Salesforce Image Resize App Overview and Demo

image resize developed by spoon consulting image resize allows you to dynamically resize your images and save them as touch documents in three simple steps first step unload the images second step dynamically resize the image and that steps save the image directly in sales for subject record let’s see how it works major sizes the curstyn visualforce page you can access it in the menu by custom link on the image resize page you have the possibility to upload up to six images we will start by uploading one image we take our logo and a preview of the image is displayed you can crease the size of the image and you have the size displayed at the bottom you can enter a fixed value I’m doing it right now and the images are automatically resized then you need to select and choose a cessful subject here we choose an accounts we on the account record that has been chosen and in the notes an attachment section you can see that our image has been created as an attached document just click on the link to open the image let’s review the multiple functionalities of image resize so you can upload up to six images in a single girl you can preview the uploaded images you can resize each image by entering a width and height and you can resize the image dynamically with a click and drag the image resize is displayed in real time you can search assess force record and save the resize image as an attached document image resize uses apex visualforce chicory and html5 technologies

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  1. Pascal, is there a way to do this via code? We need it done in a programmatic way when a customer uploads an image

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