44 Replies to “Santa Clara County Deputy Shot During Ambush Saved By Body Camera

  1. so deputy parked middle of no where on the side of the road for what? then get shot? this makes no sense… randomly parked and then randomly getting shot? now its a ambush? you also demonstrate how pitch black it is… how can anyone even see anything let alone someone wearing a turban? bunch of holes in this story

  2. One man 330 million you make it sound like a story. 22 soldiers die every day givers talk about that. Mainstream media America oligarchs the suppressors 225 people a day die uninsured. And you talk about one death. Civil servants the leeches on society propaganda bullshit

  3. Why is there a 4 day delay between the incident and finally some intial transparency into what actually occurred? Is this truly the best way for Santa Clara County law enforcement to protect their officers? Why was this the INITIAL details of the case kept from the public for so long? Why wouldn't law enforcement want the public's help in this case a bit faster than 100 hours later? Isn't there like a thing about wanting to attempt to catch the culprits within the first 48 hours or odds decrease for justice for this officer? The whole thing seems odd to me to say the very least. How is the public supposed to help out when the when the public is giving little to no information when the story first breaks?

  4. Media once again jumping to conclusions. WAS IT A HATE CRIME???? Well no evidence of that yet now is there? Interesting they talk about rural areas having more challenges for police. But In other rural areas of the U.S. this type of crime is unheard of. In fact rural areas police are typically bored to death.

  5. The casing tags at the scene lay as if the were shot from outside a vehicle. Did he do this himself? Unless he has bruises then I'm sorry.

  6. Police kill innocent people that’s why. There’s a lot of racist police out there killing people for no reason. So that’s what he gets. Karma is a bitch. Hate law enforcement.

  7. Best wishes to this officer & his family . Now go get the perps who did this . These people or person is a serious threat to the public .

  8. Looks like a crooked cop doing something shady outside his car in the dark at a reservoir. Maybe drug deal gone bad. If it is a hate crime, its cause they hated cops

  9. Silver Honda? If it was pitch black, then how would the officer be able to identify that car? Silver Honda is one of the two most common cars in Ca. I used to drive those roads frequently. What would a County Mountie be doing, parked in the dark, by himself?
    Stopped for a tinkle?
    How could it be an ambush if tge officer stopped randomly?
    Too many things don't add up.
    Since when are they allowing turbans to be worn on the police force? That scares nobody.

  10. the same ''kind'' of people who do this kind of thing…
    are the same ''kind'' of people who refuse to comply with the commands of court officers
    any who fail to obey, the instant a court officer utters a command, are no longer human, must be destroyed
    you go cry for the ones they kill all the time… and I celebrate every, singular, yuk that goes down

  11. This cop shot himself. He shot his body camera so he would have an excuse for it not working

    Its another police hoax people

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