Save Serious Money on Canon Camera Gear (#notsponsored)

– So I’m gonna start off by
just acknowledging that this entire video might sound
like an ad but I promise you that it is not, there
are no sponsored links, there are no promo codes, I
wasn’t paid to make this video, I wasn’t asked to make
this video, in fact, I actually asked, if I could
make this video because, I think that its gonna be
really helpful especially for anybody who’s looking
at buying some camera gear. I followed Canon Price Watch
for a few years not to keep an eye on prices so if there’s
something that I’m interested in buying, I can not only
see the best price but I can also see that item’s price history. So for example, if I search
for the EOS R, I not only see the current advertised prices
but I can click on the item itself and then I can
see the price history. So for example, with the EOS
R I can see that it originally came out at $2300 and then
in May of 2019 it dropped to $2000, and its pretty much stayed there. And some thing if I do the 6D
Mark II, which is one of my favorite cameras, I can click
on that and I can see the entire price history. And
you can see since that camera has been out longer, its price
history has been a little crazier, it started ar $2000,
its dropped all the way down and now its evening out more
around $1200-$1300 because its a couple years old. Now as the suggests Canon Price Watch does focus mostly on Canon
gear, but they also do track prices on some third party
products and accessories, so its kind of one of the first places
I go to any time that I’m shopping for anything. But
that’s not the reason I wanted to make this video, I wanted
to make this video specifically to talk about Canon Price
Watch’s street price option, which is something that like,
honestly I can’t believe I don’t hear more about. Basically when you look up the
price of something you’ll see what its selling for at major
retailers like B&H or Amazon but you’ll also see a street
price option which is unique to Canon Price Watch and is
usually a lower price and sometimes its a lot lower.
And the whole process sounds a little bit strange at first
but I’ve used it several times myself and I’ve liked it so
much that obviously like I’m making a video about it because
I think that its so helpful. If you’re interested in
buying something through street price, you just click
on the link and then the first step is that you
fill out a short form. The cool part about this is
that there is an additional comment section so if you have
any specific questions about the item or options, or
shipping, or tax, or whatever, you can just ask those right there. And then once you full it
out, usually pretty quickly, the most amazing thing happens,
an actual human being, sends you a response email with
all of the information about that deal for that item. The only catch with street
price is that you don’t find out where you’re buying the item
from until you’re ready to go through with the purchase. So by the time you’re actually
paying and giving your payment info, you know
where its going, but when you’re first finding out about
the price, you don’t know who the retailer is. If you wanna go more in depth
on street prices, you can go to the FAQ section on the
Canon Price Watch website, and one of the things they
address there is why they can’t disclose the resellers
and it has to do with, in 2014 Canon USA began enforcing a strict Minimum Advertised Price
on lenses and bodies. And that means that retailers
can’t show a price below a certain amount which is
why when you work with the street price program, you can
be in direct contact and then you can get a different
deal that can’t just be advertised regularly
on the public website. But the good news is that
regardless of which retailer is used, they are Canon
authorized resellers and all of the items are brand new with USA warranty. So there’s nothing that’s like
used, there’s nothing that’s gray market, there’s nothing
that’s just something out of some dude’s basement and
you don’t know the history behind it. I’ve actually gone through
and purchased several items through street price but I’ve
also just done a bunch of inquiries, and a lot of the
time the resellers are stores and retailers that I’ve
actually heard of and used just on my own. The one time I haven’t heard
of the reseller was when I bought my bought my Canon
EOS R, but once I checked them out, they seemed super
legit. And then once I dealt with them, they were
amazing and now they’re like one of my favorite places
to go if I’m looking for camera gear that’s like one of
the places I check right away if its not Canon Price Watch. And that’s really my favorite
part of street price, other than saving a lot of
money, is the service. If you’re like me and you
do a lot of online shopping, you’re not really used to
service so the fact that like an actual human being contacts
you from Canon Price Watch and answers any questions
you have about the deal, then if you’re ready to buy the
item, they put you in direct contact with another human
being for the reseller and then you work with that person
to finish the deal. You’re actually dealing
with real people every step of the way. If you’ve ever gone to a
big photo store like B&H where you actually get to
sit and talk to someone and they can answer questions
and you can be as weirdly specific as you wanna be and
as picky as you wanna be, this is basically that. You get to have an actually
like good sales person answer questions and help you
out and direct you where you need to go and then walk you
through the actual purchase of the thing that you’re looking to buy. And I didn’t realize how
important to me that service was until I started experiencing
it, because it really made a huge difference. And that’s really one of
the reasons I want to make this video is because one
of the most common types of questions and comments and
messages that I get has to do with gear and where to
buy gear and what kind of gear to buy and the two biggest
things that I’ve purchased so far are my EOS R like I
mentioned before and then also the Sigma 24mm 1.4. So basically
the whole set up that’s filming this video was
purchased through street price. And on those two items
alone, I saved close to $1000 because they were just such
good deals available at the time and they’re perfect, they
both brand new items, full warranties, they
came with free shipping, they even came with no sales
tax and that’s why I know this whole video sounds like an ad
even though its not and ad, I just want to shine a
light on something positive and helpful because there
are so many weird and shady things out there. If you can save any amount of
money and get good service, its really helpful and it
goes a long way and I think that that’s really important,
to be smart with your money and how you spend it and
how you invest in gear. And as I said, this video
is not monetized, there are no affiliate links,
there are no promo codes, there are no paid sponsorships,
this is literally just me wanting to share something
that I’m excited about and that I found helpful. My two biggest things that I
purchased through street price were the Canon EOS R and
the Sigma 24mm 1.4 lense. Both of which kind of live
together because they’re great. And I did do reviews on each of those. So I definitely recommend that
you check those out and if you like them, maybe you’ll
be able to find a good deal on them. (chill music)

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  1. Camera gear is expensive, so I hope this video helps you to save a bit of your hard-earned money!
    0:00 – What is CanonPriceWatch?
    1:38 – The Magic of Street Price
    2:13 – How Street Price Works
    4:24 – Service Makes the Difference
    5:29 – How I’ve Used Street Price

  2. Dude thanks for this! I will def. be using this first for any Canon equipment needs. Just found a sweet deal on a dreams lens!

  3. Totally deserved recognition! I have done business via Canonpricewatch several times… Always an awesome experience and great savings! I always recommend CPW as a starting point for any Canon Gear Shopping.

  4. You have quality videos, and I like a lot.

    I was looking Canon cam for a long time, but price was always too high. Now I have setup of clouple Panasonic GH5s camera but a lot need to invest all the other equipments like sound, light, lens, battery, recorder, memory, gyro, etc.. Next thing is to rig everything..

  5. Cashback is always a good way to safe money XD Never go just for the cheapest sometimes paying little more can be helpful if you invest in a company with good service. And think about online stores have also services in some kind. Some are faster in doing repairs, changes, replacments than others

  6. Street price option! So cool! (I can’t sleep so I’m watching your videos because you’re my fav YouTube channel 😋)

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