Safari Photography Tips for Beginners

Hey, it’s Amy from Adventure Calls. And on this episode
I wanted to share with you some of my top 10 tips
for Safari Photography. Tip #1: When you come to a complete stop make sure you turn off your car
to avoid vibrations. Tip #2: Check all your settings
before you start the day. Sometimes animals will be outside the park
and you dont want to miss your dreamshot. Tip #3: Talk to other people
and see what they saw the day before. Maybe there is a lion kill and the lions
will hang out there for a couple of days. Tip #4: Bring a beanbag, it’s a cheap alternative
to a car mount and some Safari companies will not
let you out of the vehicle. So a tripod is not a good option. Tip #5: Don’t be lazy and get up early. Animals are most active in early morning
and late afternoon. You can always rest
during the hottest point of the day. Tip #6: Try to anticipate the animals next move. There is nothing worse
than having a series of “butt” shots. Tip #7: A good telephoto lens is a must. Everytime I am on Safari,
I feel like I am never close enough. Tip #8: Be patient. You are not at the Zoo. Taking a great shot will take time,
patience and skill. Tip #9: Try not to get too wrapped up
in shooting just the big five. There are so many small amazing creatures
to see while you are out on Safari. And finally tip #10: Respect the wildlife. Remember these are wild animals and you never want to put their life
or yours in danger. That’s it for my top ten Safari tips. Hopefully you have enjoyed this episode and they come in handy next time
you are out on Safari photographing wildlife. Thanks for watching.

3 Replies to “Safari Photography Tips for Beginners

  1. Very informative video! If any other viewers are interested in a guide to safari cameras for the more casual/beginner user, we've made a video that covers some options:
    Check it out if you get the chance! Happy Trekking!

  2. Even in the Zoo you need to be patient to get a great shot, i waited more then 30min in a Zoo at the Lions and got one of the best Pictures i ever took. Two Lion Brothers, one kissing the other while holding his Face with his Paw.

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