Sneho..?? | TOP Bangla/ Bengali Short Film 2017 HD | Oct pictures

Brother Hey Brother Wake up… It’s almost 7.00 am.. Time to go to school Come on… Hurry up Brother Hey Brother Why are you sleeping.. ?? At 2.00 pm your coaching will start… Get up, Take shower And lunch I am giving your meal to the table. Brother Yes Brother, may I go out ?? No no no no.. You have no permission to go out You can not go out..Go go.. Return your room.. Your teacher will come soon.. Brother.. Your teacher is waiting.. Come.. – Sir, Assalamu Alaikom
– Walaikum As Salam Have a seat for five minutes please… Take Joy to a doctor tomorrow. I will be busy tomorrow.. I have no time… Am I free all time ?? I have a meeting in office.. Can’t you cancel that meeting for your son ?? Why ?? Can’t you reduce your busyness ?? What’s your busyness ?? Ignore your social work & do some homework.. Your works are important only ?? you think my works are not important ?? I don’t understand anything.. I have no time.. It’s your habit to argue with me.. Listen.. You have to cancel the meeting and have to take joy.. This is my last and final decision.. I have no interest to talk about the matter with you What types of number is these ?? What is your lackings ?? I gave you everything what you wanted.. I admitted you in one of the best school of the country.. Laptop, Computer and other things you needed.. I gave you teacher for all subjects.. Then.. ?? what’s your lackings ?? You gave everything…. But Just lackings of you.. You..

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