48 Replies to “RARE VINTAGE PHOTOS (32 PICS)

  1. Those vintage beauties look better than the fake silicone botox underweight photoshopped Instagram losers today

  2. For those of you that might be lamenting the Blacks and graffiti, I'm afraid it's sad but reality. No, these two might have been just fine. But as the saying goes – "There goes the neighborhood". For all the libtards that fought so hard for desegregation, they could not wrap their little minds around the fact that Blacks have an agenda – total destruction. I'd bet a mint that that area now is a drug infested war zone or totally demolished.

  3. BOMBING FOR PEACE IS LIKE FUCKING FOR VIRGINITY . excellent ! I've never read an anti-war statement as impressive as this one .

  4. The hitch hiking girl in the seventies , I think I'm in love with Her (wonder what she looks like today)?

  5. god you can tell that girl at 2:27 you know the one I'm talking about is just such a bad girl she just oozes it.so sexy so sexy!

  6. At 3:00 the girl was not hitchhiking, but most likely selling Tyler roses along the highway. We use to see this all over Texas in the early 70's and maybe even as early as the late 60's….Brings back fond memories.

  7. The photo of Stewart at the Nurburgring was doctored! It is a fake! The cars did not get that high off of the tarmac! What else is fake?

  8. L Ron Hubbard got an ohm meter from Radio Shack and began conning who are susceptible to illusions of Grandeur. Like Actors such as Tom Cruise and Travolta etc.

  9. When i see some of these pics, i feel like i'm missing out on something but i can't figure out what it is.

  10. look at 2.28 , the pic is from the italian movie "Poveri ma Belli" poor but beautiful, the three actress are Marisa Allasio , Alessandra Panaro, Lorella De Luca, Roma, 1956.

  11. Its strange how much Americans changed from the 1950s to the 1960s the people are almost unrecognizable. America went from straight edged hard working structured people to perverted drugged up slobs in 10yrs time.

  12. At 3:04, I don't think that girl was hitchhiking. I think she was selling flowers on the side of the road. Even in the 1970s, no young girl would hitchhike alone. She would have been raped sooner or later.

  13. Dupont was making nylon stockings prior to 1947, but rather in mid to late 1930s. Rayon and silk were the choice of stockings prior to nylons. But I love these old photos. Young kids better ask questions they have for parents, especially grand parents before they are gone.

  14. I live in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, and there is still the Congado, a great ritual of the old slaves, like the one shown in this video. It occurs on the Corpus Christi holiday.

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