Samsung Galaxy M30s unboxing, hands-on review, camera samples, and more

Hey this is Sreehari from Mr. Phone and I
have the all new Samsung Galaxy M 30 is in my hands and in this video since
you’ve already seen the unboxing we’re gonna take a quick look at the phone and
I’ll tell you all about my initial experience with the brand new M 30s so
that any further ado let’s jump into the video of course before we do that don’t forget
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to it so that you get notified when we put out an awesome new video so we begin
with the design of the all-new in 30s and while it mostly looks like the
previous n30 with of course a change in color
that we talked about there’s one very big difference and that is the camera
module here now while the number of cameras here are pretty much the same
that we saw with the m30 because they were also three cameras here and an LED
flash Samsung decided to place the LED flash
here almost simulating a more wider camera array which looks like the new
iPhone lemon or the Levin Pro so probably that was an attempt from
Samsung although the 11 inherent robot launched very recently so I don’t know
if Samson thought about this but surely this is something that looks more like
the newest phones out there in the market now talking about the rest of the
design it’s pretty much the same as I said there is a fingerprint scanner here
which is pretty much shaped like the m30 it’s a plastic body completely it’s non
removable back because now there are phones with removable backs as well like
the old times although this color is not something that I like a lot that is a
white color on this phone and I think I’m going to love that one that’s had
one thing that I do not necessarily like in the design and that’s probably
because this is a pre-production unit but basically there is a flex in the
body so when I do this I do hear some creaking in the phone now I’m sure that
this is because there’s a pre-production unit Samsung does do very well with
production quality and with manufacturing quality that’s it that is
something I experienced with my n 30s apart from that you get the usual stuff
the USB type-c port which is there in the m30 the headphone jack which is
there in the m30 and a single speaker curl again which was there in the n30 so
front design let’s move on to the next thing which is the display and this time
with the n30 now just like the back and the body the front also just like the
samsung galaxy and 30 we have a Super AMOLED display from Samson now Samsung
of course makes the best smartphone displays in town they’re also arguably
makes some of the best displays in TVs but with smartphones Samsung is right
there at the top and we have an AMOLED display on the end
ts now with the M 30s you have the u-shaped knotch which is again something
that Samsung introduced in the M series so nothing different here it did come
with a natural profile on which is why in the beginning I did not really like
the colors on the display the white point but now I think after changing the
profile it looks much better and then there is dark mode that absolutely looks
gorgeous on that AMOLED display also it saves a ton of battery life now the
phone does not come with a pre-applied screen protector which is something
which is a standard at this price in most phones so I hope Samsung does that
with future phones because this is really a pain point when people buy a
new phone if then now at this point do not have a screen guard applied then
that is certainly a small gone now this display does support Widevine
l1 this is something samsung made sure with the previous M series phones as
well no matter what price they came at it supports why it whine l1 out of the
box which means you can watch HD content on streaming platforms like Netflix and
prime video so do not have to worry about that
also I actually did a lot of my viewing watching content on this I was actually
on a two-day trip where I was traveling a lot and I had this phone with me this
was my primary phone at that time and I have watched a lord of videos I watched
a lot of Netflix I played a few games so I did a lot of things with this display
and for one thing I did enjoy it completely
I do wish that the brightness was slightly higher but apart from that I
think the display is absolutely phenomenal and you also get an always-on
display which is extremely customizable something that a lot of other brands
have taken almost directly from Samsung but you have all this on display and you
can customize the colors the way that always-on display looks and if you do
not like the always-on displays that are already on the phone which I don’t know
why you wouldn’t you can actually go to the Samsung theme store and download
from the plethora of options that they provide now we come to software and
samson’s M 30s just like every other Samsung phone that has been updated to
Android Pi runs one UI samson’s one UI is a major overhaul over
the previous skins that we had like grace UX experience UX there was
TouchWiz there was a touch his face at a time this one UI is new and improved and
better in almost every way don’t get me wrong it’s still not the best one out
there but it’s a major step forward and a step in the
right direction I believe you get a premium look with one UI and that is a
factual thing because this is the same software that runs inside Samsung’s node
and s-series flagship which means they’re getting a flagship software
experience for a price that’s not very flagship rate I guess you get a team
engine you get a non-chinese looking wrong which is something that’s very
difficult to find these days you have as I said the always-on display earlier you
have a new and improved camera app again a premium camera app experience with the
N 30s and you get all of this at a price that’s not very premium so I think with
one UI you cannot really go wrong and Samsung’s m30 has provides some of the
most premium Android experience now we move to performance and the Samsung n
30s just like the Samsung a 50 years which is launched just a few days ago
comes with an exhaust 9 6 w one so this time we have the same processor in the a
50s and the M 30s now with that X nos nine six double one you also get four or
six gigs of RAM and 64 or 128 GB storage depending on which version you choose
now the performance that I had with the M 30s was quite nice now I don’t play a
lot of games and as I told you I was on travel the last two days so the most
work that I did was mostly camera well suitable Lord of pictures with the phone
or I was watching movies or doing other official work which means a lot of email
Google keep things like that and for that the N 30s was absolutely
phenomenal the 96 1 0 was already a very good processor so the one six one one
with the upgrade is of course a good processor it’s certainly not for heavy
gaming it’s not for high-end gaming it but if you do want to do the casual
gaming then the 96 one one should be good enough that said what I can tell
you in the last two days it did not hang on me once there was no lags that I
experienced either so I think for a daily user the M 30s is 96 double one
should be a good processor now we move on to the cameras the cameras are
clearly one of the most prominent parts on this phone and we have a triple
camera setup at the back the main sensor is of 48 megapixel sense
and now we are not clear if this is a Samson sensor or a Sony sensor because
it could be both because we have both sensors going under 20,000 rupees in
right now so we don’t know which sensor it is if I had to choose a sensor to put
inside a phone then I would choose a Sony sensor because in my experience the
48 megapixel Sony sensor has actually been performing better but we don’t know
what sensor here Samsung has used apart from that forty eight megapixel sensor
you have a wide-angle sensor and a depth sensor for all those portraits on the
front you have a 32 megapixel sensor and this one we do know is a Samson sensor
because Samsung is the only one creating commercially available sensors it’s a 32
megapixels right now so we have the Teredo megapixel selfie sensor and the
48 megapixel with a wide-angle camera and a depth sensor and here are pictures
that I took so I went out and since I did go out I took a lot of pictures with
this phone so please make sure that you take a look at all of these pictures I
will not be able to give you my complete analysis of those pictures which we’ll
probably do in a camera comparison very soon let us know which one you want to
see with the N 30 s but what I can tell you is that the N 30 s is a fast shooter
in my time I clicked a ton of videos and pictures with it and my experience was
pretty nice the pictures that come out have good color the dynamic range is
actually pretty nice so I don’t have problem with any of it even with low
light although the wide-angle camera in
low-light is almost unusable because it cannot pull in a lot of light the
standard camera in low-light is actually pretty damn good so you can take a look
at these pictures and let me know in the comment section what you think about
them we will of course give you our complete analysis at a later date
finally we move to the battery which again is not apparent here but is a big
part of this phone and that is because the m30 s gets a big massive upgrade on
the n30 with this time coming in a 6000 mAh which means that this is one of the
biggest batteries available under 20,000 if you count out the power banks
available so you have 6000 mAh battery inside the M 30s and that 6000 mAh is
actually going to last you a long time in the last few days I went more than a
day with this 6000 mAh battery for two days in that I was actually awake till 3
a.m. in the morning so I charged the phone at 100% at 7 a.m.
in the morning and after that the next day early morning 3 a.m. the phone was
still at 10 was in charge and I was constantly using
watching movies watching videos playing games all of this so I think the M 30s
is 6000 mAh battery will be one of the best features on this phone should be
one of the biggest reasons you are buying it because you want that big
battery life but with that big battery life you also get a fast charger so you
get a 15 watt charger inside the box of course comparing to other smartphones at
this price with 20 watt charging with book 3.0 22.5 order with vivo we was
dual engine charging so you do get higher wattages but it’s good that
Samsung is giving you 15 watt charging in with that 6000 mAh battery and with
that I leave it to it this was my hands-on review with the N 30 years I
had been using the phone for a few days and I want to share what I think about
it let me know in the comment section if you like the M 30s or not if you know if
you like this color or any other color of the N 30s that you prefer better but
with that I leave it right now you so much for watching this fury with the
all-new samsung galaxy n 30s from mr. phone and I’ll catch you in the next one

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  1. Casual gaming ?
    Exynos 9610 already handles pubg in hdr ultra settings !
    And you expect 9611 to do casual gaming, like seriously ?

    Samsung's flagships like Note 10, S10 have Samsung's own SLK series sensors. And they beat the shit outta all 48 MP sony sensor, period !

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  3. There is a pre production software because the software is not finalised as the phone is still not launched, but there does nothing like pre production hardware, if the phone is in your hand it is because it is produced there is no further process to be done on phone. So if the phone flexes it will also flex on a 'post production' phone

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    You are giving the opinion without even going through the spec sheet properly.
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