Random Location Photography Challenge – PHR.photo

Hello and welcome to our random location challenge.
We’ll not make it easy for ourselves today, because we don’t know where we’re going to shoot. This is what we’ll choose now randomly on the map.
Kathi will close her eyes and then tap on any random point on the map
and that’ll be the location for our photo shoot. Ready? Ready.
Then close your eyes please, and … go! Our location is in the community Leithaprodersdorf. Let’s drive there, here we go! Ready? Yes! We just arrived in Leithaprodersdorf,
our location is a few meters over there in the fields. We will not shoot exactly on that spot up to an inch, but we will stay in a radius of about 200 meters. Over there we have a corn field
and on this side a few trees in autumn colors so we will use these two micro locations to take photos. Okay, this was the random location challenge.
It was a cool and interesting shoot, Kathi chose our location perfectly with closed eyes. We had great different backgrounds for our photos,
it worked out quite well. So what are we going to do next time? We will use a larger map to choose all over Europe.
Great idea – see you next time! Oh we are so cool! What were we going to say? We just wanted to say it was great. Yes. Over and out. Lets just wait till the car has passed, because otherwise noone will hear us. In the meantime – the weather.
Kathi, forecast for tomorrow? Noone is going to hear what you say now,
because of the car. There’s a dog in the back, see? Okay that was the random location challenge. It was quite cool, Kathi chose the location perfectly with blindfold, eh closed eyes, *** Ready? One second please. No, you were meant to say “yes” Or don’t say anything at all… I’ll say “Ready?”, and Kathi’s going to answer “yes”.

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