Rylo: Best 360 Camera For Stabilization, Hyperlapses & Reframing

This is Ben, this is Rylo and without
further to do here are all the pros and cons I can think of of the Rylo 360
camera the first thing Rylo has going for it is the uber simple design there’s
hardly any buttons on this thing you just hold down the main button to turn
it on and vibrates a little Hello vibration it only has two buttons one
there and one there this one changes modes from photo to video and this one
records and you know what that’s it there’s no other buttons and no other
settings talk about taking simplicity to the extreme so we’ve pressed the button
and we see that bright red LED when we are recording video now let’s take a
photo micro USB port there here we have a
battery latch micro sd goes in right next to the battery BAM you’ll notice
there was no tripod thread on the actual camera which is why you will need this
this is a mini selfie stick at first I thought this would be a nuisance but
I’ve actually grown to really like this selfie stick you can’t see it in your
photos and at the end there we have our tripod mount it does make it kind of
awkward attaching this to longest selfie sticks but it works and I haven’t had
any issues so far so overall in terms of design it’s super simple however that’s
kind of refreshing I like the really simple design anyone can use this camera
is it too simple yes with this simple design comes no other options for
changing modes changing frame rates resolutions color profiles or anything
you’re stuck on one set of settings for photo and one set of sayings for video
and that’s it you can change a little bit later on but otherwise you can’t
change anything within the camera so it’s one apiece next let’s look at
resolution for photos it’s 6000 x 3000 which is about average
and for videos is 3840 x 2160 oh did you catch that 2160 normal 360 video is
a 3840 x 1920 which fits with a two by one equirectangular aspect ratio with
this it’s a 16 by 9 aspect ratio which does mean more overall resolution
however it will add or steps you’re post-production workflow
every time you bring this 4k footage into premiere whichever editor you use
you’re gong to have to resize it to the two by one aspect ratio so why would
they do this well from what I hear from the Garmin VirB which has the same
resolution for 4k is the more pixels you have vertically when you compress that
down to the actual 2:1 aspect ratio that it should be you’re going to
get slightly more clarity on the vertical plane than you would have
gotten otherwise it’s not well explained it all with either of these 360 cameras
however technically I guess you’re going to get slightly sharper resolution and
that’s really debatable so I’m not gonna put this as a pro or a con this is
overall average resolution for both photo and video next is the amazing
feature that we’ve all been waiting for and that’s the rylos awesome
stabilization this stabilization is next-level it’s like nothing I’ve ever
seen before when I put it to the test against five
of its closest competitors it wiped the floor with all of them even the GoPro
Fusion it beats significantly and this stabilization is crazy good I have no
idea how they do it but you can shake this camera around like crazy and it’ll
be almost dead still with almost no motion blur shake or any kind of
distortion this is unquestionably its best feature and it’s leading the
industry right now with it’s amazing six axis stabilization this is a feature
almost worth buying this camera alone for and I’ve shot some stunning footage
utilizing this amazing stabilization and just looks so amazing it’s such a
pleasure to look at it’s a pleasure to shoot stabilization this good is a key
ingredient to creating social media friendly videos that will get eyes on
your work really fast this is gimbal like stabilization it’s like I have a
gimbal underneath this camera because it’s this good this also means it’s an
amazing hyperlapse camera which means a moving time-lapse and it really is hard
to go wrong with this camera all you need to do is point shoot and walk and
you have an amazing piece of cinema almost like you have a crane or a dolly
in your hand and to me this gives Rilo a cinematic look which I’m still yet to
see from a 360 camera since this camera came out all the other companies took
notice and they significantly improve their stabilization they really saw what
six axis stabilization could do and they’re all trying to replicate that
with their cameras so while I’d say this is unique to the Rylo right now
in a few months time this could be something that all of them have you can
tell this is still a work in progress camera because even with that amazing
stabilization I’ve noticed at the beginning and end of clips there’s a
slight movement almost like the camera is moving into place to stabilize then
at the end it moves out of place while this isn’t an issue for shorter clips
because you’re probably going to use the middle section of it anyway the camera
breaks some really long clips into shorter sections so if you’re shooting
30 or 40 minutes it’ll break it up into five or six separate clips this means
it’s going to adjust at the beginning and end of each of these clips creating
a shaky effect in the middle I’ve got no doubt they’re going to fix this but at
the moment this is an issue next we have stitching and I’ve found the stitching
to be really good in the vast majority of situations you’d think with the
thicker camera body that stitching would be an issue because there is such a
distance between the two lenses well I haven’t really found this to be
the case when looking back in my footage I’ve noticed both near and far have
stitched perfectly fine people walk past the Rilo as I’ve been doing hyper lapses
and they’ve not been cut off it hasn’t been perfect in some photos I’ve seen a
very obvious seam line but overall I’d say it’s totally possible for stitching
here’s what Rylo footage looks like overall it does a decent job at exposing
the image of portraying colors highlights shadows contrast however it
also seems to be covered in a creamy brownie kind of tinge they’ve improved
this since the camera was first released however this does cause the footage to
look desaturated after a bit of color correction in Premiere I was able to fix
me most of this is looking a lot more vibrant now there are still shades of
that brownie creamy color on the right-hand side of this video however as
a whole I see no problem this is totally usable when I add in a warp stabilizer
in Premiere just for fun we have a nice fun little shot here I really like what
I’m seeing my biggest issue with this shot is when you watch it in full screen
you’re going to notice that loss of resolution and the colors do look kind
of blotchy unfortunately most 360 cameras are going to do this when you
reframe so it’s probably best to use Rylo for social media
only here’s Rylo at night and yeah it’s not great at all is it not only is it
grainy but you can see there’s a strobing effect around that street light
and this footage is not be nice this is one of the many reasons
why limiting manual controls of the camera is a bad idea
because if you were able to control ISO and shutter speed and aperture you’d be
able to get something that looks a lot better and the aperture is f2.8 which
is the worst out of any 360 camera I can think of so just don’t take this thing
out at night this brings me into its potentially biggest flaw and that is
there’s no wireless connection to your phone you have to connect it by cable
every time you want to download footage you have to plug in this cable put it
into your iPhone and download like that while this will be faster when actually
downloading the footage it’s a pain because it means you’re always going to
have to have the cable with you which if you’re a forgetful person like me is not
going to happen this also means there’s no live preview when you’re shooting so
you’re just gonna have to guess what it looks like and hope it does a good job
and look in the vast majority of cases it’s done an excellent job however it’s
good just having peace of mind and knowing that your shot looks okay and
because of this connection issue makes your photos a lot harder to take there’s
only one option for self-timer and that’s one second so you have one second
to go like this which doesn’t really leave you time to go anywhere other than
arm’s length away from your camera by the way with some of these smaller
issues I’m having I’m sure they probably will fix them they do seem like obvious
things to fix I’ll actually take cameras at face value whatever is there at the
time they released the camera is what you should expect the camera to have
forever hopefully they fix a lot of these issues but I wouldn’t count on it
you never know what the companies are going to do and sometimes it could take
them six months to fix something basic like a self timer without said I have
taken some decent photos with it like this one here I show with the Rylo that
looks quite good it looks almost identical to all the other photos I took
when I compared this with the seven other cameras so it can do a good job
however like I mentioned you can only really have the camera in your hand at
this point this brings me to my next set of issues there isn’t any desktop
software for this camera yet which means you have to do all of your stitching on
your phone because this camera is iPhone only right now and there should be an
Android version in the next few months it means you’re going to have one of the
latest versions of iPhone to use it and you’ll have to rely on your phone to do
the vast majority of post-production this includes downloading your footage
and stitching and if you think about it if you shoot 64 gigabytes of content on
this and you download to your phone you’re going to need 64 gig free and 64
gigabytes is a lot to spare on my phone I have a 256
gigabyte iPhone 10 and it’s already pretty full but I’ve noticed every time
I’ve had to download my Rylo footage I’ve had to delete a shit ton of my
other videos and photos and what makes things even more difficult is after you
download to the app you also have to save to your camera which means you’ll
need to double the amount of space in order to get your footage to your
computer eventually so you’ll need about 128 gigabytes free unless you delete
Clips as you go and do it clip by clip which can be quite annoying that cons
list is getting pretty long well there is one awesome thing that I’m going to
add to the pros list and that is the app the rila app is one of the best 360
camera apps I’ve ever used it’s such a pleasure to use you can tell they value
simplicity and it’s so easy to pick up and use if an idiot like me can use it
then anyone can use it now check this out say I want to follow my face all I
do is hold down my face and go follow this so it’ll go ahead and motion track
the entire clip keeping me in the dead center of frame the whole time and as I
move around it stays locked onto my face I found this to be probably the best
reframing app out there for any 360 camera it makes it so easy and you can
use it and neither vertical or horizontal modes I would almost call
this Insta 360 Studio from mobile because you can create multiple points
within that longer clip and transition from A to B to C within your 360
environment you guys know I love my mobile workflow and I think Rylo are
really leading the way in keeping everything on your phone in terms of 360
video production they’re not there quite yet there’s still a lot you can’t do but
this is pretty incredible given I’ve just done complex 360 camera moves using
only a phone look at it it’s beautiful so silky smooth or yes I could go to
sleep to that [Snoring – Snoring]
[Zzzzzzzzz] here you can create a second window if
you want to show two viewpoints at once you can change the speed if you do want
to do a hyperlapse it’ll speed it up and you can export straight from your phone
you can adjust the colors and hopefully get rid of that pooh brown and make it
more of a light shade of peanut butter Brown another cool thing is you can
level the horizons so if you shot it and it looks slightly out of whack you can
level it like that exporting your photos and videos they’re super easy as well I
really like what they’re doing here you can export as a 360 photo you can export
as a cropped view so if you want to punch in and make that your photo or if
you want to turn into a tiny planet you can export however you want something
else I really like is if you go to more you can now airdrop your photo to your
computer or your iPad or anywhere else you want it’s details like this that
make the workflow faster even though the workflow isn’t the best in other areas I
would say this redeems it a little bit oh and by the way don’t use this up for
tiny planet so creates the pancake effect or it squeezes your head so you
look like you’re a human pancake I sent Rylo a message on Instagram and
told them to fix this so hopefully they will but for now you want to export to
your camera roll and edit in a proper editor like Theta+ or Roll World so
here are the pros and cons as they stand and there’s slightly more cons than pros
or the pros are really good and I would say they probably are worth buying the
camera for something I feel like I need to bring up is something that detective
Michael from 360 rumors discovered and that is the Rylo are naughty boys and
girls because before the camera was released at all to the public they went
to Amazon and they bought fake reviews so they’re listing started with about 18
fake reviews all 5 stars saying how amazing the camera is and the profiles
ended up being fake so while that doesn’t have anything to do with the
camera in my hand it does make me a little bit skeptical of Rylo and look
they are a startup company so I guess they need all the help they can get even
if it’s with fake Amazon reviews I’m sure they’ve learned their lesson the
detective has told them off for the naughty boys and girls they are so I
don’t think they’ll do that again in the future but it’s something worth
mentioning so in conclusion this is an awesome camera and in my opinion all of
these pros are worth buying this camera because at the moment it stabilizes
better than any camera and it reframes in the app better than any camera and
those are two things if you’re into extreme sports and reframing your
extreme sports those two things alone will win this camera
for you for me someone that couldn’t ride in my bike to save his life I’m
probably not going to use it for these purposes however this I know this camera
for me is going to be a b-roll machine the hyperlapse is just so amazing and
hypnotic I know they’re going to make for awesome b-roll segments in between
bigger segments of some of my videos who doesn’t want beautiful cinematography
and the reframed hyper lapses alone are going to get you those awesome b-roll
shots if you’re a blogger this is going to be an awesome camera if you’re into
sports this will be a great camera too outside of hyper-lapses and re-framing I
probably wouldn’t buy this camera to be honest it’s only for those things and
for me those actually make it worthwhile because I’m active on YouTube and
Facebook and making videos every single day so if you don’t see potential in
these two features then the Rylo is the wrong camera for you as a former
filmmaker and cinematographer being able to get those amazing hyperlapse shots
make it worthwhile for me if I could have done this back in film school I
wouldn’t have needed a Red Epic or a Red One I could have used a Rylo and got an
amazing cinematic shots I mean look who isn’t going to choose a
Red camera but if you can do it for five hundred dollars and get a really awesome
cinematic shot then it’s something worth considering if you like your quirky
cinematography then I think the Rylo is going to be a really good option and if
you like sticking to your phone and yes I do mean iPhone only right now then
this will also be an awesome camera is it worth $500 yes I would pay $500 for
these awesome features alone and I did I know I’m going to be using this in my
future vlogs my future videos and I know this is going to give my videos that
next level production value will this be my go to camera
hell no there’s another camera that’s going to be my go to camera and I’m not
naming any names be sure to join the Rylo Facebook group all the latest
discussion about the camera as well as some helical samples you guys are going
to love I’ll put a link in the description to where you can find the Rylo on Amazon and now it’s time to do the ultimate stabilisation test [Music]
until next time this has been Ben from life in 360 don’t forget to follow me on
Instagram my handle is at Ben Clermont on Facebook as well just typing the
life in 360 into the search bar and you’ll find our life in 360 Facebook
page and if you’re on YouTube don’t forget to hit that subscribe button for
more awesome weekly 360 videos so until next time this has been Ben I will see you in the
next video [Music]

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    I think your review loses sight of the primary market, and that’s not people who sit at home behind a computer using desktop software to edit video. They’re clearly targeting active people, many of whom are traveling and editing and posting videos away from their homebase, and this is therefore a great solution.

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