Separable Action Camera | The Casio EX-FR10

Hey, this is Scott of Photography Banzai. In this video I’m gonna to talk about this odd little device. It’s a Casio EX-FR10. This came
out back in 2014. This specific unit I saw on Amazon randomly looking for different
types of action cameras. And this is actually made in 2015. It was new old-stock for 50 dollars. Looked interesting enough that I wanted to try it out. Odd thing about this camera is that it detaches from the commanding unit. And it
uses Bluetooth to connect between the two devices. So you’ve got the camera unit
and then you have the command unit that does all of the display… Has a touchscreen.
Pretty interesting setup. It gives you a lot of options with filming. There’s a
button on the side that you press to detach with their custom.. connection
setup. Comes with a lot of accessories which we can look at… When I was looking at the specifications
for this device. It has a 14 megapixel 1/2.3″ backlit sensor, with a
21 millimeter equivalent lens at F/2.8. Given those specifications it looked
interesting enough to pick up. See how it is. Really get a feel for having two
different pieces of one camera. See how it works with connectivity. See how I can
do different angles. Different types of filming with that really odd setup. With
video this device pre-focuses and then when you’re recording video it does not
focus at all. That’s kind of a positive and a negative at the same time. Really, the
only indication that you’ve got focus on your face is that there’s a little
flower icon, when you’re recording video, to signify that it’s focused relatively
close. Now, I did some monopod with the camera unit really extended far. And I
actually had it in the close focusing mode. I didn’t realize all of that
footage is basically a little blurred because I had a super extended on a
monopod in video mode and it was in that close focus. Really, the biggest benefit
of this device is that extendibility. The versatility of having the camera away
from that command unit. I did test out to see how far I could
get away from the camera device. Still get a connection. Still have a live view
of what’s happening with the camera on the command unit. And it’s actually a
very nice distance. In the future I could really see that being very useful for
doing unusual types of filming with this device being able to set the camera up
somewhere and move away from it a relatively good distance. Yeah, so the back area here makes a difference, but it is quick to really figure stuff out. So
it’s back in action. Let’s do it again. So as long as I don’t block the signal
from the back of the unit, you can see that it is getting quite a bit further.
Oh man! I don’t know if it was working it looked… It looked, ahh, still frame and it’s
recording a video. Oh, there we go! Now the actual camera unit comes apart
from this ring. This is the small size of the actual camera. It has bluetooth in
here. It has a battery. It has the micro SD card, and a USB connection. Nice thing
about these devices that you can power them through USB, and also charge. Now, if
you’re trying to power just the camera unit, you can’t charge at the same time.
But you can use it with full USB power, which is good because the internal
battery in this one is not super amazing. Now, I’ve gone on three different outings
with this. And the camera has gone down to maybe one third of the power left on
the first outing. Last outing it actually had 2/3 of the power still in there as
far as I could tell. The only negative with USB power is that
you lose water resistance because the port covers are open. Biggest issue of
this device… If you want to try to use it for photos. It’s just going to decide
where it wants to focus. At the very this camera will show you where it’s
focusing if you cycle the display modes. And they’ll give you little boxes to
show you: Okay, it’s focusing in this area. You’re good enough to take a photo at
that point. But that’s a huge limitation of this device for photography. It has a
time-lapse feature and you can also record video plus time-lapse photos at
the same time. I did try that out. It worked relatively well, but there’s some
issues with white balance. I don’t know if setting it to one of the custom white balances would fix that. I didn’t try it out. But when you’d use auto white
balance it will potentially give you some really odd looking photos. You can connect to the camera directly
to a phone. It worked very nicely. It uses the Wi-Fi instead of the Bluetooth. There
are a few Casio apps on the App Store for the Android phones, and I wasn’t
really sure which one… But I found it was the “EXLIM Link” app. Last update was
2015, so it won’t be getting any updates for sure. But it worked just fine on my
LG Stylo 3 phone. Vlogging wise, I think it works relatively decently with
the video side. But it does do the auto exposure of course there’s nothing you
can do about that. And there is no focusing once you’ve got
it set and it’s recording. With the audio side, it sounds alright in some
situations. But it does easily peak and of course you can’t adjust levels on the
audio. There really isn’t much in the way of adjustment. I did see something for
the exposure compensation. But you have to go to the menu to actually do
anything with it. So that makes it not super useful. Like I said I only a few minutes.
Do have the fingerless gloves today. Have another pair that I could cover my
hands with. It isn’t too cold, so I think I work out nicely. Got this EXLIM
Casio device going. Let me pop my action camera out… I did do a video test with action camera
and this device on one setup. So they’re very close to each other. You can
basically get the same perspective. You could see the differences between the two
focal lengths with action camera and this device. See how the stabilization
works… It is an interesting device. I’m
definitely going to try to get some use out of it for my video work. The biggest
drawbacks are configurability, settings… There’s very limited settings. You can’t even
select autofocus point. You can get some really interesting angles and still
frame it properly with the command unit. But then image quality wise and video
quality wise not super great. It is fun to mess around with if you want
something super odd and versatile yet So that was a Casio EX-FR10.
Hope you found this video interesting. I’m Scott from Photography Banzai. If you did find
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4 Replies to “Separable Action Camera | The Casio EX-FR10

  1. I think your great, really liked the review and more over your personality and facial expressions/movements in beginning of video were a lot of fun to watch. like the camera i was going to get a key mission 80 for backpacking but now am interested in this casio because of its functionality and accessories , keep making videos your a character and good at it…gary

  2. Thanks for the video Scott, 6th Ave electronics is selling these via eBay for $64. Great to see someone tried it out.

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