Review Of How to use Spy Pen Camera Full HD 1080P Photo + Video + Recording

hey guys welcome back to unbox kart
here i m just going to present one of the new product its a mini HD spy pen
camera let’s see what we get inside first of all this is spy pen and another
one is user manual user manual you can easily see like what we are how to set
up this camera and how to connect this camera video system and all that things
so immediately what I will do I’m just going to of this product how it looks
like first of all you can see it’s on/off button like you can easily turn
off and turn on the device this one is for like LED indicator if you can see
just recording mode is on it’s taking the picture or not this one is for reset
like if you want to reset this pen you can just use the any kind of being
something or you can just you have to just inside it and you can hear some
noise like yeah I’m so button so you have to just crazy for approximately
like 5 to 10 second and it will be set for the mic mic is over here
it’s inside then and if you can see of the front itself HD camera like whatever
you want to record or if you want to take any kind of picture you can easily
do it for this lens now it you can see over here it’s a mini USB port in v1 if
you want to just charge this device you can charge it over here and you can also
connect this direct mature PC or laptop through the data cable and and again you
can see here is once wrote a new one it’s a micro SD slow q1 you can use up
to 32gb micro sd card and for the front part you can see like you can just turn
it around and you can usually use the sine of this pan now just insert the SD
card just fix it okay this place it for three
seconds and this pen will be turning on and you will see one green light you can
see they’ve not green like this one and when is now on like if you want to take
if you want to take the picture just praise if only one times one time and
they will take the picture you can see it’s blink and just it take the picture
now if you want to record anything like then you are booked if you want to shoot
anything in anyway we’ll just press this button like three seconds up to thirty
seconds and then it will blink the LED will blink now you can see it’s blinking
and recording it in a recording you start so it is now it’s shooting more so
like if you want to record anything you can just write or it now if you want to save this recording
just press it only one time and you can see their enemies like
stable so it’s all record solid and I quote the oil things whichever you want
to record so basically you can if you want to spy anything like then you can
ease in like this demise in your pocket and you can easily record anything need
an activity so it is very useful if you want to record anything like if you want
to record any conference or meeting or something which are very confidential
then you can easily record it so it’s very smooth thank you guys you

7 Replies to “Review Of How to use Spy Pen Camera Full HD 1080P Photo + Video + Recording

  1. OK how do I watch the footage that I have recorded bcoz I bought this one as it said it could be done via a mobile phone?Do you have any information on this that could help me, OK thanks mate.

  2. Sir mera pne chal nahi raha hai kya karu chalu karne par pahle hara calar ka bar ke phir red bar ke band ho ja raha hai please sir help. Mi

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