Saying goodbye to my Sony a5100. Honest review.

look what I just found I guess it’s time for cool intro what’s up everyone and
welcome to the channel my name is Tony and today we are talking about this sony
a 5100 for the last time finally i upgraded my camera this is my new sony
a6300 but we will talk about it later let’s just put it away for now
ok now explain me how you’re gonna live without flip up screen come on it’s not
a problem check this out and the whole set still cheaper than a 6400 okay I just switch my camera hope it
looks better so so let’s talk about sony a 5100 is it a good camera to buy in
2019 I’ve been using this little toy for our last eight month and I really love
and hate this scanner the biggest problem of a 5100 is overheating it’s
freaking me out when I shoot my videos as you can tell there is no microphone
input so you cannot use this camera for vlogging outside for example because the
wind noise will ruin your footage of course you can record your audio
separately and combine it and post but this camera doesn’t have a viewfinder
and the screen is not the brightest so sometimes in a sunny situations it’s a
big problem to compose a frame I had a lot of situations where I couldn’t see
anything on the screen and I just had to guess the frame and take a picture
okay enough cons let’s talk about pros first of all this is very serious canner
you can create really beautiful pictures with it it has an aps-c sized sensor it
shoots wrong and you can mount any other amount lenses by the way it had the same
sensor which you can find in sony a6000 it has hybrid autofocus is good in
low-light situations and yeah it has a flip up screen for great selfies and the
main feature of this camera it is so tiny let me show you my camera back here
is my lovely low on 9 millimeters and the camera itself but you can use your
camera with much bigger lenses and still have a lot of empty space left when I
don’t need the second lens I can just put the camera right in my pocket so
with this camera for I think it’s a perfect camera for those who need
point-and-shoot camera and who wants to be able to do some pro level photography
like time to time I think it is a perfect camera to take you to vacation
or for street photographers when you need something lightweight and easy to
carry and also I didn’t see any better options for the price so now we’re gonna
say goodbye to my if you 100 I’m gonna send it to my dad and yes
the cameras still and family so guys that’s it for today I hope you enjoyed
my video and see you the next one

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