Reno 2 Z: a solid mid-range phone with a versatile quad-camera setup!

hey this is sreehari from mr. phone and in all
the hype of the Opera know – you could have easily missed this beauty this is
the Opel Renault doozy and I’m sure that you’re gawking at this white beauty now
while you do that we’re gonna take the open in o2z
out for a spin today we’re gonna take a whole lot of pictures with it play games
and a whole lot more so without any further ado let’s jump into the video but first things first
let’s take a look at what all we get inside the box coming back to this phone
the chrome finish on the frame the beautiful light refracting white looks
extremely appealing this phone does come in two colors are darker variant is
there as well but I think this one is my favorite the most important part of that
design that I know I appreciate for sure is the flash camera housing the seamless
camera design is something we saw in the open I know earlier this year and it has
only become better and if you look closely under that glass back there is
also an interesting pattern of lines that becomes thinner towards the center
it adds a lot of character to the design the small half balls or other thing
that’s here that was also on the ocarina is actually here to make sure that when
you put it on a table it stays afloat and the bag doesn’t touch the ground and
it doesn’t get scratched easily also another use that I found for it was that
if you’re trying to take a picture maybe a selfie from the back camera then you
can actually frame yourself well with that little ball the phone also comes
with a case inside which looks equally beautiful with a blue finish that looks
like a leather also giving it a much more premium feel and that’s exactly
been the aim with Renault devices that premium feeling starting from the box
the contents inside the camera the design everything hit but it’s time to
now read about what’s happening in tank in India and it’s Twitter time the full
screen six point five three inch AMOLED display is bright colorful punchy with
the front and back both made out of corn and gorlag
five now let me move this article to pocket now for the people who have
already seen my videos in the past you know that I read a lot on pocket and
I’ll tell you why I do that just look how the text extends to the
edges of the display this makes the reading a super impressive experience
watching YouTube is so much fun especially because it’s our video and so
is watching Netflix as well why do I an l1 is here so no worries about HD
streaming either as I’ve talked about before we used to play Co D at the
office but that is impossible as of now although I’ve taken a liking to paste
mobile now I’ve played FIFA on my computer but playing on the phone is fun
and on the Renault 2z it’s even more fun the full screen display is to die for
and the fact that the touchy latency has been worked on makes sure that I have an
easygoing experience with it also the fact that you have the new mediatek
helio p90 chipset inside the nanodegree which by the way also makes the 2z the
first device in india to come with that chipset and the fact that you have 8
gigs of ram and 256 gb storage all of which is ufs 2.1 make sure that you
don’t have any lags talking about the favorite part of the opera no 2z that’s
the cameras first on the renault to see we’ve got the sony i MX 5 8 6 sensor
which boasts a whopping 48 megapixels of capacity while it takes 12 megapixel
images in a standard setting that 2l maker pistol-shot has 48 megapixel worth
of details crammed in it’s not just one camera but the Oberon o2 z has four
cameras so you have a 48 megapixel standard sensor you have an 8 megapixel
ultra-white sensor you have a 2 mega pixel monochrome sensor and a 2
megapixel depth sensor the colours have also come out very good and if you want
you also have the option to switch to 48 megapixels and take full 48 megapixels
shorts with more details that you can imagine just take a look at these
samples you also have ultra steady video mode
with geo Peraino twosies but the operator o2z doesn’t just do
that the ultra wide camera can capture the whole skyline if you wish also if
you thought the wide-angle camera was just for white shorts of landscapes you
can take some interesting poses on it and looks very cool you can start your
Instagram influence or courier very with this now the Oppo no.2 Z can take some
amazing night shots as well and if the light is too low you can always turn to
ultra dark mode now that Diwali is right around the corner I think the Renault
doors you can come in really handy to shoot some stunning low-light samples so
now we come to an end off the day and I actually started using this phone with
full charge at 100% and after all those taking of all those pictures playing
games watching YouTube doing all those things
we finally have come down only to 58% so that’s actually very very nice of course
the AMOLED display is one part of it but also the very power efficient processor
makes sure that that happens also you get book 3.0 inside so when you have to
charge up that phone you really do not have to worry about it because you’ll
get super fast beams so now we come to an end of this video and I have to say
that I have had a lot of fun with the Opera know to see the fact that you get
such a premium package but it also doesn’t go on any other part of it and
you get all of this for rupees twenty nine ninety and I think with the festive
season coming very soon you’re right around the corner with a lot of
discounts that might be coming in I think the opener to Z is a very good
device to look for as a buying option now the Opera know to Z is going to be
available on Flipkart Amazon and also at offline retailers there are also a few
zero EMI options that Oppo is providing and a few cash backs as well for all
those details look in the description below the sale for the Opera know to Z
will start on 6 September so let me know in the comment section below if any of
you really liked you put in o to Z and if you’re gonna buy it but with that I
leave it to it thank you so much for watching this fury from mr. phone with
the beautiful gorgeous super no.2 z and I’ll catch you the next one but I’m
going to go and look more answers

53 Replies to “Reno 2 Z: a solid mid-range phone with a versatile quad-camera setup!

  1. How to turn on macro camera, i didn't find any option for macro camera in Reno 2z

    it becomes very blurry when get close to object

    10x zoom is also not available in this, while Reno 1 has it and it is on same price.

  2. Frankly, it's a good device. No doubt about it but OnePlus 7 is far better choice than this.
    BTW Thanks for this detailed video Sir. πŸ‘

    Twitter @SumitRamSays

  3. Although it's gorgeous and better camera than k20 pro, but looks get hidden under back cover so why not buy k20 Pro it, which is cheaper and all round product specially interms if processor is concern

  4. Hey you are just behaving and applauding like it's launched for 15-20k's too pricey…I like the design and build quality but now a days we are getting glass back 48 or 64 mp cameras and full screen displays under 20k..then why you are promoting this..I don't understand?????

  5. The looks maybe good but hardware is same as what you would get below 20k. Not worth it for 29k. Annoying when reviewers make sponsored video.

  6. I love this phone sir, but 1 disappointed mediatech helio P 90 proccecer. SD 730 chipset is very good than mediatech proccecers, nd this price range. 😩😩

  7. Expensive is the only word in my mind… K20PRO the recently launched white colour variant is equally gorgeous and the cameras aren't too bad either plus u get top of the line SD855 for a lesser price.Above all color OS is the biggest turnoff when it comes to Realme or Oppo phones so unless u r a huge Oppo fan who can spend 30k for a phone which should have been 22k then go for it otherwise there are much better deals without making a big hole in Ur pocket.

  8. Oppo reno 2z is extremely good phone all feature exciting and premium but op7 is already available at this price category and better in all terms, Thanks for the video sir

  9. Do a drop test and a water test…..I am skeptical about that pop-up selfie camera…..Will the phone get damaged if phone accidentaly dropped in water with selfie cam on?

  10. Logically it's a DUAL CAM set up only from users perspective. Depth information can be obtained from AI/wide angle camera too. Giving us a depth sensor and monochrome sensor is just marketing scam for the phone to be called a QUADCAM.

    I like what S10 series/K20 series did with their camera setup
    i.e: wide+normal+telephoto

  11. I dont mind a sponsored video, but i do mind where you'd inclined towards total biasness! A helio P90 chipset phone that congress with 30k where I'd get a K20 pro at 28k, Asus 6Z at 31k and op7 at 33k all with a SD855, better software experience (Only OP 7 and Asus 6z, Redmi isn't good either). Then how exactly this is recommended?

    Wished for a better review!

  12. Well done Shrihari. Just the video I wanted. Something different from the usual office stuff. Going out, taking shots from different locations and offering a fresh perspective. Please continue to improve. πŸ‘

  13. In this world not everyone is looking for a 8xx series cpu in budget… Reno 2 is providing a premium experience at 30k and this phone is not for everyone because not everyone plays PUBG…

  14. They have clearly mentioned in the description box that it's a "collaboration video with Oppo".

    Why paid promotions? And 30k phone is not a budget phone. People believes on you and now you are publishing paid review. You are breaching people's trust. That's disgusting. πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ


  15. How many of agree that he was drunken and said that 30k phn is solid mid range 🀣
    BTW THIS is a
    πŸ‘‰ Quad cam gimmick πŸ‘ˆ with benchmarks of 160k with 8gb ram LOL🀣🀣

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