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hey friends it’s Jenna also known as
empty hanger and welcome back to my channel if you’re new here I am a
full-time fashion and clothing seller on the Poshmark
app and on this channel I love to share my tips and tricks my reselling journey
just a little bit of everything so if that sounds good to you go ahead and hit
that subscribe button today is actually part two in a series I am doing all
about shoes so the first part of the series was shoe cleaning tips I’ll go
ahead and link that video up above if you haven’t seen it yet but today part
two is going to be all about shoe photography so how I take photos of
shoes and how I edit them and I used to dread taking pictures of shoes I hated
how my photos turned out but now I love it because I have found a system that
really works for me so let’s go ahead and start taking pictures I’m currently
sitting in front of my portable photo studio and this is what I use to take
pictures of my shoes my handbags belts any kind of smaller items and I just
have it set up on a desk I’m sitting in a chair and this is how I’m going to
photograph my shoes okay for photographing shoes I use this portable
photo studio that I ordered from Amazon and if you open it up it actually has
the LED lights built in and it has a nice clean white background so this is a
great spot for taking photos of shoes you can also close it up and open up
certain panels and go in and take photos that way but yeah I use this thing and I
love it so much okay with boots I also think it’s really important to stuff
your shoes so I have this brown craft paper and you can tell this shoe I’ve
stuffed and this one I have it so it just it’s easy to make a quick change
you want to present your shoe in a nice way okay so now they’re both stuffed and
you can tell it just looks nice and sometimes for the first shot I like to
go ahead and do a shot like this from above I think that can look really good
and then I will do all the other normal shots so I will do a shot from the front
I’ll do a shot from the side again of course any kind of like details too
like the harness I’ll go ahead and do a shot of the back and if you go from
lower you’re not going to see the paper again there you want to do the side and
then you want to do the end so you can see that as zips and of
course you want to make sure to get the bottom of the shoes as well *Music* when I’m taking photos of shoes I like
to go ahead and get a full front shot and I also like to get any kind of
details so I would take a close-up like that and then I turn the shoe and I will
go from the side I’ll turn it again and I’ll do the back and show any kind of
like special details so I might go in and get the label with some of the fur
and then I’m going to turn it again and get that side of it and of course you
want to make sure to get any kind of marking with the size and the style on
it so I’m gonna go ahead and I would get this part of it with the style in the
size and then the final you would want to do is the bottom of the shoe so you
want to make sure to get all the angles but you can tell even just from this
video that it’s great lighting for the shoes *music* I also like to photograph bags in here
so this is just a little belt bag and you know it’s nice because it fits in
here so it’s pretty big in here and we could definitely take pictures of
something larger and again I’ll just do all the different angles in this one I
have stuffed and I’ll just open it up and I would do the inside so you can see
I would just take a photo of the inside as well and there you have that also take my photos of belts in here
because they fit perfectly so I just usually rolled them up and then I’ll do
a detailed shot of the buckle I’ll do you know a couple shots of the actual
belt and then of course I want to make sure to get any kind of like brand or
size information as well but yeah I love taking all my pictures of small goods in
here because again it is so big okay now that we’ve taken photos of our shoes we
just need to edit them quickly and I actually have the whole video on how I
edit my photos for Poshmark which I’m gonna link up above but I’m gonna show
you specifically how I do it for shoes which is pretty much the exact same way
but if you want a more in-depth review check out that tutorial and I’m going to
go ahead and record my screen so we can see exactly what I’m doing and what I’m
gonna do is go ahead and open up the app and once you open up the app it just
opens up your camera roll I’m gonna select a photo of the shoes that we just
took and you can see already without editing it looks pretty good you don’t
have to necessarily edit using that lightbox
honestly like I think with the lights and the the white background it looks
great but I’m gonna tap Edit up in the top right corner and like I talked about
before I have two favorite filters on here the first is a light side or I’m
sorry the first is lights on and I’m going to adjust on here just a tiny bit
so you can see that brightened up the photo considerably it makes the
background really crisp I’m gonna hold down so you can see that’s the original
which looked fine but there you go with the lights on it just looks really nice
crisp and gives that bright effect and then I’m gonna go back and show you what
the other filter that I like so there’s the original photo I’m gonna top on
bright side which also looks great and you don’t have to do as many adjustments
or you don’t have to adjust the filter in my opinion here’s the original photo
I’m gonna hold that down and then now is the brightside
so yeah that looks great and that is how I quickly edit my photos and you would
just tap go in the top corner and then you would save it to your camera roll
and you’re good to go I’m gonna do another photo of another pair of shoes
that we took so let’s do um this pair of mules and I think that looks great but
again if you want to make the background super crisp and super white tap on the
lights on and I move it down a little just to adjust it so it’s not super
super bright and there’s not too much glare on it and let’s compare it to the
original which was just a little bit darker there’s the lights on and that
looks pretty good to me we’ll look at the same photo with the bright side
filter gonna top on that that looks nice to me as well I’ll
adjust it down a little bit and then there’s the original and there is bright
side so that is a quick simple edit for your shoe photos and um let’s do one of
the ones from the top so I showed this this is typically how I do my cover shot
for any shoe that’s not a flat if it’s a flat obviously you can’t really stand it
on its side but these booties you definitely can so I’m gonna go to edit
on this particular pair if I do like some that kind of washes it out a little
bit I’m gonna move it down a little bit and to me that looks better that looks
more realistic if you hold down that’s the original photo that is with lights
on I’m gonna look at the same photo again with bright side and let’s see
that looks pretty good right away to me I’ll adjust it down a tiny bit hold it
down there’s the original and then this is it with the bright side filter so
quick easy edits for your photos just using the app Pic Tap Go I will say
Pic Tap Go is an iPhone only app so I’m sorry if you don’t have an iPhone um
you know there are some maybe some equivalents out there for you oh let’s
do a photo of the bag real quick so we did take a photo of a bag while we were
taking photos just to show you you can do any kind of small item in the box
just because you know once it fits in there it has that crisp background so
I’m gonna click Edit I’m going to go to lights on and again the background just
pops there is the orig and then there is the photo with the
lights on filter and you would just save it that way so there you have it
using pic top go to quickly edit your photos of your shoes and smaller items
that you took in the lightbox there you have it my shoe photography and editing
process honestly I think having the right tools and supplies makes a huge
difference with this I get asked off now all the time if my shoe photos are the
photos that I took or if they are stock photos that I’ve gotten somewhere and to
me that is the best compliment because that just means the quality of my shoe
photos has increased so much that people think they are professional because
let’s be real I am not a professional If you have any questions or comments about
anything you saw in this video go ahead and let me know in the comment section
below and stay tuned for part 3 in the all about shoes series which is going to
be on shoe storage an shoe shipping and make sure you’re
subscribed if you’re not already I’ll see you soon Bye!

58 Replies to “Shoe Product Photography | Tips From A Poshmark Seller

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