Rain Photography “Masterclass”

all right so today I thought I’d tell
you guys my secret settings to shooting with the phone so believe it or not I
get this question a lot and the answer the secret that’s going to make you
better than everyone is there isn’t a secret you just push the button you take
photo all right and yeah I don’t even know why I’m making a video about this
but many people ask me how you take photo in the rain and there’s really
nothing to it besides just taking the photo in the rain I mean that’s it it’s
not a setting that’s gonna make you better than anyone else and there’s no
secret editing technique you just take the photo and it’s a phone I mean you
just push button there’s no aperture – ISO dial or whatever but I mean I guess
there are some apps and do it but I’m really worried about that if you are
worried about how to do all that what I have a tutorial where I just show you
how to shoot with the phone but it’s nothing more than me pushing buttons so
I hope that helps someone because people keep asking but you know what can you do
just keep repeating the message and hopefully people catch on

26 Replies to “Rain Photography “Masterclass”

  1. Before this gets a ton of downvotes, just wanted to point out that it's intended to poke fun at "Masterclasses" and people with clickbait titles like "Secrets exposed etc"

  2. Photography in the rain is the best, I think I know how to just push the button, but I really want to know… how does one hold an umbrella, a camera, and a second camera to film yourself? That's the one thing I struggle with haha!

  3. It just starting raining here in Perth, Western Australia so this video has gotten me excited to go out and shoot! Do you have a video on editing? I love your unique style it's almost like an anime cartoon style and it works super well with the cyberpunk photography 🙂

  4. Huh… Finish!!
    I did not know when this video ended.😂😂
    This is true ~
    You always said … your settings or edits are not secret …

  5. I love your work, especially your sense of color, and the role it plays in street photography. So many street photographers just follow the same formal of crushing the blacks and desaturating. Thanks for coming by my channel earlier, and keep up the killer work! Subbed.

  6. You're completely right even when not considering the pun. I have a 'pro' setting on mine, but I don't use it because it doesn't serve the 'quick reaction' purpose of the phone anymore.

  7. You're absolutely right. There are no secrets to shooting with your phone. You just do it. That's what's appealing about phone photography and why photography is now so accessible. As beginners, it allows us to focus on composition, without having to worry about anything else. To be honest, although this video is poking-fun (deservedly), I actually think your point is a serious and good one 🙂

  8. lol, I know it can be annoying answering the same question but that is the life on a teacher. Embrace it man

  9. Thanks for this masterclass Noe! I already bought all your presets and gear, now I'm the best photographer that ever lived!

  10. I just discovered you, liked and subbed! I like your attitude just press the button. I'm checking out your other videos too.

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