sim. Ji Chun-sim! Hey, you! Stop! Han Gi-su! Are you kidding me? She’s not even human. What, bitch? Not talking to you. What the heck? I’m talking to him
Lay off! Pull over, baby. Stop for a sec. Where are you going? Gi-su, don’t go. Chun-sim. Chun-sim. Hey, you! Are you in a biker gang? Damn right, I am. Biker gangs don’t wear helmets? Biker to the core
Goddamn pig… – Chun-sim.
– Alright, I hear ya. Now pull over. What am I, a goddamn taxi? Just pull over. There’s no way
you’re a biker gang. Ever heard of Myeong-sik
or Hwayang Raiders? Got one for booking. Stop the bike you son of a bitch. Get off. – What?
– Get off the bike. Chun-sim! Courier service
How can I help you?– Hello?
– Where to, ma’am?
Cheongdam to Sangam
20 minutes
20 would be pushing it. You should give it
at least an hour.You have a real fast one though.We’re all fast.You got a crazy fast one.There is one. Officer, please let me off. – No.
– Just this once I’ll issue a ticket
without demerits. Oh, come on! You got a boyfriend? What the heck? Pull over, asshole. Courier service. Mr. Jeong at Futura Chemical? Have a good day. Yes, chief. It happened in our precinct
so our men were dispatched. It’s an explosion. Is it a Major Crimes or
Terrorism case? Major Terrorism, I see… No, I’m not trying to
pass the buck. Excuse me… Hang on. Write it all down. – What exactly?
– Forget it. You can go. Sorry, you were saying… Come here. Why don’t we talk this over? Go on, talk. Alright. I understand. A cop jacks a police vehicle
in broad daylight? Your own boss’ ride? – Some jackass…
– Some jackass… what! He was thrashing it like crazy. What are you, a sheepdog? A goddamn greyhound? Can’t resist the chase? We made a traffic cop
out of a biker thug and you get caught
street racing and steal a police vehicle? You’re a disgrace to the force. This is no way to treat
a fellow officer. A fellow officer? I’ll poke a hole in your face. What do I do with you, man? You wanna get your ass kicked
by a fellow officer? You’re a real piece of work. What’s going on here? There’s been an explosion. An explosion? A gas explosion? – It wasn’t a gas leak…
– At around 11:48 am, a bomb exploded in the
Futura Chemical building. A bomb?
What is this, Iraq? Why would a bomb go off
in the middle of Seoul? Beats me, too… We’re checking CCTV footage
so, we’ll have a lead soon. Right away, ma’am. You shouldn’t ride so fast. Got a pick-up in Cheong-dam in 10. Leave me alone
I almost got killed today. That’s why you should go easy. Gotta get to Sangam in 20. It’s a crazy ass day. Jeez, this is incredible! Morning. What do we got? The 2 victims were from
Futura Chemical. Futura Chemical? The company was acquired
by Hope Capital last year. It’s a medium-sized enterprise. Piss off! Sure it was a bomb? We’re looking into
the composition. But, it’s not your average stuff. How come? The sprinkler put out the fire
right after the explosion. And? But the bodies were completely
burned down Detective Seo! We got the internal
surveillance footage. What about the perimeter? Privately operated
A warrant will take a few hours I see. It can’t be very different. Don’t question me
Just get it! Who’s the man in the wheelchair? It’s the chairman, Kwok. And the guy pushing it
is Jeong, the head of development. And there was no one else
in the building? Because of the ongoing merger,
there was no one else. It was Jeong that
received the package. Then, boom! Where did see that face? You know that man? Indeed. What’s up?Where are you?On the way. Still on the way? Good! Go to the writers’ office first. Why? They have a pick-up
going to Mapo. You double-booked me? Twice the money. It’s a wrap here
We’ll have her on her way. Advertisers will be there? It’s just that… the traffic
is a bitch at this hour. No, of course she’ll be there
Hello? – No one called for a pick-up.
– Hello? Must be a prank call. What the heck? Did you call for a pick-up? What pick-up? To Sangam
Has to get there in 20? It was you I’ll try my best. You called for a courier pick-up? Yes, darling. – Go get this one, okay?
– Yes, darling. Advertisers will be there
It’s all on you. Go get it, tiger. Show ’em! Yes, darling I’ll meet you there later. Counting on you. Thanks, ma’am. Long time. Chun-sim? A legendary biker becomes
a courier boy… How ironic! What are you doing here? What, I can’t be famous
and important? So, you are OK Girls’ A-rom? I’m busy!
You got 19 minutes. Go! Sure. What about me? I only have one. Are you kidding me? No concern for your clients I’ll get a ticket
if I don’t wear one. You don’t care if I fall
and smash my skull? Go! We have no time. Wait, wait! – What?
– Hang on… – Why?
– The helmet’s making a funny noise. What noise? What’s this? It’s my helmet alright. And, what’s this? Hello?Messenger boy on a BMW bike
Who the fuck is this? – What’s wrong?
– Hang on.You put every penny you got
into the bike.
Listen carefully.– Your helmet is wired with a bomb
– Move your ass. We’ve got no time.
He says your helmet is
attached to a bomb. What? But, I’m not wearing my helmet.I know!
What a terrific start!
Anyway…– she takes it off, the bomb goes off
– Why won’t this come off?
Don’t! It’ll blow up. What are you on about?
Let’s go!– From this moment,
– Wait
you’ll follow my instructions
to the letter.
Quit playing, asshole!
Is that you, Young-jin? Yun-hwan?
I’ll kick your ass.Have you ever thought thatyour mindless speeding
could hurt others?
What are you talking about?
Who are you?Who I am is not important.It’s what you gotta deal with
that matters
I’m too busy for this shit. Tell me who you are
you son of a bitch!You got time to curse,
then get off there now.
Or you’ll die in 30 seconds.Who are you, jerkoff? You’re freaking me out.Turn around.See your helmet?I’ll count to ten– 10
– Why…
9,8,Go on, count faster! Think you can scare me like that?5,4,3,– Who do you think you’re fooling with?
– 2,
1.Lose your cell phone
The girl’s, too.
You’ll take my calls only.Take off the helmet,it blows.The helmet and the watch phone
are more than 10 meters apart,
it blows.You don’t listen to me,it blows.Get on my nerves,
it blows.
In the next 30 minutes,deliver the package to
a construction site at 284-4 Seogyo.
Get there in time,
the timer stops.
Bye for now.Why are you doing this to me, sir? What did I do wrong?What’s with sudden politeness?Don’t have the time for that.No. I prefer this, sir.No need to shit your pants
as long as you keep it on.
Good luck!Hey! Where are we going? To Seogyo. No. We’re going to Sangam. Didn’t you see what happened? Didn’t you hear me? We have a massive
endorsement deal at stake. He’ll blow up your head. – I’m taking it off.
– No! It’ll kill me, too. You’re worried about
your own ass? Go to Sangam, now! You have no idea
how we got that deal. – Sit still, will you?
– Sangam! Now! – I’ll jump off.
– Stop screaming. Still no answer? No. What do we do? She’s still not here? Uh… no! Get that gum out of your mouth. Come on, you’re on next. Be right there…
Come on, pick up!The hot new girl group
taking the music scene by storm.
It’s OK Girls singing
‘Crazy Boy’
Go by yourselves. – What about the rap?
– We’re singing live I don’t know. Just go
Go! Go! Chun-sim! Chun-sim!
Stay within 10m, okay? What’s she wearing? Chun-sim, 10m. Chun-sim, 10m. Don’t go far. Chun-sim! Hey! Don’t call her by that name. A-rom Detective Lee just called. What about? The radio station explosion
was another bombing. Goddamn it. He checked the surveillance and identified the same courier
from this morning. Who is he? Bin Laden? – We got the biker’s location.
– Where is the bastard? We tracked him on a traffic cam. He’s at a concert hall in Sangam. No! A-rom. Look here, goddamn it! Chun-sim. Who the hell is that? Shit! Shit! Chun-sim
Come here. What do I do? Chun-sim, Chun-sim! Where? Chun-sim! Chun-sim! Chun-sim! What do I do? – You wore a helmet on stage.
– It’s a new concept. Why just you? It’s a concept. Can you explain more? It’s a concept. So, what is it? Take it off now. It’s a bomb. You’re a bombshell alright, I know! We should’ve never
brought her on board. What did you say? You’re hard of hearing, granny? Aren’t you 21? That’s right 21? Yes, 5 years ago I’m only telling the truth. You fucking bitch! – You’re calling me bitch?
– Yeah, dogface. You little piece of shit. – Don’t you screw up with me!
– Get the car ready. Chun-sim. Stop the car I got a bomb in my head. We’re late for a live broadcast
Step on it. Stop the car. – Uh…
– What? We got a freak on our tail. Fans are as crazy
as the girls. Step on it. Your head will blow up. Go to the front. Let go of me. What did she have for lunch? What’s wrong with you? Stop the damn car. Open the door. Jump! Jump! Look out! The man! The man! The car! The car! Come on. Crazy bitch! Look,DM Construction.DM Construction. Yes, sir. Watanabe checked out
yesterday at 1 pm. We’ve been keeping watch
from the hotel. Yes, sir. What does he say, bro? Quit calling me bro
What are we, mobsters? Yes, Mr. Kim. Watanabe disappeared into thin air. What do we do? Uhh… Go find him!
Get everyone on it. Yes, bro. Address me by my name, dickheads! Yes, Mr. Kim. Who are you? Courier service. You deliver to
construction sites, too? I was told to give
this to you in person I’m looking for Bro Kim I said don’t call me, bro! Well, it says here… “Bro Kim, DM Construction” Who’s it from? Mr… Cont Bomb. Give me that. Cont… Bomb? The name sounds familiar. Oh my God, oh my God… It stopped. What is this?Good job, my boy.But, ‘Cont Bomb’ is not a name
It means it’s ‘containing a bomb’ (It’s a bomb!) Aikawa will arrive tomorrow
on the first flight. With Watanabe missing and
the CEO showing up himself nothing can go wrong, got that? Yes, sir Lee speaking.Son of a bitch!– Mr. Kim?
– Wanna screw me over so bad you’re bombing my ass? What? I may be a running dog for the Japs… He’s frothing at the mouth again. Take this and call me later. Is this the guy we’re after? You know him? He was the architect of the
“2004 Independence Day Rally” Who is she, then? What about her? She’s going around
blasting bombs with him. Chun-sim won’t… Is that her name?
You know her? No… let me see… Is she his girlfriend? Hell, no! Who said that? Have you lost your mind? Detective Seo. This punk, Gi-su… you will not catch him
if you act like a police force. What? Only professionals
understand professionals. You will never ever catch him
like that. Then, what? You gotta send me. Then, what? Eye for eye,
tooth for tooth. Biker for biker. We secured the suspect’s location. Let’s go. You’re back on the scene, huh? What are you still doing here? Baby, you want a ride? Who the hell are you? I’m a motorcycle warrior
You blind, punk? Go take a ride
Why bother an innocent kid? – Who the fuck are you?
– Han Gi-su. Who asked your name?
Which gang you from? Haven’t you heard of
the Devil Thrasher? Who the fuck is that? What is that, a tricycle? Get lost. Before I gut you alive. You steal all the good lines. Bro!#203, World Arcade
365-1 Myeong-dong.
Deliver the package to
Hope Capital Ltd.
Why are you doing this to me?No fun in giving that away now.You gotta figure it out yourself.Did I screw your wife or
murder your folks?I would’ve killed you
if you had.
What is it then, motherfucker?Don’t upset me or
I’ll press the button.
Go ahead, kill me
How are you gonna do that?There is one way to be born
but a million ways to die.
The explosion in Seocho
this morning
and bombings at radio station
and the Seogyo construction site.
Bombing?Are believed to be planned terror attacks
by the same man.
– Raise your hands.
– Freeze! Don’t move. Do you realize what
we’re doing now? We’re delivering bombs. What do we do then? Turn yourself in. He’ll blow your head up. What do we do then? Don’t ask me that I can’t believe you got me
into this mess. – Hey, it’s you that called me.
– Screw you! – Brothers.
– Yes, bro. Why did I become a pig? So that you wouldn’t be
busted again. But, the reality was brutal I’m a cop constantly
getting my ass kicked by other cops. Don’t lose faith, bro. – Brothers!
– Yes, bro. Gi-su is back on the scene. This is an arrest warrant. We’ll get his ass today. – Yeah.
– Yeah. Let’s thrash it. Go, go, go! Hit the road. – Can we count on him?
– What… He is such a troublemaker. Eye for eye
Tooth for tooth. Biker for biker, alright? Yes, sir…
we’re right behind them I believe we’ll secure
visual in a moment. Go straight.Turn left.We should take a left here I said straight,
goddamn leftist! It’s him, Han Gi-su! Step on it, goddamn it. Chun-sim. Shit. Hurry! Get them. Oh, my god! Out! Stop right there, asshole! Get out of the way. Where should I go? This way! Get out of the way. Stop right there, asshole. Out of the way. Out! Out! Get out of the way. Chun-sim. Chun-sim… Hold tight. Holy Moly… Get out of the way. Oops, sorry. What is he doing? – Step on it!
– I am doing it. See you in a bit, you bastard! The buckle is jammed. Son of a bitch. Hey, that’s my bike. Get out!
Out of the way! What the heck? Hold tight. Out of the way! Now what? Hold tight. Give me a break. – Where are we now?
– I don’t know. Hands where I can see. Lower the guns. – How long we got?
– Freeze! 6 minutes. Omigod, omigod… Lower the guns. Hey, kid! You know me, right? – Come down here.
– Officer, actually… This here! It’s a bomb. This is also a bomb. – These are all bombs.
– It’s true. Her head will get blown to pieces. It’ll go off in a moment. This helmet belongs to him but, I wore it by mistake. It’s only my phone
I got a call. Don’t get carried away
This isn’t New York! He got a call. Go on, take your time
No rush I called for a courier earlier.Keep babbling and
I’ll blow it up.
Shut up, shut your mouth! Why?Remember
I hear everything you hear
and see everything you see.You got 5 minutes.
Tic toc!
What did he say? Keep babbling and
he’ll blow you up. Really? Just calm down
Walk slowly this way. Bomb… bomb. Boom! I heart you, too. What’s she doing? Mister. What’s wrong, baby girl? Do you know where Hope Capital is? Hope Capital? Finance isn’t really my field… What… You need a loan? – The truth is…
– Shut your mouth! What are you doing? Hold tight. He’ll get us killed. What’s he doing? – Look, Hope Capital.
– That’s the one. – How long we got?
– 1 minute. Oh God…Explosion in 5 minutes
Ready? You okay?Touch down! Good job.– Ticking stopped.
– Get this off me.You don’t have time for that.Bomb!
Everybody out. Han Gi-su. Say that again? Explosion?
In my building? What do you mean
it blew up? Everybody knew his name. He was a living legend
in biker circles. A-rom, my ass. Her real name is Chun-sim. The old flames are back
on the road together. This could be a movie, man. So, Gi-su and Chum-sim
know each other from the past? Yeah. Why did he kidnap her
and why is he dragging her around? No idea. Do you know what he’s up to? Don’t know. Blowing up buildings
with a bomb. – A bomb?
– That crazy maniac. So, tell me… Did he have a package with him? No, but he got called up
for a pick-up. To take a person from a
radio station to a concert hall super rush. So he went. Chun-sim must have
made that call. Why are they blasting
bombs instead? That’s your job to figure out
not mine. What? He’s driving me up the wall. Punkass I don’t know what you’re
cooking up with your buddy but I’m gonna get you, fucker! A police officer addressing
a civilian as ‘fucker’. You had your share of
days on the asphalt. Get your senses together, punk! What did you say?
Bring it on, fucker! I’m exercising
my right to remain silent. Exercise what? Right to silence, fucker. Starting with Futura Chemical
this morning. DM Construction and Hope Capital
got blasted consecutively. Quite unbelievable
considering this isn’t Iraq. Kwok, the chairman of
Futura Chemical. Jeong, head of development,
studied engineering in England. He is the working brain. These two got killed
in the Futura bombing. KB-1 high explosive. It’s as powerful as nuclear
bomb without the radiation. This small bomb can tear down
the tallest building in Seoul. Amazing, huh? It’s a mock-up. In the 70s, when the nuclear plan
was frustrated the government commissioned
development of this bomb but with the change of
administration in 1981, the project got buried and Futura became
a demolitions specialist. But, after they successfully
completed the final tests the developer and
chairman, Kwok was killed this morning. So, what’s the point of all this? The point, of course… I’ll lay out the points now. Last year, Futura went bankrupt
following the financial crisis and lost the control of
the company in a merger. Aikawa Masaaki, the chairman
of Banzai Capital 3rd generation Korean-Japanese
Yakuza boss a major player in the
money-lending business. Watanabe Junichi, also goes by a Japanese name
but he is Korean, too. He is the merger specialist
at Banzai Capital Lee Do-hyeong,
the CEO of Hope Capital. A real vicious loan shark. – Is that Kim Ju-cheol?
– You know him? He’s a known thug. Futura sought to private
lenders during the crisis. Hope Capital provides the fund but where did that money
come from? From Banzai in Japan. They ended up borrowing
from the Yakuza. That’s right. When Futura could no longer
cover the interest the company was effectively
handed over to Banzai. They loaned money to
acquire it at dirt cheap price. Bingo! But, the man who
orchestrated this deal. Watanabe Junichi,
Aikawa’s right hand man he disappeared into thin air yesterday. Fishy. Fishy all over. Where does Kim Ju-cheol come in? He used his boys to
pressure Futura to hand over control
to the Yakuza. We should bring in
Kim and Lee for questioning. But, before that. This mystery punk. Came out of nowhere
and starts dropping bombs we gotta get him first and find out who
provided the bombs. The bomb is already
in production? It’s all fine but why kill the chairman and
head of development? Uh… well… Watanabe who oversaw
the merger disappeared. These incidents must be connected. We’re looking into it further. So this is… a national crisis? You could say that. Call SWAT for back-up get everyone on this case. Yes, sir. We’ll close it before the
Intelligence Service steps in. We’re going all in. Who the hell are you? What did I ever do to you?I’ll tell you when it’s all over.Are you kidding me? Drop the bullshit
Just be straight with me.– Straight?
– That’s right, asshole.
Next. Destination. Incheon.
Eulwang. 75-1.
You find this funny? I’ll crush your skull
when I catch you. Hello? Look. Let’s get moving. No more mistakes. No more tears I will not let down
my country again. We shall restore
the honour of brotherhood once and for all. Yeah. Gentlemen, let’s. Go, go, go! We have him sightings
at highway interchanges. Keep tracking.We are narrowing it down
from his last seen location.
We’ll run over it with
a fine-tooth comb.
Reinforce checkpoints
at the airport bridges.
What’s your status?My status? You mess this up,
I’ll wring your neck. Copy that. Copy my ass. These guys are
in full throttle. What’s the status at Hope Capital? They’re mobilizing
every man they’ve got, too Kim Ju-cheol in sight
Shall we whack him? Watch your language, girl
‘Whack’ who? They’re gonna have a gang war. Let’s raid the battlefield. Yes, sir. It’s going be major league stuff. What can I get for you, darling?
We have the best clams. What an adorable couple you make! Here, here, here!
Come on inside, darlings. Is this 75-1? Sure! Come on in
I’ll be generous with the extras. Tell me, is this number 75-1? Noodles are on the house. We don’t use MSG
Only natural stuff. No, I’m serious
Is this Eulwang 75-1? It’s the same wherever you go. Look!
You know Wando clams are the best. – Ma’am.
– Yes, darling. This is a bomb. It’ll kill everyone. What? If the bomb… Alright, alright
How about… I’m serious I throw in two lovely
pen shells, huh? See? As big as mermaid’s bra size F, how about that? You want to blow up clams, too.Are you at “Wando clam joint”?Yes.Have some clams.What?Order the medium clams.You’re telling me to eat clams?You haven’t had a bite
to eat all day.
Wando clams are the best.– That’s all for now
– Hello?
Fucking psycho. – Have some clams?
– It stopped. What is he playing at? It stopped. Goddamn lunatic. What did he say? He wants us to have clams. What? Can we get some clams?
Medium size. Coming right up. That’s a lot of gangbangers I’ve never seen a gang war before. Save the enthusiasm, will ya? Shall we whack ’em? What?
What are we, Rambos? Back-up will be here soon. You think you’re some
‘Patriotic Corps’ going around blowing off bombs? You’re the one that blew up
my building. You’re not pinning it on me. Sneaky bastard. Kill ’em. Kill them all. Will he set off the bomb
if I don’t eat the clams? He didn’t say. Are they good? I must be mad. Despite the circumstances,
these taste so good. Can we get the free
pen shells already? Block the entrance. Stop them at the bottom. You ditched me for some whore only to become a messenger boy? As the old saying goes. Make a girl shed tears, You’ll shed tears of blood. Oh… Are you still seeing that bitch? Where is she now?
What is she up to? Chun-sim,
you’ve had too much. Don’t touch me. And stop calling me Chun-sim. It’s A-rom of OK Girls, got that? Oh my head. Chun-sim, wait
Stop right there. Where are you going?
You gotta pay. Please!
Her head will blow up. You wanna get yourself killed? Don’t you know you can’t
get more than 10m away? You’re right. Let’s have you killed tonight. It’s your head not mine,
you maniac. Catch me if you can. You haven’t changed a bit. Jeez, what the heck? Oh, come on. Get this off me, darling. Get this off me. Arms first… wait. It’s stuck. Gently. – Why won’t this come off?
– Gently, please. – You gotta pull back, okay?
– Easy, Gi-su. It’s stuck. Mama… That’s who he really is. You’re just one of them. Don’t cry I’ll always be there for you. Chun-sim. Pull over, bastard
I’ll kill you. Chun-sim. Chun-sim. He means so much to you? Even after what you saw. What is it that I don’t have? Don’t you know how much I…? Didn’t you hear me? Listen to me, Chun-sim. My feelings for you… Shit. Hundred times more than him, I… Chun-sim.This is the last mission.Go to the airport
and find Aikawa.
Who the hell is that?Round eyes, a criminal type.How am I supposed to
find him based on that?I sent you the picture.You fail, it blows up
Get there late, it’ll blow up.
Hey, wait.What?I have one request, please.You’re in no position
to negotiate.
Just one request. Anything you want done
I’ll see it through.What is it?Let me wear the helmet.Aren’t you a gentleman?She has nothing to do
with any of this I’m the one you need.Alright, take the helmet from her.Play smart, I’ll blow you up.Remember that.Gi-su… Chun-sim. Go. Okay. Hey. Just like that? You told me to go. You’re a real piece of work. You won’t take a breath
to think about it? Since when did you
listen to me? Han Gi-su. What? I won’t ask you twice. You want me to go? I’m not saying that you… Answer me. Can you not go? Louder. Don’t go. That’s what you want?
Then, come to me.His name is Aikawa.First flight from Hong Kong
Good luck.
Han is on the run
What do we do?
He’s delivering a bomb
We gotta bring him in.
We got a go-ahead on
use of firearms. Shoot the wheel. Please, don’t shoot. Fire. Hey, darling. – What!
– I know her face. Well, you know Bin Laden’s face.Go ahead. Shoot.Don’t you know me, baby? Who is she? I’m trying to remember. But, I know her for sure. You’re screwed, dumbass. A-2, get the target in place. A-2, target in. You know her, too? Never seen her in my life. That’s my boy. Fire. Shoot the wheel. Hey, you. – Don’t you know me, baby?
– No. No need to embarrass me
like that, asshole. Go, baby
Into the wind. That crazy bitch.We lost them.You gotta be joking.We found Han.We’re chasing him.To the left. Lean to the left. Han Gi-su! Hold tight. – Oh my God.
– Come to daddy. Where will you go? Go on, if you dare. Here we go Rick Aikawa… U.S. National? Bring up the picture. – It’s him.
– He holds dual citizenship. He flew out of Hong Kong
with a U.S. Passport. He’s already landed I got it
My hunch was right.Han was speaking
with him all along.
Who? Han’s cell signal stopped
at the radio station. But there was the same connection
from every bombing site. – Guess who?
– Who is it?– Watanabe Junichi
– Watanabe?
At the Futura building
where Jeong got killed. One cell connection
was made there. Then, the same signal
appeared along Han’s trail. To Watanabe’s cell phone. Maybe they’re switching
the phone on and off. The signal keeps
coming and going.At Futura, the radio station,
the construction site and in Myeongdong,
the same connection
was established. Han is a puppet. What are the mobs saying? They blame each other. The suspect pool
just got narrowed down. It’s Watanabe’s job
Han’s next target is Aikawa. Kwok and Jeong are both dead. He wants 12 million dollars
for the core technology? Without the core technology,
the KB-1 schematic is useless. Our attempts at cracking it
have failed so far. How do we know that
he has the technology? The police confirmed that bombs found at all target sites
turned out to be KB-1. Look for this face. Hello.This is Kim Ju-cheol.It’s been a long time, Mr. Kim.You let us deal with the crap
and keep all the good stuff to yourself?
Then, the one that has
the core technology is…I’ll see you later.It’s Kim. Watanabe and the bombings,
it was all his work. And, he gave me all that
bullshit about bombings? How do I find him? I found him. No, no, no, no, no. Wait… you can’t. It’s him.Good job, my boy.– What the fuck, man?
– Now lure him out.
What?Lure him out.Where to?Away from the car.– Little piece of shit.
– Wait. Fucking lunatic! Stop right there. What the hell? Sorry, Mr. Aikawa. What? Lee got killed?And, Aikawa got kidnapped
in his car,
registration no. 27-ra 8559. Damn it. Watanabe bastard. Where do we go now? Don’t know. He’s not calling
Let’s go to the police. Tell them everything. But, the asshole is not
turning off the timer. – Because he is an asshole, duh-uh!
– Careful! It’ll blow up. Let the police take care of it 27-ra 8650 27-ra 8650… we got it. Looks like they didn’t get far 27-ra 8650, an Audi sedan we believe Aikawa is in it. Everyone, assemble at the airport. What are you doing? They’re turning around. Follow them, idiot. Gotta get the bomb
off your head. Stop! Pull over, cops I’m turning myself in. Weren’t you chasing me
a minute ago? I’m turning myself in
Pull over! What do we do about Han? What about him? He’s chasing us. Shoot the bastard. Don’t wanna see his face ever again.Either Watanabe got betrayedor he wanted the bomb
for himself. Sir.No.It wasn’t Watanabe. Pardon? Watanabe is dead. What? Autopsy report on the
Futura victims came in. One confirmed to be Kwok
but the other one… The other one was? Watanabe. Not Jeong? Then the bomber is…? Kim Ju-cheol?
Or is it Jeong? This gives me a headache. Hello? What is it?We got the bomber.It’s Jeong. He slipped out without
being caught on surveillance. The external surveillance camera
caught him sneaking out. Son of a bitch! It’s not Kim
It’s Jeong. He kidnapped Aikawa, too? Positive, sir
It was Jeong. Where does Han come in, then? Wrong place at the wrong time. So damn complicated. – Where is the Audi?
– Still near the airport. – We’re on our way.
– Good. – We got a problem.
– What? It’s Han Gi-su. What now? He’s right here. Just shoot him. My head will blow up I’ll shoot. – What?
– I’ll shoot your ass. Piss off or I’ll shoot. Go on, shoot me in the head
Damn it. Passcode? Shall I stop? JBK 2065 It was a pleasure doing
business with you I’m sorry about Watanabe. When I told him I wanted to
discuss the core technology he came running to see me. We had a lot to catch up on so, we sat down for a drink. Watanabe had cyanide. Thanks to all that money
you loaned us the interest was choking us Kim paid us daily visits
with his dogs. Out of desperation, I handed over
the KB-1 schematic to you but you didn’t pay the
12 million dollars you promised. Because of that money I killed my dearly respected boss
with my own hands. Courier service
Mr. Jeong from Futura? With the schematic
you got from me you’ll never make the bomb I’ve been telling you over and over
that core technology is in my head I hope I proved myself
over the last couple of days. Do you believe me now? Now that our deal is closed I’ll see you in hell. Mr. Jeong! Mr. Jeong! Come back, you bastard!Where are you going?I’m turning myself in.It’s too early to give up.It’s already too late.Complete the last mission,
I’ll help you clear your name.
Fuck off.I recorded all our conversations.All I need to do is
to give it to police.
Pull over.You’re moving on your own
from now.
What?Let’s make it easier.What did he say? Get off. What? He wants me to come alone I’m not getting off. Just do it. – No.
– Go. I got no time I’ll kill you
if you lose your head. Where did he go? Fuck me hard! Where? Where? There I found him. Hello?What’s the matter?Are you crying? Please, why? Why me? Are you afraid of dying?This is the last missionI’ll send you a picture. Save that person. Who is it? You’ll see. Why, motherfucker?
Why are you doing this? Don’t get carried away.At precisely 3:15.There is an airport train
leaving for Seoul. We wrap this up in Seoul. If the train stops mid-way, everyone on board will die
Remember that. Hello? Hands up, man. Hands where I can see, damn it. Myeong-sik. Drop the acting
Where is she? She is… What am I gonna do? Detective Seo
My dear Chun-sim is… Who is that? Talk, goddamn it. She almost went out
with me once… My ex-girlfriend is
being held hostage. – By Jeong?
– Who’s that? The man that’s threatening you. – Me?
– Not you, dumbass. – Where?
– I’m on highway. – No, where is she?
– Stay out of it. On board the airport train
There is one leaving at 3:15. There is an airport train? Take a walk, dumbass. Where to? Mister, why are you doing this to us? Did we do something wrong? Sometimes one man’s pleasure can be another man’s pain. Pardon? Chun-sim. Han Gi-su. Can I not get on, by any chance? Of course. Chun-sim. Hey. Hello? What time is the flight? Chun-sim. Chun-sim. Chun-sim. – Stop the train.
– If we do, he’ll blow it up. Omigod, my Chun-sim… Call Railroad Corp and
tell them to slow down the train. Hey! Han Gi-su! Chun-sim’s on the train. The bomb. Hurry! The bomb! The entire Hangang Bridge will
disappear within an hour. Hangang Bridge? Don’t worry
Just have the money ready. See you in Shanghai. We believe the bomb is
attached to the girl’s body.Why the train though?How would I know that? Get the speed back up. We’ll only stop at
Gimpo airport. Shit, what’s going on? Aren’t you an OK Girl? – I want one, too.
– Please? She has a bomb. A bomb. Crazy bastard. Was he in a circus? Poor Chun-sim will
meet her maker like this. Fine! Kill me. Murder me. But, I’m not going down alone I’ll meet you in hell,
son of a bitch. Die. What the heck? Chun-sim, the gun. Get the gun. Urgh. Shots fired inside the train. Get SWAT in. How?
They’re on a moving train. Stop the train. He’ll blow it up, if it stops. How did Han get on it? I don’t know
The monkey has his tricks. Urgh. We don’t have an exact number. This is not an airplane
It’s driving me nuts, too. We have the surveillance feed
Over 200 passengers on board. What the fuck, man? I’m an innocent, upright citizen. An innocent, upright citizen? I beg to differ. Independence Day, 2004, 2:38 am. Black Equus 7047. That’s my girl. Because of you I lost everything. Sure, shit happens. One man’s pleasure can be
another man’s pain I know that. But, you gotta take responsibility
for the consequences of your actions. Right? Don’t come any closer
Stop right there. No. No… No… no. – Gi-su.
– Chun-sim. You okay? Does this look okay to you? How do I turn this off? How would I know that? – Shit.
– We gotta stop the train. What? Hangang Bridge is
a bridge across the Han River, right? I think he wants to
blow up the bridge. With these bombs, shit. Mama! Gi-su!
Save me!Does this train cross a bridge?Why? He said he’ll blow up a bridge there’s gotta be some kind of
trigger mechanism set up. Hang on. Does the airport train
cross a bridge anywhere? – Pardon?
– I’m not sure. Yes, there is one. Which one? Magok Bridge. What? It’s right after Gimpo airport. Turn the car around
to Magok Bridge. Cars can’t cross
It’s for trains only. No cars no pedestrians. What do we do then? We gotta stop the train first. Han, keep calm and wait I’ll call the Railroad Corp
Just wait. – Detective Seo.
– What! I’ll go. What? I’ll go. How long before
they hit the bridge? Cut the crap!
Stay out of it I’m coming for you, Chun-sim. Chun-sim I’m in the control room. Shit… there are people Max? The brakes? EB? I turned the lever. It’s not doing anything. What, then? I don’t know, man.Listen to me
200 lives depend on you.
You gotta separate the coaches.– What are you doing?
– Wait. Where are you going?Looks like he tried to get to
China through Gimpo airport
and set off the bomb
at Magok Bridge. Magok Bridge?
Dispatch the bomb disposal unit. Well, Myeong-sik is on his way. Myeong-sik?
What does he know? What does he know about bombs? It’s a train only bridge
What else to do? Holy shit. What the…? The passenger coaches are separated
They’re safe now. The coaches are separated? – Look away.
– Why? – What are you doing?
– I said look away. No. Omigod. Gi-su. It’s okay. Stop it. Just go. Okay. But, not now. Where are you?
Did you get out?Are you in the front
or the rear coach?
Where is she?
Where is Jeong? One question at a time. Shut up and tell me where you are. In the running coach
or stopping coach? Running coach. What about Chun-sim? She’s next to me.What about Jeong?He’s here, too. Are you out of your mind?
Why didn’t you get out?I want to leave, too.What’s going on?
Tell me. It’s Chun-sim. What about her? She’s cuffed to the train. So…? I can’t get it off her, retard. Don’t you have the keys? What? You said Jeong’s there with you. Hold on a sec. Hello? Hello? Found it. Idiot. But, there are so many wires. The blue one. Got it. Hurry, hurry! Shit, at a moment like this. – Hurry up.
– Hold still. What’s that? Take off the vest. Shit, it’s connected God, I’m scared. There’s no way to unlock this. Be careful. Gi-su. We jump on three. Are you crazy? – One.
– No! Two. Three. Is it a bomb? – Is it?
– Yeah, it’s very complex. Can’t you just cut
one of the wires? No. This is highly complex
remote-controlled trigger mechanism. Fuck me hard. How long we got left? Less than 3 minutes. Omigod… Just remove the helmet. The clip and strap are all wired
Try to remove it and it’ll go off. – Gi-su.
– You should evacuate. – Get away, everyone.
– We gotta go. – Let’s go, Chun-sim.
– No! No, no! – It’ll blow up.
– No. Gi-su! – Hold her legs.
– Gi-su… Gi-su… Gi-su… No! Let go! Chun-sim… It’s okay, baby. That’s okay I’m here with you. Baby, you alright? Fucking bitch. Chun-sim. What? Chun-sim… hear me out. Gi-su asked me to do it
I couldn’t say no. Just do as I say, man. This is the only way
she’ll leave me I don’t know, man. Chun-sim and I come from
different worlds. She gotta to go college. Stop. Enough. That’s enough I’m sorry, Chun-sim. Don’t go I love… you. Chun-sim… Open your eyes, you bastard. Wake up! Wake up, dummy. Gi-su. Disarm failed
You got 1 minute I’m sorry. Fall back, everyone. Run to safety. Dumbass teletubby! We retrieved the schematic
You saved the country. You’ll be buried at
the national cemetery. Sorry. Come here, Chun-sim. Go on
You should go, too I’m staying
I’m okay. Am I shaking? Like a goddamn puppy 30 seconds. Don’t lose hope. You’ll go to heaven. Let’s go I’m not going 20 seconds. Go, girl
Hurry. Okay. But, not now 10 seconds! What are you doing? No. We’ll be dead either way. We’re alive! We’re alive! I’m alive. We’re alive. Chun-sim. Wait up. Come on. Look what I found. They’re looking at us. Let them look. How come this didn’t go off? What’s this button? Press it

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