RAID: Shadow Legends | RAID 101 | Upgrading Artifacts & Accessories

Hey, Raiders! Hunter here, bringing it home with a new episode of Raid 101. In the previous two videos in the series,
we talked a bit about both Artifacts and Accessories. Now, we’ll cover the mechanics of upgrading both of these types of items. (And don’t worry – this one’s not gonna
be super-complicated or math-heavy.) Let’s kick off with the very basics. To upgrade both Artifacts and Accessories you need Silver. Depending on the Rank of the item you want to upgrade and your luck, it might end up being a lot of Silver – so keep that in mind before you start hitting that upgrade button. First, you’ll need to go and find your available Artifacts or Accessories. To do that, you need to go to the Champions Collection via your Bastion screen and pick a Champion. Any Champion will do, but it’s always best
to select the Champion you’re looking at upgrading, as you’ll get to compare their Stats before
and after the Artifact is equipped to see if it’s worth doing. Now that you’re here, tap one of the slots
either for Artifacts or for Accessories. The former will bring up Artifact Storage,
the latter will bring up Accessories. Scroll through and find the item you need,
then tap the “Upgrade” button. Now you’re on the upgrade screen. You can upgrade attempt by attempt, or you can save time and go with multiple attempts. So tap, tap, tap. Doing this a single attempt at a time is fine for the first few levels, but afterwards it starts getting old fast. Let’s try the other button. There! See how the Upgrade attempts continue even if the first one fails? There will be ten attempts in total, and the
process will stop either when the Artifact or Accessory gains a new level, or all ten
attempts fail. Oh, you can also tap Cancel to stop it early, in case you decide that your Silver is being drained a bit too fast. We mentioned failing, so what does that mean? How can an Artifact upgrade fail? All you need to know is that getting an upgrade is not really guaranteed. You spend a certain amount of Silver to try and upgrade the Artifact. On low levels it almost never fails, but the
higher you go, the more difficult the upgrade becomes, and the more shots you’ll need to be successful. Of course, you might get lucky sometimes and get your Artifacts all the way to Level sixteen with just a few tries – but it’s best to be aware that fully upgrading your Artifact and Accessories is going to take some dedication and a good stash of Silver. Speaking of which! A tip for you – it’s usually a good idea to set yourself a limit of Silver that you’re willing to spend. If you’ve not finished upgrading all the
Artifacts you wanted, you can go farm some extra Silver and try again later. The reason for this is simple – you’ll need
Silver for a lot of things, like Summoning Champions, upgrading and Ranking them up, and so on. And – you also need it for the Market. You don’t wanna spend all your Silver on
trying to upgrade an Artifact, only to find out that there’s something cool available
on the Market, like an Ancient Shard, or a rare and powerful Artifact, only to realize you couldn’t make enough Silver in time. Make sure that you’re leaving yourself enough of a Silver buffer for these kinds of opportunities. So, why bother leveling your Artifacts and
Accessories up at all? Same reason you level up Champions – each level increases the Primary Stat that you get, and every fourth level either upgrades a substat or unlocks a new one. Level Sixteen is the highest level that you
can reach with any Artifact or Accessory, and the jump from level 15 to 16 gives a more significant boost to the Stat. It’s a big investment for sure, but like
all big investments – the smart ones pay off. And then you’ve got the Substats. Those either unlock or upgrade once you reach the following milestone levels: four, eight, twelve, and sixteen. Like we’ve discussed in our Artifact Basics video, Artifacts or Accessories of higher Rarities have more Substats available from the start, meaning those stats will get upgraded as the item is levelled up and give you a greater overall bonus. You can’t decide which Substat gets upgraded, because it’s always randomized or unlocked, but you can guarantee that you won’t get
a Substat that is the same as a Primary Stat. So, let’s say you have Gauntlets that give
extra Critical Rate – you won’t get Critical Rate in Substats. But! If you have Gauntlets with a flat Attack Primary Stat – remember, those are marked with a plus sign – -, you might still see Attack in percentage
as a Substat – because those are two different bonuses. That’s about it, really. Upgrading Artifacts and Accessories isn’t
rocket science, but knowing these extra details will help you maximize your efficiency. Don’t forget to hit like and subscribe – our
next episode will be highlighting one of our coolest Champion features: Masteries.

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  1. You do realize you recorded this before your last patch….. how much do you guys not give a shit about the people playing your game. 1000% WTF

  2. Love this game so much but it needs some fixing. My game has been crashing a lot lately and would appreciate some sort of way to know you guys are on it. Thanks and good luck. This game has A LOT of potential. Ignore the haters and others. Bye!!!

  3. The artifact video I’d like to see is on artifact sets. Most macro players in this game focus on champion power. Micro players focus on “the hit”, net effect of Atk, Crit, Buff, and Affinity.
    That said, is the Avenging artifact set worth the extra hit in battle vs power? Is the Frost artifact set worth taking an enemy off the board for one turn?

  4. Hey guys, maybe take a break from the greedy business model and try the making a legitimate game model for a change. I think that would help with the financial side more. It's supposed to be a balance. You make a game that we enjoy, we give you money. I know you're a casino and all but you can still make a quality game and make your monopoly monies, ya feel me

  5. Holy crap, how old is this video? You should probably use the millions of $$ you have and reshoot this with the current upgrade features, Jeebus!

  6. Your luck based system sucks ive had high levels fail far more times than they should there is way to many times we've been given junk armor because of it. Mark my words your game will die off fast when someone comes out with a simular game that fixes this luck crap. I for one am tired of the impossible grind youve created for players. You are forcing people to need to pay you more money than this game should require. Finally the level system is entirely dumb i have to take either a bad charachter and use them as a chicken or take a 1 star through this progression level 1 -10 sack another 1 star then 1-20 and sack 2 2 stars then lvl 1-30 sac 3 3stars then 1-40 and sac 4 4 stars. Thats 10+20+30+40 to get a charachter to just a sackable position. That is 100 levels per charachter to be a 5 star warrior just to sack 5 of them to make one charachter a 6 star. Then on top of it we still have to level the keepable character and sack more charachters to get it ready for the end game. I have spent close to 100 bucks on this game trying to get epics and legendaries. I have 1 legendary charachter. Im playing out my hundred bucks worth and deleting if it doesn't get better.

  7. Will the cost for removing artifacts get removed already so we can switch freely artifacts between champions without that huge amount of coin needed?

  8. thanks for the video, I don't get the hate and dislikes 🙂 I am new to the game and love it, how do I get that awesome T-shirt ?

  9. So a video with the old artifact system? Stupid if you ask anyone with a brain cell.

    Also get rid of having to use silver to take off artifacts, you're heavily restricting creativity and enjoyment in the game. You're needlessly hurting your playerbase

  10. as i ftp player who hast nearly spend 300 bucks (and i swear, i dont pay a cent anymore to your company) wanna hear, if you wanna be so nice to incrase the epic books? ~

  11. they started off slowly sucking in the fan base now theyre better attached like a fuckin blood sucking tick
    i have a friend who is an app developer he told me ALL these type of games end up becoming pay to play.
    “games will never has success if they start out by charging right from the start”

  12. This game would have some potential.. if it wasn’t “pay 100s of dollars to play, and you may or may not get anything.” But fortunately for us there’s a bunch of other games very similar to this one that doesn’t try to scam us. Unfortunately for them, they just wasted their time making this game due to greed .

  13. As I will see all the last video were ready for a very long time and only now put out at large intervals. Why did I decide that? All simply all inserts of game moments are made even before the change of the warehouse of artifacts and the system of their improvement, and this was changed almost 2 months ago, if not 3. (Sorry for use translate programms)

  14. Nice one!
    I would love to see a video explaining the colours for the damage numbers. If I am not mistaken, yellow is for critical, green is for heal, gray is for weak and blue is for shields. But what are red and white for?

  15. How old is this!?

    Jesus Christ Raid…. this is just pathetic. NO ONE thought to not upload this super outdated video?

  16. Crash and burn Raid, you're losing money, people and the content you're putting out sucks more than a hooker after a Viagra convention.

  17. I hate this part of the game its bullshit!! Same with it costing money to remove your artifacts its a waste of sliver and i already spent like over 100 bucks on this game as well! I love it play it everyday but these videos should of been up when it was first released on the phone! It kinda pisses me off because i fucked up alot when i first played this game! Also the new faction war boss is fucking bullshit! Straight up bullshit they need to change it soon or i might just quit playing the game and giving them money!

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