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is it a bird no is it a plane no it is a dog in fact not any dog but a dog drawing three dog drawings if you want to be precise this this one right here this is a standard schnauzer named cricket yeah every every drawing in this video for those who are wondering is done with nothing more than a mechanical pencil a couple different erasers and some blending stubs I'm just gonna you know talk for a few minutes while all this footage plays and you know feel free to sit back relax and just you know just enjoy the soothing sound of my voice on your eardrums you know or don't you'll make a sandwich you could go punch your friend in the ball sack you know there's there's a large variety of things you can do right now you don't have to be listening to this you know you could you could go watch Netflix lost nice shows on there what else is you go for a walk you'll walk your dog instead of watching guy draw dogs with a pencil and talk for five minutes but but here you are listening aren't you aren't you you're you're listening and so because you're listening I thought why not just really pay you the viewer back with a nice freestyle okay okay so okay I'm gonna do a freestyle are you ready yeah this this completely improv I have no idea what I'm about to say so just a disclaimer this this might be good or bad it's basically up to your interpretation so I guess we'll see here it's alright ah okay yeah so I was chilling in the basement drawing some dogs I was smoking hella weed so there was some fog and then I went and picked up my pencil it is my chosen choice of utensil for drawing dogs and things alike you know the other day I was out riding my bike and I was like yo I want to get some pizza then I met a girl and it was nice to meet you I said yeah want to give me some change I need change to ride the bus and then I was like yo oh okay okay okay uh hey so the other day I was thinking I was like I was like bored you know I was like bored okay sorry I'm just gonna awkwardly end the freestyle now I don't know how else to transition out of the freestyle so I was bored the other day and I was just thinking I was like how am I bored there's there's like a million things that I could be doing right now I could be playing fortnight for instance do you know how easy it is to drop like 30 hours a week playing for at night it's not even funny dude like you drop four hours a day that's that's basically dunzo that's 28 hours right there playing for night I I've done that you know have have you done that leave a comment letting me know if you've done that I would it would feel nice to know that other people are as lazy and unproductive as I am it would be nice you know you start our own little community here it you know anyhow what I was trying to get at was if I'm bored right now with with the beautiful technology that we have nowadays it sort of got to the point where I was thinking I was like how how did cavemen survive like not only was there like Tigers trying to eat them but what what did they do for entertainment you know so you know you're you're just hanging out one night and you're just like you know you call up your buddy John because you're bored hey John what's up man you wanna hang out John's like yeah dude yeah do you haven't seen you so long man what do you want to do and you're just like oh yeah dude we could you play that stick man you know we've lived with that stick last time those that was sweet dude and then John's just like oh you know I'd rather play the rock man you know we play with that rock last time that was sick dude let's do that and yeah that's that's how I think cave men would kill time you know but they didn't even speak English so it probably more like oof John stick play rock

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  1. The doggos are cute, my fave is probably the last one. I'd suggest maybe having some quiet background music for mood?

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